Chapter 10 – The Trip to Jerusalem

The Trip to Jerusalem

When Jonathan Fischer years ago got the prophecy of the beloved, now deceased grandaunt Sister Hanna that he someday might even become a Catholic bishop, he would never have thought to be reminded of this foresight by handing out protestant invitations at the King Street. The next open evening organised from the YMCA – Christian Association of Young People – was just around the corner. Inviting for the evening event, a group led by pastor George Müller had gathered on the flight of stairs at the Palace Square and began to sing Christian and Hebrew songs, accompanied on the guitar by Christa Müller. Jonathan was frustrated since his eagerly offered flyers for the Israel-presentation were rejected or immediately landed in the bin. Only a passing by Roman Catholic nun, brimming over with life, enthused shared her own journeys to the promised land in desperately recommending also to pilgrimage. As the Franciscan nun who belonged to the Gengenbacher monastery read that Ludwig Schneider of NAI – News from Israel – speaks at the meeting, she wanted by all means also to visit the Protestant church. Nonetheless, the next crisis of meaning arose from the automatically his Roman Catholic church tax paying man of God. At the accidental sight of the travel agency in the Kings building the story hero melancholy recalled his plans to travel to Kenya. Now, he himself ended at the street like one of the flower children from the ’68er generation in making advertisement for Jesus Christ Superstar and a fool of oneself. What would have happened, if he had stayed true to his principles a long time ago, instead of being succumbed by the seductive looks of this to the enemy camp belonging young YMCA girl?

A hand embraced Jonathan Fischer’s shoulder and then two dark-red painted lips left a warm impression on his right and then on the left cheek. Closely related, a black curly, sweet smelling, dark-blue uniformed flight attendant put her mark on his desperate invitation attempts. Phoebe Leontopoulou had recognized her embosomed Hong Kong passenger: “Wow, Jonathan, now you really stand on your ground in offering your body as a living sacrifice that is pleasing to God. I have to stay overnight in a city hotel until my next flight to Rome starts tomorrow morning. Do you invite me to come with you to the open evening?” Jonathan’s breath was taken away. Was this another practical joke of his humorous Father in heaven, helping him along with the ideal woman? “Phoebe, that you immediately recognize me. You look so charming and good enough to eat. May I invite you to my favourite Greek restaurant?” “Yes of course! But you don’t have to launch out for we have Orthodox Lent. I would prefer to get a warm drink,” was the grateful response of the perfectly built like a Venus de Milo statue ‘Aphrodite’. Jonathan examined exactly his new flame, as they both sipped a cup of dandelion & nettle tea and chatted about amazing experiences on the garden terrace. Beside a remarkable little hump on the nose, which the looking like twins, bleached white teeth outstandingly surpassed, twinkling with her coffee-brown eyes Phoebe had a dazzling, flawless appearance. “Please, tell me, do you wear contact lenses since you flutter repeatedly with your beautiful eyelashes?” was an interposed question of the story hero to pine after his wife. “Not really, perhaps it’s the excitement about your stirring events. How was that? This Magdalena tenderly depressed your eyelids, after you smashed her Lamborghini backwards into your car, and then you fall in love with her?” The long-desired bachelor told more adventures so that time just fly by. Not to come to late, the newly found couple had to start on their way to the Protestant church. Jonathan began to admire the relaxed behaviour of the Mediterranean Sea residents. Seeking contact, the sought-after beauty lamented how difficult it is in her unsettled profession to find a sincere, wholehearted partner and just for the fun of it began to tickle day-dreamer Jonathan all over. Applying attack as the best form of defence, Jonathan in search of a rib started also to touch his playmate. Hitting on, they really hit it off, as if they go back a long way. The mutual trust and understanding manifested through themselves in a happy hand in hand walk. “Such moments are forever and remain always in our memory. Phoebe, what do you think?” “I enjoy every day anew and try not to mourn for the past. Tomorrow I take a sunbathe for my face in Italy and in summer I will be bronzed for three weeks in Israel. Are you with me Jonathan?” “Actually I have to work and my holiday intention is to fly to Kenya, nevertheless, I follow you everywhere,” promised the long-distance traveller who felt uncomfortable during the following discourse. Ludwig Schneider claimed that Israel is a cup of trembling and a burdensome stone for all nations who gather against it and are opposed to God’s word and promises. Then the brilliant speaker proved his assertions with many Bible scriptures. The audience listened closely to his powerfully eloquent speech and applauded appreciatively at the end. Even the Franciscan nun Scholastica approvingly confirmed that the fiery preaching of God’s truths about his never revoked covenant with Israel is missing on many pulpits. As eager student of God’s Word she even doubted the popular replacement theology, which asserts that the Jews are forever rejected by God because the Christian church acquired their place in inheriting all beneficent promises. Then, considering the atrocities of the Inquisition, the loving Father in heaven must have given up long ago his Christ children. Phoebe and Jonathan nodded one’s assent. Unfortunately, the evening came much too quickly to an end. The two exchanged their addresses. Phoebe lived in Frankfurt and wanted to send her admirer the compulsory reading “Why Me?” by Jacob Damkani. Remarkably, the Messianic Jew and author organized a summer leisure time in Jaffa where both wanted to participate.

