The battle in the Gospel Forum

For all members of the Gospel Forum who have not received any emails and statements and for those who want to be informed by documents in PDF format you may like to visit

Noteworthy is the objective “straight through the heart” report of the former press spokesman Jens Wätjen who says goodbye to the Gospel Forum:

Jens Wätjen has recently launched “We are Church”, the website of an interesting church plant with information of Christian events:

The dispute seems to be over now due to the split of the church. A pastor who lies and cheats in the eyes of many members is intolerable. Apparently no secular authority has intervened in the possible abuse of office and election fraud. Obviously on 25th of April the internet presence of the Gospel Forum was closed by the National Security Authority of the USA because of the propagation of terrorist ideologies. My guess is that a not goofd boy hacked the website and stopped it.

On Jörg Hellenkamp reports for years critically of spiritual abuse in the Gospel Forum (before BGG Stuttgart) and therefore is found on front pages in search machine hits:

A call from 01.01. about

Celebrated Pharisees

I think nowadays Pharisees are not detected in the temple and less greeted in marketplaces, since in this time the craft of celebrated distinctive Pharisees steps to the podium. Christians are so used of the idols on television that they always clap when a general of God enters the stage and puts on his show as a gifted speaker.

Caution: All bark and no bite!

Soberly examined, allegations often turn out to be exaggerations (countless numbers of people have converted), the prophecies do not stand close examination (unity effected by the Lord), and more and more victims of spiritual abuse are reported to have themselves been slandered and insulted (accusations and attacks are nullified).

Externally, the unctuous personality of a Pharisee is above all criticism, but every poodle has its core and as everyone knows, wolves hide under sheep’s clothing. Colloquially, a Pharisee is used as a synonym for a self-righteous and hypocritical person.

Being a professing Christian, I have to take care for my own family when it comes to be a good example as a father to my children. It is written in the New Testament that those who do not properly lead their own house should not exercise authority over believers in the church. Unfortunately, in reality many dominant rulers with a bad character control the ministries in churches through their skilful manipulations. Therefore, cases of abuse of power, adultery and misappropriation of funds are repeated. Most venerated Pharisees and scribes teach the people of arrogance before the fall. However, the distinctive preachers do not listen to their own conscience, all the while warning about the seduction through the desire for sex, money and power.

As a current example, the disappointment in mega-churches is particularly high, as a celebrated US speaker, who visited large conferences by helicopter, has committed fornication with the secretary. Following the denial of adultery, the once-celebrated Pharisee does not retire until further women report sexual assault, facilitated by the exercise of a position of power. In a worldly environment characterized by selfishness and greed, one wonders little about the fact that the father and eldest son of the worldwide largest Pentecostal church was convicted of embezzling church funds. The imprisoned prodigal son had misunderstood his father’s teaching of the fourth dimension, namely to bring his desires into existence through faith in repeated confession.

Church leaders of great works, such as the largest free Protestant Church in Germany, are equally regrettable in their quest for power. As a former spiritual member of the Gospel Forum in Stuttgart, I was informed in an infomail from December 17th 2018 by a personal word of Peter Wenz about the following grief:

It’s hard when you’re told you’re like Hitler, a dictator, you break the law, you’re lying, you do not accept criticism, we would eat as a family from golden plates, manipulate elections, be incorrigible and terrible leaders, only seeing ourselves and not being interested in the church, etc… Nothing is further from the truth than this.

Now I mean that lying can be close to the truth. Lucifer, the old serpent, is a master of twisting truths skilfully. Thus, the light-bearer promises Jesus, in the case of his devil worship, all the kingdoms of this world that do not belong to him. The sinning Eve was promised not to die but to be like God. Especially devilishly is the lie in child abuse. As I have written elsewhere on the subject, the victims are made perpetrators and are blamed for their own destiny.

A distortion of facts also occurs when allegations of spiritual abuse are returned with reference to bitterness, inward injury, and personal ambitions. A trendy, distinctive Pharisee is not concerned with power struggles, also when he with his quick-tempered mind throws people on impulse out of the church. No, his untruth telling embittered accusers are anxious to steel his office, and therefore can no longer really exercise their own spiritual ministry as pastors. On the occasion, the anointed one of the Lord does not personally curse his rebuking brothers, for they will only be cast under the spell of God if they attack him.

Christ, the true Anointed of the Lord, prophesied: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, who are like the whitewashed tombs that seem beautiful on the outside, but inside they are full of bones of the dead and nothing but filth!”

The critics who are close to dismissal have no discernment, instead they are denounced as duplicitous sinners. Criticism is always dismissed as negative speech that pollutes the heart, because we must pray for the leaders and not judge over them. Thus one steals oneself again and again from one’s own responsibility (obligation to stand up for something that has happened). This results in the following excerpt of lunacy of Peter and Sabine Wenz, who was sent to the international co-workers for Christmas:

“Unfortunately, some friends had retired from their responsibilities and made life difficult for us through various circular letters with negative contents.

What was the hardest thing for me was that a number of brothers and sisters were infected from the negative and then spread many negative things themselves.

Something else to me: I would have resigned from my side actually recently from the executive board. But countless people came up to me who urgently asked me to be available for the upcoming transition processes and not to lay down my current responsibility yet. So I will continue to be on the board alongside the pastors’ responsibility and apostolic ministry.”

The rest of the intimidated staff, some became mentally ill, were asked by the untouchable apostle to make kneeling vows of loyalty in prayer meetings, although the consequences of oaths in the Bible are extremely serious.

