We can do it

We can do it

Currently a call of our Chancellor is shaking the country which inspires policy frustrated citizens like me and brings food for thought. Can we do it really by becoming master of the increasing flow of refugees – or is everything going down the drain in Germany?

The many pros and cons easily bring a dispute among friends. Even solution-oriented party members are threatening to split in view of the differences of opinion, so that the grand coalition threatens to break. Probably the federal prosecutor’s office isn’t at all interested in pots of high treason accusations, but to which succession will shameless demonstrators lead, who symbolically hang the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor on gallows?

Deserves this Angela Merkel? My previous comments do not really draw me out as a defending sympathizer. All the more the changed situation surprised me. In a way that is expected from a pastor’s daughter the mummy of the nation shows a big heart. In an exemplary act of Christian charity she offers protection and care for refugees who are threatened with death. However, as a reward she rather gets an award, but a lot of criticism and declining poll results.

Upside-down world you might think, but as a Christian you might have made the same experience of being attacked despite or perhaps for your good deeds from all possible sides. Being a Bible connoisseur the positive attitude of sustaining a huge crowd reminds me of the Feeding of the Five Thousand on the Sea of Galilee. The disciples wanted to send the people away because not enough food and money was available. With God’s help the small gift of a boy was multiplied into enough loaves and fishes for all. Transferred to the refugee situation there are a lot of citizens who improve the situation of asylum seekers through donations and volunteer work.

Matching, my little boy Joshua knows this Bob the Builder song text:

Take your places.

Can we fix it?

Yes, we can.

See also Matthew 25: 40


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