Most important for the banker who got touched straight into the heart was to get his request for time off granted. How would his superior Elisabeth Schätzle, who absolutely wanted to leave herself in the summer time decide? First, Jonathan was met with refusal, since his other colleagues with children were preferably allowed to travel during the school holidays. This was a bitter pill for the newly in love one. He argued with God. Could the Almighty not open a door for him? Or was this even a sign that Phoebe is also not the right woman for him? Why had he to undergo such emotional highs and lows? And then he was asked again as best man for a wedding. Magdalena married. The former prostitute had really found a true protector. First of all, the sparks flew between her and Elymas. In spring, when Elymas went with the thirteen best cell leaders for two weeks in the United States, Maggie decided to take a clean sweep in their common house. She gained entrance in the attic flat of the Edel-Ethos-Center and destroyed all pornographic movies and pictures. In addition, she flogged all the esoteric books and objects in a closing down sale. The killer and real coronation of the day was to call again for the goldsmith of Pforzheim. Save that this time the marvelling clients saw how the gold pyramid was cut in two to sell the own half. A portion of the sales revenue was used to pay a special graffiti-removal company to delete all smearings her coven put on buildings, walls, bridges, and underpasses in order to place opaque curses. Her fiance Frank Stein came up with the idea to confiscate Wicked-Oz’s computer with important secret information as a security pledge in order that the wizard will not tackle their cleanup or even the wedding. Too much of a good thing, the manipulation artist drove up the wall in getting his shirt out. Elymas Wicked-Oz screamed and raged for hours like a small child who has been deprived of his favourite toy. Fortunately he could not know that Jonathan was mandated to keep the PC in his home. The zealous attempt of a wrestling match with Frankenstein was hopeless, facing the muscle mass of his rival. In a choke, powerless Wicked-Oz became even more scared when he noticed that all demonic tattoos had vanished on Frankenstein’s arms. “How in hell could satanic priest Frank get rid of these blemishes?” chief druid Elymas wondered. Not attending, after the systematic ethos center clean up followed a re-baptism of the witch-monster-pair in river Neckar near Plochingen. No wonder, since pastor George Müller had recommended finally to clear the decks. But when Müller immersed the future bridal couple, the greatest miracle happened that the priest could ever testify. At the reappearance of Frank Stein all body paintings had been wiped away, as if the Almighty wanted to say that all sins have been blotted out and sunk in the water. This stimulated the further evangelism and conversion efforts in the red light district. The acquainted residents preferably wanted to touch the arms of Frank Stein and many decided after this miracle testimony also to be baptised. This Frankenstein got not only the skin of a baby, but even his hair growth ceased again. Magdalena evolved in her thinking and action into a kind of ‘Mother Theresa’, making a large part of her wealth available for the poor. That was just what the tabloids were waiting for, since they shouted from the rooftops that there will be an extra-terrestrial wedding in the with ambassadors for Christ crowded Leonhards Church. Unlike Elymas, the sad loser of the match, Jonathan was not unhappy for he felt only emotions for Phoebe, with whom he was in active telephone contact.

Apart from his numerous talks with Markus Ruf, Jonathan got an unexpected phone call that informed him about the latest developments in the “Look at Jesus” fellowship. Stuttgart local council member Bernd Scheu bubbled with rage because of a newspaper hoax that brought his family into disrepute and caused plenty of ridicule: “Stork mistakes Babies” was a harmless headline in contrast to “Clerical Group Sex in undercover Prayer Room produced Cuckoo Children.” The yellow press took the piss out of an anonymous tip that his daughter Reinhild and son-in-law Martin Peter Anrich regularly pushed around an Asian slit eye baby in the Storchenmuehle buggy, and in the neighbourhood of Heumaden Vera and David Diao transported on a snapshot a purely German looking child in a Roemer baby carriage. Should the Eastern teachings of Bhagwan about free love have spread to the Christian opponents of abortion? Dad Scheu was sure that Wicked-Oz was behind this cunning intrigue. As a result the wizard had taken over the overall management in the Evangelical Free Church, including the Sunday message. David Diao had been also accused that he could not properly deal with money and would be only a Chinese economic refugee. Over and above, he would manipulate his members by his charity requests and psychological terror to drop 10 percent of their earnings to pay the next rent for the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium and the running expenses of the Musical Hall. Due to an increasing hostility in the church service, unending cuckoo children jokes, and ultimately after an emergency board meeting, David precautionary resigned from his ministry. The upcoming evangelism event Jonathan bitterly blocked out, but where did the mistaken babies come from? “Adopted from the youth welfare office and from an orphanage in Cambodia,” accounted the co-founder of an Aids foundation, Bernd Scheu, and continued: “You have to put a stop to the outrageous activities of Elymas Wicked-Oz. This is not merely my thought for my daughter Reinhild still has a high opinion of you. Thanks to my connections to the city council, I have ensured that you as primary donor get transferred the overall responsibility of the major event. Do you agree?”

“Actually, I run out of steam to compete again with Elymas. What has been scheduled for the evangelism weekend?” “First of all you can prevent a heavy metal concert and a following mass hypnosis,” was the beginning of further explanations from the almost father-in-law who produced cans.

Desperately desiring the hour of vengeance, Jonathan knew that fighting Wicked-Oz, pulling all strings Straussinger and crisis sitting out Kempe were three difficult to manage session experts in the common planning committee for the weekend events. After lengthy, unsuccessful attempts to change the program, the technology freak Fischer abandoned with the agreeable proposal only to take over the stage directing at the mixing board. Jonathan’s further suggestion to hire Frank Stein as a personal protection officer and newly-wed Magdalena as caterer, first caused great discomfort to Elymas. Under Wicked-Oz’s precondition that a particular PC pledge will be returned, they anyhow accepted. Thus, the reconciled Christian hypocrites pretended to have a good heart, yet they were left having a sense of foreboding.

