Ode to Joy

It is difficult to bring joy today, especially to the German soccer fans after the lost half-final against bogey opponent Italy. Even the headmaster mentions the depressive atmosphere that he met this morning in his speech. The visitors of the early afternoon school festival want to carry it of as well. Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” is the convenient instrumental for the musical amusement. My elementary school visiting daughter practices for weeks at home with her trumpet or in samples with the schoolorchester. I like classical music, especially Johann Sebastian Bach, because the good news is spread through art. Therefore I got interested in the spiritual background of Beethoven’s masterpiece that apparently has the loving father living over panoply of the stars as a theme.

The text of “Ode to Joy” is due in no small part to another German celebrity. Friedrich Schiller wrote in the summer of 1785 the poem after the request of his friend Christian Gottfried Körner for the board of the masonic lodge “At the Three Sisters” in Dresden. That much is clear for me, that in the intended brotherhood for the millions, the kingdom of God which was preached by Jesus Christ never can be meant. Particularly as the daughters of Elysium stand on the unverified land of bliss, coming from the Greek myths.

With the next song “Europa – Childrenland, we give us the hand” the motto of the summer festival was extolled by the pupils. As a matter of course the start with the European Hymn was optimally appropriate. The Hymn for Europe “Ode to Joy” wasn’t suggested from the conducting preceptress of my child, instead it was proposed long before hand in the year 1955, from freemason and founder of the Paneuropa-Movement Richard Nikolaus Graf von Coudenhove-Kalergi. Maybe his idea of an economical and political unified, peaceful Europe isn’t really bad, but the implementation itself is not working. Crucial evidence that the political heads do not coincide is shown again and again looking at the last EU summit in Brussel. Everyone is fighting for his own benefit, passing on one resolution after the other leading to the next fiscal pact, breaking nearly all of the previously established rules and taboos.

I am fighting my way through one sticky classroom after the other with my nine months old daughter in the arm, landing in the “Buildings of Europe”- Exhibiton. Our Playmobil pieces from the hobby room had to serve for a gladiatorial combat in the Papier-Mâché-Coliseum. Awfully nice, the leaning tower built by primary-school pupils and other wooden collapse games. More difficult to get one’s head around pyramid-shaped Eiffel Tower and war chariot exalting Quadriga on the Brandenburg Gate. Not every dad is raising up the question about the victory promising philosophy behind it. Sooner or later a replica of the Tower of Babel will get around in peoples mind in form of the Strasbourg Parliament building:


You may think of an unhappy coincidence that happened in architecture, but the “EUROPE: MANY TONGUES ONE VOICE”- Poster from the European Union is not pure accident. What kind of cultural joke are making which people? The Tower of Babel takes its stand for the united human plot to approach God with our own ability. The whole confusion was, according to biblical report, condemned to failure.

The prophet Daniel sees a golden statue with its feet of iron and clay. A partly strong and partly fragile kingdom can not be permanently fixed in a mixture of iron and miry clay. The question is, how long will the ten toes last, until the eternal Kingdom of God comes.

Taking concern about the salvation of Europe and the euro, we read today, that especially banks and states must always be obtained with new laws from collapse. Chancellor Angela Merkel, who wants to be voted again, doesn’t want to know about the coming joint liability. Meanwhile she is emptying in record time the wallets of the German tax payers, who do not want to put up (to) it, all the more wishing back the Deutschmark. National interests are always superior to the European idea.

In the European Championships currently the performance of different countries is demonstrated. The difference in football between Greece and Germany is not as big as in the economy. It is increasingly doubtful whether the Greeks can keep their two euro coins any longer, taking the woman riding on the bull in their hands. In the story Europe is kidnapped from the bull which is Godfather Zeus raping Europe on an island. This same portrayal is also presented in magazines and even in two sculptures in front of EU Buildings in Strasbourg and Brussels:


Are we, as people, in our humanistic thinking really stupid enough, to dig out our own grave symbolically? If the euro collapses and economic systems fall apart, we should not blame God, as usual. Instead, what about a lobby request to a Russian miracle worker? As reported, wonder worker Saint Nicholas is known as receiver of a three-digit million amount which funneled into his electrified Russian gas foundation. But what is this compared to the trillion dollar euro rescue package? At least we could built a few tax-exempt buildings and abandoned monuments.

Returning to the beginning of my remarks, there is a special schoolmasterly method to lift the mood after the defeat. I suggest for all involved brothers, to unite into a last Masonic Lodge Banquet for the singing spell of “Ode to Joy”.

29th June 2012


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