A Pharisee even wouldn’t dream of hurting his well-informed sheep. Of course, he does not rule like an adversary eliminating dictator, who refuses other board members a right to co-determination or impeaches and belittles their working areas. The own and the familial perception is completely different after such incidents. Thus, the promoted, well-cared-for sons regard the good shepherd, according to Facebook, as the true hero, general of faith and voice of truth.

Terrified employees have never been bullied for years, but the lovable serving chief is defamed by evil people or the press, if hundreds of kilometres away living witnesses can be trusted because of their big names. Anyone who does not want to believe that anyway must wait eagerly for the recorded results of an independent commission next year, after the paid lawyer and the mediators failed this year.

Acclaimed, highly esteemed Pharisees proclaim on stage that they always want what God wants and that they hear prophetically his voice regarding a great revival or steady church growth. They are irreplaceable and so important that they are welcomed by the President for a prayer breakfast or invited on talk shows in the public television. Negative prophets, who were truly called by God in the Book of Kings, did not sit at the court and were not positively received by the public. It is well-known that the critics of the king have been thrown into prison for thousands of years. Hundreds of prophets had to hide in caves because of the great persecution of Ahab and Jezebel. Finally, the finger on sin pointing John the Baptist was beheaded in the NT.

A Pharisee stands up and gives thanks in prayer to God, because he is not like the rest of the people: robbers, unrighteous, adulterers, and because, unlike the publican, he keeps the commandments of God (Luke 18). A ruler with the mindset of a King Saul makes no mistakes, does not apologize for his actions and does not repent as King David did.

For me it is unbelievable that after increased calls for repentance in the short term a spiritual church meeting is convened, with the aim of the following nonsense about the Spirit of God to be signed by the minor, non-voting members (excerpt):

We therefore reject the “penitential calls” made to Pastor Peter and Sabine, since they do not correspond to the speech and action of God’s Spirit, but rather are an expression of overconfidence, self-righteousness, and legalism.

We do not tolerate that the aforementioned group of 88 members of the support association make political decisions that determine our church future as Gospel Forum, for they are obviously motivated by bitterness and rejection, misguided by personal ambitions and based on unfair and baseless accusations.

Wicked! How is the truth twisted here? When the Holy Spirit comes, he convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment (John 16, 8). In John’s Gospel, Jesus claimed to be the truth himself. Anyone who does not follow the truth as a follower of Jesus can come into the devil’s kitchen. The lying behavior of once celebrated, honorable Pharisees, who totally overestimate themselves, ignites a great zeal in me to write with a pointed pen. The repeated self-righteousness and hypocrisy has sparked such an anger and frustration that has led not only to the leaving of close associates and old friends, but to the division of a large church.

In the current example of the Gospel Forum, the outrage is particularly large, as the general meeting of the support association was perceived as manipulation and electoral fraud, as is clear from the following web comment by One out of 88 at IdeaSpektrum:

The situation is really bad, how Peter Wenz in a coup de main misused the registered association for his preservation of power. There were 117 people recruited who were procured only to get the majority. Relatives of Wenz who have nothing to do with God, external Bible students who have been instrumentalized, etc. It is a mystery to me how the present attorney could change his mind to such an open breach of law between the first session until last Thursday. Incidentally, it was not about 50 people who are against Wenz but significantly more, the minority request was signed by 88. And there are many who have not signed for e.g. they feared labor law consequences. For years, many people were systematically bullied by Peter Wenz and his system, so they have left the church. Please also look at the deeds of Peter and do not just listen to his sweet words. Peter has the building, we have the people and the finances.

Now I wonder why Peter is allowed to have the building. After all, there is a statute of the Gospel Forum in which the goals and purpose of the association (etymologically to unify / become one) and not the aim of Peter and Sabine Wenz and their family are reasoned. This document, which has not been handed out to me and not published on the website, states that the approval of three board members is necessary for the addition of new members (misinformation according to requested extract from the register of associations). Why are the 88 fighters hastily leaving the battle zone war and fleeing to other churches? In response, I was told by several friends that they wanted to avoid a year-long dispute in court.

In sports after a rough foul immediately the red card is shown and the offender is sent off. In a democratic constitutional state, the procedure is taboo that one person privately exfiltrates well-disposed voters (legal members) from a circle (spiritual members) to win an election. In skat I usually win the grand (also big game) with three jacks (Martin, Thomas and Matthias) in the hand, even if the cross jack (black Peter) is on the other side. Transferred to the poker game, the action of magician Wenz could only be a big bluff, as the new member conjuring CEO has a weak hand.

Why should not a public prosecutor investigate in a cheeky fraud case of the public mind? Also, a person with open ears could intervene in the district court if the new board members are not registered in the register and the general meeting is re-scheduled. An unanswered request in this regard I have already made at the district court Stuttgart. To give more importance, I would be happy when protesting readers do it likewise.

The clinical picture of a grandios-malignant narcissist consists among other things of

-the development of a above oneself perceiption that is not commensurate with reality until the complete loss of reality.

-the claim of power within a group without any sense of responsibility and conscience towards oneself and others.

-the use of lies and intrigues without feelings of guilt and shame. The narcissist deceives in order to secure devotion, recognition and prestige or to assert his will.

-the hypersensitive reaction to any criticism associated with the construction of an enemy image that leads to the destruction of what others have built.

-The narcissist is not responsible for making his own rules, without keeping the law or agreements. The right of the stronger and more powerful is aplied. Mega manipulations and violence is used.