Had they but known that soon Frank, Magdalena and Markus come to a secret meeting in the Castle Street in Denkenstadt to discuss numerous internals and to browse one last time the retained computer, their decision would have been certainly different. To begin with, Markus Ruf reported of the journey to the USA, owed to his promoter Wicked-Oz. On the recommendation of Elymas, he had become not only member in the Veritas fraternity, but also in the same-named Masonic lodge. Indeed, he had vowed by his life not to air dirty laundry in revealing secrets, but after a travel participant mysteriously had disappeared in California, he had kept a diary with a record of all malicious incidents. On the one hand, he would have spent the leisure time in the most luxurious places, such as at a huge, ancient castle with Roman baths, and on the other hand he had felt very uncomfortable in spending sleepless nights. The worst part about all this were nighttime cries for help of Katharina Hutter, who had vanished without a trace after the visit of Hearst Castle. Probably drowned, the brave woman at dinner dared to say to Wicked-Oz’s face that he is only a Christian showman, since secretly he performs the worst satanic practices. Subsequently, at her own request, she departed prematurely, never arriving in Germany. The United States in general, and in particular Washington would be one of the most occult power centers in the world. In the House of the Temple he had seen with his own eyes many Babylonian and Egyptian idols dominating the headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. He even witnessed in the Supreme Mother Lodge how an in a nutshell to Stuttgart coming, world famous evangelist worshipped them all. Markus had made a list of his observations, adding the names of many secret society officials, who give themselves to understand in the ignorant public with special internal signals. New World Order agenda letters about the planned dictatorship of the Antichrist, having a big mouth like a lion, would be the most incredible conspiracy. To courier, Wicked-Oz received these important documents for the European headquarters in London and didn’t perceive how Markus risked his neck to clandestine photograph them in the hotel room. As a banker, Jonathan would surely be interested that soon a difficult to remember 22-figure standard account number will be introduced, so that troubled people are more willing to accept the mark of the beast in the form of a microchip on the forehead or back of the hand. After his Las Vegas trip Jonathan himself even would have claimed that the cash would be abolished and in future payments are only possible by computer help. “This is all deeply interesting. What did Wicked-Oz plan else?” wanted the fired, former bank branch manager to know. “The biggest show will be put on the upcoming weekend in the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium with the “See and Believe” congress. Elymas thought he could attract and win back Maggie with a mass-ghost-exorcism,” Markus Ruf had been informed. “Here he comes too late,” laughed Frank Stein and Magdalena said, “I believe we should put a spoke in his wheel in bringing some of his secrets to the public light. Everything Mark alleged is true. On my own trips to the USA I have participated in a magic haunted castle at a deadly witch-contest, since long ago I got acquainted with the secret brotherhood in all their deceiving blood pledges. As I know, we will find the best inside information of my fussy ex on his PC.” “Then let’s launch a last search for pebble stone weapons on his hard-disk,” bold Markus was picking from an embarrassment of riches. Jonathan was pleased tremendously when he joined the unit on his monitor and unzipped the first data packets. Triumphantly proclaimed the fired bank assistant & former church council member: “Amen, Jesus Christ has crushed the head of the serpent. You will all see that soon the demons will bow under our feet.”

But soon after, things looked black at the Saturday event “See and Believe”. The Mega Egyptian Death heavy metal band played the pieces Return to Babylon, Sunrise over Pyramid’s Grave, and Obelisk’s fallen Moonstar. The real kicker was the killer, in ringing thirteen times Hell’s Bells in front of a giant blazing Illuminaty-inscription. Howsoever, the most powerful performance was acted by Elymas Wicked-Oz in front of a vertically projected, moving, fascinating, colossal human eye, similar to the one at the Bregenz Festival. Altogether the rotating, triangular stage area in the form of the all seeing eye was modelled after a medieval altarpiece. Thereby, 60,000 spectators could track the steady-going rotary occurrence in recurring cycles. Wicked-Oz signalized that he wants to set a record for the Guinness Book in celebrating the largest ever mass hypnosis. With the aid of an apparent spirit, he promised all attendees to raise them up like stars to heaven, where lightning angels and all deathly Hallows will appear. All they had to do was simply to watch the magic eye, to lift up the arms like antennas, to open up in a relaxed position, to empty completely internally their minds and thinking processes, and finally to utterly receive the all-embracing worlds spirit. After his hint it was dead silent. The bells of Hell’s Bells began to sound again. The mass had to repeat after Elymas: “I leave my body, now…” With a loud flip of the hypnotist’s finger the entire stadium toppled down as if in a La Ola wave to the ground. Almost all attendants lay on the floor or sat motionless on their seats. Wicked-Oz began to indoctrinate: “Do what you will is to be the entire law. The law of the strong, that is the highest law of Thelema. To kill all enemies of the order and world peace, this is right.” With another finger signal through the microphone people came around. Many of the stunned bystanders attested that they in reality had seen angels and came to contact with deceased relatives. Suddenly, quietly singing lead vocalist Mick and softly playing guitarist Rory started to scream, to leap like locusts, to shake their manes like horses, to hiss like a snake, until they squirmed with pain on the stage floor. Elymas commanded in the name of Apollyon that demons of torment go out of them right into hell. The authority with which he proceeded made a powerful impression on the band members and the audience, because immediately the situation calmed down. This was the start signal for the main attraction of the evening, namely the acclaimed performance of the most highly respected preacher from the United States. From Jonathan’s point of view the guest speaker with the grey hair looked more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The message was about the Supreme Architect of the Universe, in search for many uncut human stones, who rebuilt as a universal brotherhood the Great Temple of Solomon. He who wants to align oneself should come forward. The with black plastic sheeting covered football field filled with people who bowed down in front of the middle-circling stage, to pass their lives to the God of this world. Decision cards were filled out which were relayed to the local Christian fellowships. In addition to the two main churches, even the synagogues and mosques benefited from the redirection of same kind believers. The next day, the newspapers were full of praise for the tolerant, humanistic, cosmopolitan, and ecumenical live faith-spectacle.

