The eavesdropper at the wall…

Is it not ludicrous that runaway secret agents expose out of control secret services to fly duped Heads of State or Government into a rage. I amuse myself about the highest French leaders who were caught in such a case. As punishment the US ambassador is summoned in Paris from the defense cabinet. Then the Co-prince of Andorra is assured from the most powerful man in the world in a public call not to do this evil in the future. Indeed, the most important European consultant of Obama already begged months earlier to pardon. I mean Victoria Nuland’s delicate NSA apology tour to their Western partners that culminated in a bugged “Fuck the EU”. Who cares? One is spying the other without ceasing. Therefore the eavesdropper at the wall is hearing his own shame.

So with all due respect Americans take the freedom to monitor and spy all allies and there competing companies. How about now to ship back in an injunction suit the by the French people donated Statue of Liberty from New York Liberty Island to Europe? Well, in reality it is rather threatened to intermit the talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)…

…”That’s a no go” our Chancellor revolted in the German cellphone affaire. But instead of complaining to the US Embassy in Berlin, she would have been better on her territory to disconnect the power in a real loss of temper. Why? Yes, why does Merkel permit to nose out with hostile listening devices next door to the Reichstag? Because the standing in sight of the chancellery US buildings are under special international protection. For this one needs no NSA committee of inquiry and the associated Federal Intelligence Service would not undeceive its citizens for it compares data plus information only with his peers, preferably with the American occupiers.

Cinematically accustomed to physical exposures the tolerant people anyway forgive youth sins of presidents and chancellors. Well, what is the good to carry on espionage of our leaders? In the most important espionage case of German-German history, Willy Brand, the Federal Chancellor had to resign because of his sexual affairs. Who cares today about stale news from 1974 in which the state security service of the GDR was involved. Paper is patient and much is written down. Our Federal Commissioner for Stasi files has surely as publicist handled absolutely everything, including his own file. Why should the larva expose himself and why should IM Erika remember ancient, advantage granting, career-destroying signatures? I mean it’s cracked if the BRD has been taken over by two former Stasi spies – enemies of the state.

The crown in Russia is holding now a former KGB officer, whose field of activity was also the former GDR. The childhood roots of from St. Petersburg coming Vladimir Putin are possibly much deeper hidden in hostile Georgia. Absurd would be the fake biography of the secret service agent, without he would never have come to power.

Equally preposterous is the president, who can not be president because he is not born in his own country. Gruesome is the removal of the president by his own intelligence, because he can no longer be controlled. Ridiculous is a president who claims to be not a crook, although he was spying in criminal acts his political opponents and deleted dangerous own phone records. Macabre is a new President from the same Secret Service, who has managed to sweep out of the way the old one.

The service of secret services is to hold or increase the power and dominion of nations and their leaders. Stupid it may be for the government officials, if they tail or fight each other. I am curious what shame the eavesdropper at the wall will expose in future.


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