Legalized Killing

Legalized Killing

Now it is official. According to a document of the U.S. Justice Department even the killing of the own citizens is allowed and legal to avert a threat to the nation. To accomplish this goal the state under the rule of law even doesn’t need to get a court order, but only is in want of a government employee who is familiar with the matter. In practice targeted killing works – as last expedient to save lives – at the touch of a computer button, as in a hideous virtual killer game. In reality, thousands of miles away, a barely perceptible drone in the sky fires with murderous precision a rocket into the intended target without endangering the lives of the own forces.

Who cares at home about 3000 people who were killed by this way in distant lands. But now their is evidence for the first time that with the radical imam Anwar al-Awlaki a U.S. citizen was bombed to death in Yemen, which is why the designated CIA Director John Brennan had recently to put up with uncomfortable questions in the Senate. But the newly sworn terrorism expert was well prepared for the public hearing to justify in a charmingly witty commentary the need of the own tools as a means to an end. Finally, he also successfully defended once the military point of view that “waterboarding” (simulated drowning) is not torture. Anyway, he was not even responsible for the decision and rather shocked when he was reading the unpublished Senate report on the brutal interrogation methods.

In the future, the intelligence chief wants to provide more transparency without compromising the efficiency of the programs. Dutifully, he will be available behind closed doors for the members of the Intelligence Committee for an additional survey. Then nothing should go wrong anymore.

According to the motto ‘Everyone should put his own house in order first’ I make a small detour to Germany, and also to the Hindu Kush, where our own security and freedom is defended. Certainly, we as Germans once vowed never again to wage war and absolutely not to send our defensiveness Bundeswehr soldiers murdering into distant lands. Unfortunately, actually in Kunduz were even killed kids at the kidnapped two gas trucks in the from Germany requested U.S. bombing. The moral outcry in the German Bundestag was even greater as it was revealed that Defence Minister Jung deliberately withheld information or even had lied. Such people are of course unacceptable in politics and in parliament. Sure enough, the explanatory defense committee and the Attorney General came to the conclusion in their investigations that there had been neither a breach of the rules of the International Criminal Code nor of the clauses of the penal code. So much for theory concerning Colonel Klein and our own morality.

This petty, modern hypocrisy reminds me of the accusation of Jesus against the Pharisees in the New Testament: “You leave the commandments of God and keep instead the ordinances of man!”

Our own words and righteousness will judge us once. In the German legal philosophy the dignity of man is inviolable. But what about the protection of life today? § 1 BGB of our Civil Code regulates that German citizens are holder of rights and obligations with the birth. I don’t elaborate now on the withdrawal of legal capacity from unborn humans, although I consider abortion as the biggest legalized killing act in human history. The leading minds in the Bundestag have quite different concerns than violently forced abortion, prescribed from whoever wherever, as in far away China. For what could happen here today if an aircraft is hijacked by terrorists to be brought to a stop in a crash over the Reichstag building? In this case, the military gets permission to shoot down the airliner, even if innocent civilians come to death (Aviation Security Act 2010). Or what if in the future angry citizens are demonstrating in the squares and streets to raise a riot? Then, inevitably, tanks have to haul out the big guns against the population (legalized killing of the Lisbon Treaty). Thus far sounds modern logic associated with European law.

Everything is meaningless for the preacher and apparently there is nothing new under the sun. To once again come back to the Bible: Some Jews presumed to stone Jesus because he is a man who makes himself God. To protect their own statutes and commandments, they arose as judge over life and death, and made themselves to gods. Isn’t this scheme familiar to us?

I mean that the same pattern is repeated nowadays in the legalization of targeted killings, not by throwing stones, but by flying objects in the sky. If thereby Abdulrahman, the sixteen year old son of the alleged terrorist leader al-Awlaki, is murdered from a remote-controlled drone while eating in a restaurant, in the military jargon this is called collateral damage. “Oh sorry, we have probably send an innocent, minor U.S. Citizens to kingdom come. Why in the world is he roving about in Yemen? Compensation – where would we end up – eventually we are in the war on terror.” Is such a cynicism possible in reality, right now?

Targeted war correspondents come to the conclusion to denounce militant U.S. Suicide missions with the term collateral murder. The passing on of the following real horror video has resulted to life imprisonment for members of the army. Up to this day the crazy crew of the combat helicopter, who started to bombard a helping father and his children in Baghdad under deadly fire, is after all cover-up attempts still acquitted from any guilt:

After all, do we want to understand in this case the visual language and the words of our occupying allied forces?

“The thief comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life and that more abundantly,” is the unmistakable divine wisdom spoken by the Savior of the world in John 10 verse 10.

Denying the devil, the enlightened, humanistic way of thinking formulated instead 10 new, fundamental, inalienable rights, namely in the form of the 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights, which nevertheless don’t have to be kept according to internal documents of the Ministry of Justice. The outrageous practice of detention without due process violates not only according to district courts the constitution of the United States, but what point is there if the whole world argues in favor of the Geneva Conventions? Never-ending wars are simply a dirty game: Beloved NATO allies, please send more soldiers to our support! Received with military honors and decorated in the White House 2011 from Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama with the highest civilian Medal of Freedom, the ensnared Angela Merkel could speak for the closure of the detention camp of Guantanamo, and the other could as lawyer for the common man decree 2009 that the lawless military prison is closed as early as possible and not later then after one year. Where do we go from here?

Where has our civilized society arrived together with the German-American friendship? My answer at the end of current events is:

In the legalized killing of children by joystick, in which the in a safe distance located adult murderer has no reason to fear prosecution from his own state, that on the contrary continues to imprison the innocent in jail.

PS: To clinch the victory the sneaky killers could be eased in their conscience with an additional medal.


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