The Sunday morning service with the motto “Pro Peace – Understanding the Faith of World Government” was opened from a singing English Lord who volunteered an ominous version of John Lennon’s imagine accompanied by guitar. Waving farewell, the dear Sir, wearing an obscene Jesus-was-gay-shirt, revealed that he soon will marry his wealth manager, a former Roman Catholic priest, in the Anglican Church. Pleasantly surprised of this good spell, an African Voodoo priest triggered off a shamanic blessing dance to the healing of mother earth, immediately joyfully accompanied by his Indio and Amerindian fellow party members. An all-embracing altar with a golden Buddha statue was erected on stage in front of a tailor-fashion sitting, orange-clad Dalei Lama or another confusing carbon-copy Buddhist delegate. A chief rabbi set up his tallit, teffilin and chanukkiyah, seesawed his upper body, and declaimed a Hebrew peace prayer. Being transported by joy, an Arab delegation brought a Halal sheep and an Imam demonstrated a not quite kosher Islamic call to prayer through the loud speaker. Of course, the Indian Hindu entourage, following a holy, red-dotted cow that was washed with Vatican donated Assisi mineral water, could not be missed. But heaven forbid, the carnal culmination formed a transsubstantiation eucharistic celebration commemorated by an idolized St. Peter’s votary on a huge holy stool. In conclusion, all strengthened religious representatives were allowed to place their blessed books on the table of the Lord and vowed never again to speak disdainful or bad about the other faiths, because the present truth can be found everywhere.

In the overdue midday break, the former witch Magdalena earned the earth at her stalls through hand over fist, money spending catering customers. A panel discussion with illustrious personalities started afterwards to dish out more spiritual food. Hansel Devilkin, a professor of Tübingen theology who graduated in Munich interposed the talking point of a globalizing, nations uniting, bridges building one world religion. Devilkin’s representation of a world ethos in peace, negotiated for the good of humanity ended in a European Constitution completely without any reference to God, since the new anti-discrimination law forbids to offend any person. His friend and worshipful master Johannes Ratzinger provided strong support in speech and in co-founding a Global Ethic Foundation. The current Attorney General demonstrated the importance and necessity to scan any computer online for the effective fight against terrorism and criminals. Singing from the same hymnbook, his lodge brother & Minister of Justice Straussinger demanded to use the military as a domestic police force in response to a terrorist aircraft attack or to any other condition as mass demonstrations. Elsewhere nobody must be astonished about his recommendation to reintroduce death penalty during uprisings in the new EU constitution. Making the case for more tolerance, the real estate expert Karl Kempe expressed his regret that the wrongfully accused Scientology church did not obtain the tax exempt status as it is usual in other countries. For that reason he would like to see how his brethren of the U.S. delegation bring this important agenda on the table of the next G8 summit. Leading through the program, Wicked-Oz explained the audience in the stadium that respectable citizens shouldn’t bother when several life intervening changes in relevant legislation were close to completion. He himself and other members had nothing to hide and no objections if the data of computers were searched online or everywhere in public video recordings would be made. Eavesdropping-proponent Kempe endorsed even more for safety reasons to get films from home as seen in Big Brother, except from the bathroom, of course. So nearly his complete mansion would be monitored by cameras since 1984. Ratzinger campaigned for the innovative microchip technology in passports and payment methods that considerably facilitated the fight against terrorism by latest computer and storage developments. Furthermore all cellular and phone calls should be registered for a year and the Deutsche Telekom AG should get the permission to eavesdrop ISDN-talks, if they didn’t practice it anyway. Straussinger noted that the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA – to better combat organized crime – nowadays controls all international money transfer. Having access to another true beast in Brussels, more precisely the SWIFT-computers, the banking secrecy was eliminated in part and should be banned all over the world. To achieve this common purpose an EU fiscal legislation with identical withholding taxes was brought already on the way. Every citizen would get a life-long, long personal tax number, which is accessible from everywhere, so that also tax havens as Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg fall. Then tax evaders would tremble in every joint of joint tax investigation in retroactively verifying boodle-CD account data. Ensuing, extremely intelligent Ratzinger got the brilliant idea to develop a spam filter for the Federal Intelligence Service BND to the benefit of everyone, when unwanted email messages get automatically deleted at the control of private mail accounts. Thus, the annoying senders could be better determined and immediately punished. Getting more understanding by this supernatural brain power of the World Government, thunderous applause evoked by many exited listeners.

A question and answer session was initiated on the rotating triangle stage. As a seemingly randomly selected theology student, Markus Ruf should inquire on the wireless microphone about the temporal processes of the legislative reforms. Straussinger replied that the specific legal texts have been already adopted in the party committees and only have to pass parliament. At a few points, the missing consent of the Federal Council or a complaint before the Federal Constitutional Court could be an issue, because there are always insurgents who fear a violation of the outdated basic law. “Are you referring to human dignity or the protection of privacy?” Ruf wanted to know. “As we already discussed, innocent citizens have nothing at all to fear,” said Attorney General Ratzinger and was supported by the Jesuit theologian Devilkin: “If the proposals can not be established by German Constitution, we simply enshrine it in the new European Union law.” Ruf prompted further: “Apropos EU, is it possible that in Europe tanks appear again on public places and demonstrators are shot, Mr. Attorney General?” “This question was not agreed. What are you driving at?” replied a visibly obfuscating Max-Moritz Straussinger, who couldn’t know that his ultimate disgrace was just around the corner and never would have expected that his life will end soon. “Then please, allow me another puzzle game. With your agreement, we will put your harmless legislative initiatives to the test in your own lives?” was the next bold as brass request of treacherous Veritas brother Ruf.

