The highest Award

Jassir Arafat is dead, Barack Hussein Obama lives and die EU (the Euro) is alive and dead.

Well, all right! What do all three have in common?

All of them have received the Nobel Peace Prize!

Future historians could even suspect that this current blog post was written on April first, but unfortunately we write the 12th of October 2012.

As is generally known, the Internet forgets nothing. I would terribly much like to challenge the reader to activate his mind and to meditate about the decisions of the powers that be, but I don’t want to sooner or later lose my head as a high traitor. I also don’t want to be highly esteemed as conspiracy theorist, therefore I leave it to everyone if he wants to be educated in the loom ahead world government, New World Order, Bilderberg, and EU dictatorship or not.

That’s why we all can listen know to the European Parliamenin the quotation of the official website where the Spanish deputy Rosa Maria Díez González stated:

“I know that this seems to be an Utopian vision, and appears difficult to achieve, and it is, but, as Guy Verhofstadt reminded us when he took office as President-in-Office of the Council under the Belgian Presidency: ‘he who doesn’t believe in Utopia does not deserve to be called European !’

There we have an incarnate, living, Belgian faith hero who could personally take the award. Now I didn’t find anything about who will come to the award ceremony. In return José Manuel Barroso, Angela Merkel, Martin Schulz, and Helmut Kohl are full of praise and deeply moved about the wise, wonderful, prospective, honourable decision for the largest peacemaker of history.

Will the dwindling Greek philosophers discuss that as well? It is hoped that our biggest problem child – the euro – is not going down, such as the extinct Dutch President of the ECB, who appropriately, vicariously represented the International Charlemagne Prize winner in 2002.


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