The Story


This fiction was written for the reader to have a whale of a time. Please do not take every word seriously. “Einstein” and his friend and helper love it to pass on humorous, ambiguous and profound informations. The statement: “They proceeded at 4 a.m. or 4.14 a.m. to a 4 hour chat, to compose in the time span of 4 weeks 40 pieces of the DIN A4 formatted novel, to launch a party for 40 guests, at the 40th birthday of Jonathan Fisher, on the 14th of the 4th month”, sounds more as a fairytale poem than a real incident. It is intended that the reader will ask himself over and over if the life of Jonathan Fisher really happened like that. The hero actually doesn’t exist in reality, but the locations of the storyline are usually authentic. The names of the characters are deliberately chosen in a funny way. All through the constant interweaving and interchange of thoughts and experiences, which the fanciful novelists have collected, should come into being an interesting, exciting, funny, lively and instructive book. Have fun reading! The Swabian Cleverle.

Recommendation for proper use and dosage:

Walter Stein and his friend and helper of the fiction are quite comical types who were often misunderstood in their lives. They rightly got in trouble mixing truths and falsehoods with one another. The audience knew not what they should believe or should not believe, what was serious and what was not serious. In this fiction the gift of exaggeration is acted out and interwoven, connected with real places and special reports. The manufacturers recommend to everybody who can not accept this and can not cope with it, not to take the novel and to put it away immediately.

Warnings about risks and side effects:

An important warning is issued to all persons who do not understand fun and can not be sideswiped by court jesters. Probably you will find your royal character in this book. It is strongly recommended not to read further to prevent unnecessary upset connected with high blood pressure.



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