After a brief respite, preceded by an all-piercing glance of Elymas, the panellists inevitably accepted by a nod of the head. “Let’s forget these fiction imaginations and let’s come back to real life in watching the next part of the program. May I please ask my friend at the mixer console to show an edited version of the New World Order?” Wicked-Oz tried to keep things firmly under control in taking back the reins. The hour had finally come for Jonathan Fischer, the original initiator of the event. Last but not least, Jonathan could display his real strength on the control panel by playing a well-prepared video clip on the big screen. His friend Markus, who like Jonathan had received a similar, powerful vision of God in England, had no intention to give up the once granted word. Perfectly prepared, Markus Ruf began to explain: “For a better understanding, I will reverse the event motto into believe and see, while the all seeing eye will be transformed in vivid, insightful images. Mr. honour Professor Kempe has already mentioned that without compunction a film of his cosy home can be recorded. From the point of view of his garage security camera we can see now how his lifeless wife Maria was ungently carried by him and his party comrade Straussinger into the trunk of a convertible. You may not believe that this murderous scheme is co-engineered from Max-Moritz. Then take first a look on the back S-MM car number plate of his parked beside Porsches 914-6 and secondly on this photo which was shot at the same night of a radar surveillance system. The rare Bentley Continental Convertible with two puzzled faces is also not an all-purpose motor vehicle. Today’s technology really helps to combat crimes. Only the live recording of the assisted suicide from the motorway bridge is missing. Nowadays, the ordinary witness report of a truck driver is worth nothing. Is that right Mr. chief prosecutor Johannes Ratzinger? Understandably enough, the one or other evidence provided by the police is getting lost. How good that chief druid Wicked-Oz kept an accurate record of all leaked informations. As an outspoken proponent of online searches, he certainly has no objection when we evaluate a bit more blackmail material from his copied hard drive. Probably the public didn’t trust that such honourable persons like Straussinger and Kempe could be as dilettante in their evil practices. Even not, if they behold them as two tied masochists in the uniforms of Hitler and Mussolini? This is not a photomontage, as the dominant keeper of the whip Madame Osiris-Ra, who is now called Magdalena Stein, already insured under penalty of perjury.” Hitherto spellbound watching Straussinger and Kempe jolted up with a rush of adrenaline, tried to wrest the microphone from Ruf, and to to wring his neck. “I tear out your tongue,” threatened the Minister of Justice and the scientologist professor swore: “I slit your throat.” This was the signal to intervene for Frank Stein and his security force. In the blink of an eye, the two losers hit the floor and were getting handcuffed. “Well done. Such culprits must be conducted under lock and key to Stammheim. In prison they will do no more harm,” commanded the intervening top civil servant Ratzinger. “It would have been better to decree the pre-trial detention, when the banker Jonathan Fischer in the presence of alleged supporter Wicked-Oz put forward the above displayed receipts for arms and money laundering in your office,” noted Ruf and continued, “now the sum of over 4 million gigantic bytes of secret data will be processed at the more conscientious prosecution in Bochum. For you, as an eloquent leader and master of the chair make sure that such irreverent, rebellious people like Fischer lose their posts as church cashier, caretaker, or branch manager. Normally, as I can testify, the implemented procedures are only discussed verbally in our Friday Veritas secret meeting. But kindly, more details can be found in the frequent email correspondence between a certain Nicolas and Elymas. Never mind! We know that you made a vow not to mention the names of donors and whistleblowers. Of course, you are not closely related to the death of bank manager Gebhart Scharkfisch and surely you think not of the city of Denkenstadt in the history of the night of broken glasses and burning houses. Also the instructions for the active intervention of Stammheim group 8 section F to enforce the ostracism gave the evil Adolf or Nicolas, the Spanish court clerk who uses your French secretary including the PC. But let us hear what the chief communicator Elymas has to say about all?” concluded Markus in making the leading another successful attack. “I can not say anything because my computer has been stolen and only recently given back after one of those CCC – Chaos Computer Club hacker had played a lot of other information on it. Ladies and gentlemen, you shouldn’t be impressed by this infantile, impertinent demagogues. The panel discussion is now finished,” said the clever magician in beating together with Ratzinger and Devilkin a hasty retreat. To remain at the wheel, Jonathan Fischer escorted the resorting three with a visual and acoustic noisy explosion of the all seeing eye. Smashed to smithereens, the frightened world peace discussion board members ran off, seeking exit through the catacombs, to the amusement of the astonished crowd. Such an embarrassing performance the football fans only apprehended after a shameful high home defeat of VfB Stuttgart against FC Bayern Munich, whereas the thriller lovers thought they perceived a subtle “Tatort” crime scene or an awfully documentation of Aktenzeichen XY (unsolved file number xy). At the end Jonathan unwound some basics for every citizen. As in the credits of a theatrical motion picture, the not really amused observers beheld the proposed legislative amendments of the basic law Articles 5, 8, 10, 13, 18, 35, and 102 in the German Constitution. Now a real discussion about “Pro Peace – Understanding the Faith of World Government” inflamed at Magdalena’s hot-dog stands. Also the whole country stirred up by a more critical media coverage. Markus Ruf’s victory was that the drastic controls in the personal life could not be executed for the moment as intended and Jonathan Fischer felt excellent, for his reputation was restored in public. Needless to say that the whole backstage plan entered the history books.

