Joseph Prince at the Holy Spirit Night

After I had accompanied my two older daughters to Code Red in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in the past, for me this time had clearly not come. The reason was not the cumbersome registration procedure, but a guest speaker from Singapore, whose sermons I occasionally watched on television. Now Joseph Prince is one of the most successful and influential preachers, whose special charisma has brought him into many countries and on several television channels. In pursuing his messages, I noticed his smart style of dress and his youthful, refreshing appearance. However, listening to the megapastor, I heard the inner voice that he is not always teaching the truth.

In the search for Joseph Prince Ministries, we learn how God has personally instructed him to preach the gospel of grace. That is why the son of a Sikh priest, with the original name Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh, addresses his followers with the word of faith doctrine and with grace relating to sin in his bestseller. The believers should be built up by comprehending the grace of God, and not in the death bringing old covenant of Moses on Mount Sinai, as many churches do in a condemning way. As a proof, John 1 verse 17 is listed. On the other hand, Jesus himself says that he has not come to dissolve the Old Covenant with the Ten Commandments, but to fulfill it (Mt 5, 17). In addition, the Bible warns of heretics who try to seduce the faithful by preaching another gospel.

In regard of new special teachings, the visitors of the Gospel Forum should be warned not only by ancient gnostics (doctrine of the sinless spirit in man), but also by people apostle Helmut Bauer, a sectarian guest preacher from Röhrnbach in the Bavarian Forest. Recent history has shown what happens when a religious community removes passages from the Old Testament and, in the being on cloud nine manner, over-emphasize the identity of the believer in Jesus Christ. In addition, many critical voices can be found on the Internet for an unbiblical understanding of Hyper-Grace (a description that does not exist in the Bible). Nevertheless, the meeting with the pastors in Stuttgart on September 29th 2017 and on the following day broke out into loud enthusiasm storms while listening to the new gospel of grace.

“How can you judge a brother who is so nice?” Pope Francis also has a sympathetic appearance and talks about Jesus. The Supreme of the Jesuit Army is known as the “Black Pope”. The history, objectives and oaths of the Jesuit Order can also be read by the uninitiated, but who cares? My warning e-mails with spiritual impulses so far met deaf ears of the responsible leaders. Probably, as presented on the stage in a recent song, I will be perceived as a finger-pointing, defusing individual, which is to be avoided.

“But the man preaches the Bible,” friends accused me, after I had tried in long remarks to dismantle the false understanding of Joseph (Prince of Egypt?). In fact, the talented speaker quotes Bible scriptures from the context and underpins his doctrine with positive life testimonies.

Do we really sin not anymore, because we have a special revelation of an undeserved gift through the grace of God? That sounds out of the touch with the real world. I personally remain thinking about the consequences of sin (death).

“On the day when you eat of the fruit, you will die!” The devil asserts the opposite. “You will be like God (nowadays like Jesus).” Obedience is the Code Red, so to speak, as in Philippians 2, 12:

“Therefore, my beloved, as you have always been obedient, not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”

The true children of God make the decision to obey his word and do his will. They resist the temptation through the lust of the eyes, the flesh, and the pride of life through the word / law of God and the armour of God from Ephesians 6, but not by imaginations of saving grace. To put the devil alone as the accuser and guilty one, when our conscience condemns us can be deadly. Of course, there is forgiveness for the sinner. However, we are still struggling with the consequences of sin. For example, he who has infected his wife with AIDS after adultery can’t reverse the transgression by positive thinking. In John 16 verse 8 the Holy Spirit came to reprove of sin, righteousness, and judgement. In the Bible, there are 3 large and 12 small prophetic books with much exhorting messages. It is the love writer Apostle John, who falls as dead and full of reverence to the feet of his master Jesus in the last book of prophecy. The call to repentance is also proclaimed in the Epistle of Revelation, and on the other hand, less by popular prosperity preachers.

On the other hand, many self-centered Christians feel so loved by an over-emphasized doctrine of the Father’s Heart, that they consider it impossible to be lost through repeated sin. Many pastors proclaim their own thoughts, as direct talk from the Lord, and in their once-saved ever-saved faith do not have the fear of God, that they once must give account for each of their words.

“I have gone astray like a lost sheep, seek your servant, for I do not forget your commandments.” It takes 176 verses until the reader reaches the end of Psalm 119. For me, Joseph Prince’s doctrine of grace is a provocation when I keep the law of the Lord in my heart, reflecting on the longest psalm of the Bible.

The theme of the Holy Spirit Night 2017 was the Reformation. The sola gratia – alone by grace of Martin Luther refers not to a gospel of grace, but to salvation as an undeserved gift by faith (Ephesians 2: 8). The Reformers recognized 500 years ago that the Pope and the Church in Rome had little in common with Jesus and his commandments. My appeal to the revolutionary youth of the Holy Spirit Night Movement is: Do you now recognize and examine the Christian leaders and their ministries in the same way? The Letter to the Hebrews warns us in the 13th chapter about the love of money, and encourages us to pay attention to the walk of our leaders, and not to be driven around by various and strange doctrines.

In his youthful age, the prophet Samuel asked himself why the sons of Elis were eating the forbidden sacrificial meat in the sanctuary and had extramarital sex with the maids. What he heard of the unchanging God was not a positive prophecy. The high priest Eli did not refuse his sinful sons Hophni and Phinehas. Do not judge – pray did not work in this case; as is well known, the corpulent, 98-year-old blind leader fell back from the chair and broke his neck. Examining the donation calls on God.TV, I ask myself why the in best restaurants dining, success spoiled TV preachers, in their sinfully expensive clothes, wear as a sign a gold ring with a black stone, and stash millions on their Bank account. The answer in the end is – they deserve it.