The world is going crazy – or only certain people?

A small town is attacked and laid in ruins. 2000 inhabitants die. Their mistake, they have sent the children to school. Boka Haram (books are sin) wants to bring Western education to the death by bloodshed. Nevertheless, the West is watching only apathetically.

54 ill-equipped Nigerian soldiers who toss in the towel right away, in the face of a massive armed enemy, were sentenced in December by their own government to death. Strange, an outcry in the media was also hard to hear.

In contrast was held the press coverage of the radical Islamic attack on our freedom of the press in the last days. Passing the events in review, I come to the conclusion that something is wrong in the world or with certain people. Anyway, the rapid spread of the atrocities of Paris not only kept France in suspense, for the whole globe watched spellbound how some crazy terrorists operated headless in their lust for murder.

Strange and paradoxical things happened in the not unexpected attack on Charlie Hebdo Magazine. In a recent provocation on Twitter – minutes before the gunfire starts – wishes IS-leader Al-Baghdadi especially health for the new year and a bearded fighter raises his index finger (Still no terrorist attacks in France): “Wait, you can even bring the season’s greetings up to the end of January.”

To put it carefully, I do not consider it wise to mock and challenge an opponent who likes to chop off the heads of foreign reporters. Anyway, in reality the Kouachi brothers did not look as stupid as shown in the cartoon, since they acted very professional and well prepared. Reminds me of a passing dog that is grabbed by the long ears, or of a sleeping lion which is seized at his the tail.

Absurd continuation of the satirical editorial work today is the a million times and quickly printed out cover image with a one’s solidarity declaring prophet who forgives everything. Strange how the “Je suis Charlie” slogan is marketed. “I’m Karl” translated into Old High German as husband makes sense for myself. Though, I find the matching expressions grotesque for the protesting sign holder in fact have a different identity than Charlie and would not stand up with their lives for the magazine.

In defense of the persecuted journalists I remember the biblical comparison with Gideon, who equally strong hurt the religious feelings of his fellow men. He tore down an altar of Baal together with Astarte and should therefore be surrendered to the people of the city. The saving argument of his protecting father was that if Baal is God he may avenge himself (Judges chapter 6).

Now Mohammed claimed never to be God, but his successors air oneself as judging gods in the way they make their death sentences. Extremely paradoxical was the rapidly in the Internet spreading film with the head shot on the bike cop. After all, the shocked eyewitness regrets to have put the nightmares causing, senseless murder on Facebook. Anyway, an assassin has an unforseeable infinite problem. The pleading for mercy, his protecting hand lifting government servant Ahmed Merabet was also a Muslim.

If I’m not mistaken you can never really be sure in Islam to go to heaven unless you die as a martyr. So to speak, I steal here on earth my own life and that of others in order to win as many virgins (sex to create new life).

Completely odd seems to me also the hostage-taking in the kosher grocery store. I think it is heroically and even bizarre that Lassana Bathily, a Muslim employee from Mali, has rescued the life of customers in the cold storage of the basement, shortly after his crazed compatriot and fellow believer has shot four Jews. Facilating the conscience, Amedy Coulibaly is legitimizing his deeds in a BMFTV telephone interview, and forgets curiously to hang up the handset. Then each of his bad words to the hostages could be heard by the police, who also got a good picture through the security cameras of the supermarket. The just end is near – despite, or perhaps during knee falling prayers.

Bizarre and heroic was also how the chief of the printing company Michel Catalano protected his in the closet hiding employee Lepère, while he combined the wounds of his potential murderers and made coffee. Maybe that’s why his life was given back to him. The own firing squad of the Kouachi brothers followed then less surprising: Who pulls the sword will perish by the sword!

First of all, the stronger won in the war of the Western world on terror. Many government leaders demonstrated their power in a memorial march of human tolerance. How beautiful it can be between France and Germany, Socialists and Christian Democrats, Hollande and Merkel in a new liaison. But looking at the first row of the crowd next to pushy Sarkozy another outlandish image can be viewed. Netanyahu and Abbas go ranked shoulder to shoulder, although they meet one’s nemesis and are constantly in a State of war. Is the world going crazy or is that a modern French Revolution with the motto liberty, equality, fraternity?

No, unfortunately the persecution of the Jews in France has taken on such funeral processions that the hastily hurrying Israeli Prime Minister had to call for aliyah. In fact, the immigration in the promised land makes for the attacked kosher supermarket owner now more sense than to go up to Jerusalem for funeral.

However, the well informed and enlightening media betrayed the Jewish Benjamin as unpleasant straggler who has willy-nilly invited himself to his Rotarian family. As cathartic balancing a suspicious eye is kept on Netanyahu through his side by side placed public enemy.

Miracle follows miracle. Lo and behold, Helmut Kohl, holding in a very special way the hand of lodge brother François Mitterrand, 1984 has also invited himself to Verdun, so matching press releases.

P.S. Lying press is the un-word 2014

End: Now the free journalism is saved.

The absolute triangle in an inspiring governmental Merkel PR: “Don’t follow them” – Islamophobic Pegida demonstrators in Dresden – for eventually: “Islam is part of Germany???”

January 14th, 2015


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