Another spiritual earthquake occurred in the “Look at Jesus” fellowship, ending in a split. Walking more in humility and meekness, Martin Peter Anrich discarded his scout medals and crosses of the order of merit, divided the big local tribe into several regions, and only kept a tally of indispensable sections. The military leadership principle of the Royal Rangers was levelled out by meetings of equal elders, who as a matter of principle esteemed others better than themselves. Pastor David Diao apologized to all members for untruths and exaggerations he falsely considered of importance to give God the glory. He confessed that he had fasted in reality not all of the 40 days. Also the alleged gunshot wounds on the chest actually were torture marks of burning cigarettes because the real firing squad hit his former house church leader. In future the hype-prone Asian wanted to get things straight, in degrading himself to a little donkey, so that the Lord Jesus Christ sits fully visible in his ministry. After a heated argument in the church board about hypnosis and manipulation in the worship service, many visitors gathered under the direction of David in the auditorium of a school, this time in Filderstadt. However, to continue the Sunday events in the Musical Hall, Wicked-Oz founded a brand new umbrella organisation under the name Prosperity-Spirit-Association Stuttgart e.V.. Owing to his impressive world record, his succeeding supporters increased in numbers. Furthermore, many people wanted to contact the spirits of the dead and to pursue astral travel. The esoteric businessman began successfully to publish books on positive thinking in German and English and grow rich with his charged prosperity-spirit school. His weekly sham messages sold well as cassettes, CDs, videos and MP3 recordings over the Internet across Europe. The masterful controller also introduced a computer program which automatically sent a list of visited websites and all emails to the next higher leader of the non-profit association for the public’s benefit. Super-apostel Wicked-Oz was monitored in the realm of private sphere from high mentor Hansel Devilkin, who himself ascended as dean of the prosperity gospel school and diligently collected denunciatory, denouncing text messages about rebellious church members. Thus, the internal accusations of Elymas’ involvement in evil machinations ceased, whereby high inquisitor Devilkin insisted that the trivial rumours only affected the sorcerer’s past sinful life. By the way, positive thinking angel believers were not interested in the computer reprovals of Markus Ruf, which were anyway not watertight.

Nevertheless, another major attack against the manipulative high clergy was performed from an unexpected side. Testifying in court, alumnus Straussinger dared to drag the christocentric healer and prophet through the mire. Max-Moritz complaint, if he had half of a brain, he wouldn’t pay large sums of money for sadomasochistic pictures to an anonymous blackmailer. Middleman or not, Wicked-Oz would have received a million sum for bank documents which anyhow were forwarded to the prosecutor. Indeed, the real dupe Max-Moritz had only obtained worthless copies from the danegeld and ransom money transferring Greek wise guy Elymas. His own party donations would have been one way or the other approved by the very top. As to the rest, his arms deals were long run legal international practice. Far more skeletons in his closet would have Karl Kempe with the homicide of Maria Müller-Kempe and his real estate entanglements. Blessed – power immersed – Mary in distress was already dead in the bathtub, because of a violent, heretical confession argument with her enraged, estranged husband, when Max-Moritz arrived. By courtesy he helped to put her in the trunk for her final departure. Eventually, his whole fraternity shipped in deep, stormy waters, once the money laundering activities in the Volksbank Denkenstadt eG would come to surface. Strongly tying his tie as an escape rope, the politician resumed negotiations. He tried to signal to the prosecutor and judge that they had no right to sue the Minister of Justice and to suspend his diplomatic immunity. Facing innocent, inquiring glances he protested his own innocence. After all, every child would know that the highly honoured Attorney General Johannes Ratzinger was head in the Veritas Masonic lodge and thus pulls the strings. After this accusation, the hearing was immediately suspended.

The final hour hit for Straussinger. On the way to the Stammheim high-security wing he was found guilty of an attempted escape and with a bullet in his head. At least that was the official version. For the mindful reader it is pre-published that the inmate Karl Kempe got secretly slipped an army pistol from a lodge friend, so that he could exert revenge and vigilantism in the joint bus of prisoners.

On the way to his working place in the centre of Stuttgart, Jonathan wondered why the Germany flag was hoisted up at half-mast in front of the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg. When he switched on the car radio he learned of the death of his former bank customer and party colleague. Jonathan befell an uneasy feeling. He knew from the book of proverbs that you shouldn’t rejoice over the downfall of an oppressor, but if things were going on like this, how would Elymas end? Arriving at the Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG, Jonathan tried to focus his thoughts in a different direction. His ultimate goal was to get a woman. To achieve his vision he necessarily needed summer holidays for the time together with Phoebe. That’s why he met Elisabeth Schätzle before the time counters open and handed over a flyer of the “Trumpet of Salvation to Israel” missionary society. He begged to his young team leader: “Please, listen to your former head of the works council and approve my leave. It is really important.” Elisabeth gave a defiant answer: “Really? As a child I went to Israel on vacation to the kibbutz of Zichron Ya’akov, because my parents belonged to the Korntal fellowship of Emma Berger. Would you like to take me along to the pilgrimage?” “Of course, but please make no jokes and sign the leave request. You have no idea how much depends on that,” Jonathan pleaded. “If so, I can’t say no,” smiled Schätzle, looked deep into his eyes and gave her autograph on the piece of paper. “You really don’t know how much your yes means to me,” concluded the charmed story hero who joyfully gave his blushing chiefess a kiss on the cheek. Now, Jonathan had received a certainty as never before in his heart that he will get the desired woman. He was floating on cloud nine.

On the contrary, a sad day dawned at the funeral of Max-Moritz Straussinger, which Jonathan attended with interest. In keeping with the motto “You have to keep good memories of the dead,” many prominent companions were present to pay their last respect. Listening to the alfresco, laudatory speech of Johannes Ratzinger, Jonathan marvelled what a good human being the highly decorated Minister of Justice Straussinger still was. The voice of God, Ratzinger preached his last words: “Due to the great merits of our angelic brother Max-Moritz, he deserves now to sit at the right hand of the universal deity, and we will see all again his everlasting sun and immortal morning star hopefully sooner or later in the highest heaven.” Something strange and tragic happened. Ratzinger put his right hand under his jacket to touch his heart, lost consciousness, and flew headfirst into the verminous grave. He had suffered a stroke.

Confirming the statement of scripture that all hidden things will once comes to light, the murder of Straussinger cleared up in an awful way. An inexplicable fear and terror came to the mourners by an approaching thunderstorm. Nicolas, the court reporter started to scream: “That’s the judgment of God insomuch that Ratzinger ordered the murder of Straussinger. And I’m an accessory to the crime. I have hidden the pistol at the behest of my deceased chief and handed it over to Kempe in his record of proceedings. O Lord, have mercy on me poor sinner. I don’t want to end likewise.” Carrying out another prisoner transport, two present prison officers fell on their knees and cried out: “Good God, forgive us the lie to say that we would have shot Straussinger on the run.” To be let out in parole, free as a jailbird Kempe stretched his iron handcuffs upward and began to curse out loud: “To hell with them. For heavens sake, what a load of nonsense. I swear by the Almighty, I am innocent, otherwise the devil shall take me.” A brief ray of light was accompanied by a loud crack to instantly and immediately answer the request of the killer. Stricken with fear, the funeral party fell straight on the knees, began to confess sins, and started to cry piteously.

Within an hour the tempest and the attenders calmed down. The rain-soaked corpse of Ratzinger got saved from the grave. According to the autopsy, Johannes had died of a heart attack. Also stroke dead Karl and shot dead Max-Moritz were forensic examined on this occasion. How come? Curious criminologists wanted evidence for the new version of murder by the in and itself buried bodies. They ultimately found it in the occiput deadlocked 9mm bullet. It derived from “Karl the Great” and from a secondhand, out-of-vogue Walter P38 Wehrmacht pistol, which was made for Adolf Hitler’s henchmen. A further body check stripped other amazing details to the surface. Through indiscretions a BILD reporter figured out three owls of Minerva tattoos at the buttocks of the dermis stung carcasses. In addition, all viewable wore the same black-gold signet ring. The greatest sensation, or rather the greatest humiliation since the discovery of the Hitler diaries, was the circulation of a secret list with names of celebrated public characters, who would also adore the owl. Rumours spread that even a former Federal Chancellor would regularly bow down in front of a huge beast idol in the forests of California. Another controversial was brought up before court. The Scientology sect wanted to receive the fortune of the childless Kempe-Müller dynasty. Instead, the world wide expanded Vatican City State gained further tracts of land, according to Maria’s destroyed, inflamed heart’s intention. Last will witness Jonathan Fischer was speechless after these turbulent developments. At least, he thought to regain more peace in life at the beginning of the summer holidays.

Eventually, the long-awaited day for a reunion with Phoebe via the journey to Jerusalem had dawned. Jonathan checked again his luggage, desperately wondering if he had forgotten something. Yes, of course, he still had to bag his passport. “How good it is, to have a peaceful inner voice through the connection to God,” said the banker to himself and turned pale as he looked to the expiration date of his travel document. “No, please not, Jesus, anything but that! Good grief, Fischer how blind and stupid you are,” he badmouthed in order to immediately correct: “Dear heavenly dad, I need your help. I know you are merciful and gracious, slow to anger and rich in mercy and compassion. Give me a woman, I don’t want to and just can’t wait any longer. Beloved Holy Spirit, send me a brainchild.” Inexplicably, Jonathan sensed the name Julia Rüger in his chest cavity. But he didn’t know a Julia Rüger. He sat down at the computer and researched with help of Google on the Internet. On the second page he found a woman with this name who worked in the Bernhausen citizens office. There it clicked. Wasn’t that the lady that helped Martin Peter Anrich to receive a new, different passport identity for his China visa? Jonathan chose the office number to disappointingly learn by the answering machine that on Saturdays was closed. No, he won’t give up so quickly. Blessedly, the telephone enquiry service could help him with a private number. Jonathan hoped to get the right Julia at the other end of the line. But the female voice sounded old and fragile. That old people are very well capable for assistance proved the incomprehensible, barely audible hint that a namesake would lodge with her parents in the Beautiful Mountain Road. Jonathan was reminded of his arrival in Phoenix, as he stood in front of closed doors and only after his inner self-abandonment experienced God’s intervention. Verily, if a seed falls not into the earth and dies, it bears no fruit. Now, he achieved to get the father at the phone, who regretfully couldn’t help, since his daughter was sitting in the bathtube. To make one’s farewell, Jonathan was consoled with the opportunity to create a temporary passport on Monday, after moving the Israel-flight. Then the following transfer request was rejected, for the charter airline Arkia did not run so often from Stuttgart to Tel Aviv. Mad Jonathan put the phone down and was dashed to the ground. In a brief thought he was tempted to curse God. Suddenly he was reminded how he successfully went under the knife after his fruitless trip to Switzerland. He prayed: “Even if you slay and take me away, I trust in you my God, as Abraham with his son Isaac, because you can even bring back the dead to life.” The telephone rang. Julia Rüger was calling. “Is it so urgent to get the passport?” she inquired. “Yes, I could not rebook the flight,” assured the long-distance traveller, “also I expect today to finally meet my soon-to-be-wife.” “Okay, anyway I wanted to go to the butcher, and I will also fly soon with a Swiss travel company to Israel.” We meet in half an hour at the bus station in the citizen office Bernhausen. You have to bring along a passport photo. The procedure costs about one hundred marks.”

Jonathan admired the selfless clerk in public administration work and curiously scrutinized her attractive female queue-profile. “You shouldn’t enthusiastically examine me,” seemed the capable rock wearer have noticed, “soon the citizen oriented chiefs from the upper floors of our city council will anyhow introduce Saturday work.” To bid farewell, Jonathan thanked with a gentle handshake and gratefully looked in the unmade-up eyes of his devoutly rescuer Julia Rüger. The world stands in need for such humble, beautiful foals, he resumed at the hectic boarding into the departing public bus. Now everything fit. To save parking fees, he had placed his car on a side street and made it just in time to the check-in area of the nearby airport.

“You look pretty much sweaty and battle-weary, great overseer,” was the unexpected greeting of Christoph Ziegler, the pastor’s son and member of the BGG Stuttgart 1955 e.V. and Chess Club Wolfbusch 1956 e.V.. “Boy! Hello Christoph, you sharp lad. Why do you fly to Israel?” Jonathan wanted to know. “The Psalms say it would be a great blessing to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Perhaps you will not believe me, but Jesus has shown me in a dream that a special gift is waiting for me. You’ll see it. Which one, I will tell you later. Suffice it to say that many seekers stuck a piece of paper with the request into the Western Wall.” “Now you’re talking in secrets. But wait, I will see through your game,” Jonathan joked and had to leave to one of the interview cabins of the Israeli security service. His inspecting interview partner eyed suspiciously the passport replacement and inquired: “What have you planned to do in Israel?” “I’m attending a summer evangelism to bring the Jews closer to Jesus, their Messiah, and by the way I meet with my future wife,” was the upright response. “Do you know some of the fellow passengers and was something entrusted for you to take along?” as always asked the young Israeli. “Yes, accidentally I met with my friend Christoph, who has told me of a mystery that soon as a gift of Jesus will be fulfilled, otherwise I don’t know anyone,” the future Jewish evangelist said in turn to spread some of his Christian faith. A short break ensued, until two interviewers came back with their protocols. Shimon Balaam, the executive Mossad staff member wanted to expose Jonathan Fischer as an EKK agent and began to assert: “I warn you, I didn’t enquire about you only in the media. If you are not telling the truth you have to stay home. I will never be cheated by your humbug. Now tell me more about Elisabeth Schätzle. How did you meet this woman and how do you co-operate?” “She’s my former trainee who once wrote a nice billet-doux. Do you really want to screen our relationship? No, that’s not your business,” Jonathan was highly indignant. “I give you a last chance. Did you made advertising in any way for unorthodox campaigns, such as that of Jacob Damkani, and have you invited someone to come along?” was the next convicting question. “Yes, I promoted the German-born Jew Ludwig Schneider on the King’s road and therefore met with Phoebe, the Greek flight attendant,” Jonathan calmed down again for a short time. “Lies don’t travel far. The Airbus will fly off today without you and your EKK deputy director Elisabeth Schätzle. You need to explain nothing more,” said Balaam, the shrewd prophet, who forbade any further word. Clueless Jonathan compulsorily had to pack his ransacked luggage. At the exit Schätzle already waited for him with her baggage. “I’m sorry. It should be a surprise that I also fly with you. I had no idea what difficult questions need to be answered at the departure,” apologized Elisabeth. In each case she had claimed pretty much the opposite of Jonathan and therefore was allowed to read the whole interrogation as a travel ban-justification. “What did you testify?” Jonathan in need of life-tutoring service inquired. “Well the truth. I’m your familiar department director at the EKK and you gave me a flyer from the ‘Trumpet of Salvation to Israel’ ministry. I had no clue that you had told of my former, luckless approaches. What do we do now? I also transferred the money for the entire three weeks in advance. Take a horse as the Crusaders?” Reminded of Vicky and the Viking, Jonathan chafed his ailing pentagram star nose. Actually the Swabian had every reason to be cheesed with Schätzle and not with Spätzle. Because of the perceived injustice they were connected closer. More than ever he became her ally. Just so, his eyes searched through the lobby of the airport, until both found the right target with a white cross on a red background. “Let’s go to the Swissair-counter to check in federate connections,” was the clever idea of the fiction hero in search of his dream woman. Jovial, homosexual hostess Uli – come il faut – searched on the screen for other vulture connections. So the pretended honeymooners had to travel over the indirect route first to Zürich and then to Tel Aviv.

Jonathan still had another two days to come to rest until he again met Elisabeth Schätzle on Monday morning six o’clock. A diverting Contact Air flight led them to the next inspecting and testing in Switzerland. Having bad memories on his border control to St. Moritz and of the recently made airport experiences, this time the investigation methods were much more pleasant, more moderate, and more neutral. Yet, the next major crises waited for Jonathan at the door, as he went up the gangway. Boarding the Boeing, the friendly passenger saluted in return to a stewardess who reminded him of Phoebe, but then he hardly believed his eyes. Taking the Swiss counterpart of the German Bild newspaper, his glance fell on two high-profile, title-tattle celebrities in the first class. “No, anything but that! Not another face-off,” crossed Jonathan’s mind. He turned his face to the left, changed the corridor, and took Elisabeth by the hand. “What’s going on? It’s nice to hold hands, but you shiver with fear,” inquired Schätzle who took the window seat. “I don’t want to fight again with Elymas Wicked-Oz, and Hansel Devilkin gives me also the creeps,” the anxious Bible student stated, opened his mustard grain Bible, and was comforted with Psalm 91.

“Hell yeah! What are you reading? You poor sinner,” a hand laid on his shoulder, “are you ready for the high jump? I will show you who is more powerful,” claimed Elymas and strolled back to the first class. “This man is really evil and needs to be defeated. Was this Devilkin or the Wizard of Oz?” discerned Elisabeth, the chess queen who sat close to the power plant. Jonathan told parts of his ‘Poor or rich? Death or alive?’ story, when suddenly a bright light lit up on the neighbouring wing side. The nearby kerosene turbine had kindled in the moment of transition from the earth into the air. In search of the safety instructions, Jonathan turned his gaze to the baggage rack in front and got a hold of the tabloid. At this instant, he seemingly heard the voice of the devil that his fall will be reported in the same trashy magazine at the next day. “Rats! I shouldn’t tangle with Satan working in this magician. Lucifer, the prince of this world and of the the power of the air never is to be underestimated.” The aircraft flew a loop, attempting to directly reach back the runway. Jonathan in turn beheld the wing and believed to have a vision of an angel. A panic broke out aboard. Just then Elizabeth asked: “Do you see this cloud formation? That looks like a mighty archangel.” “Look at Jesus the Saviour and plead for his intercession,” almost as if in ecstasy cried Jonathan. The fictional champion unfastened the seat belt, also it was forbidden stood up, and proclaimed loudly: “Those who dwell under the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. My refuge and my fortress, my God I trust in you.” Send into raptures, the numerous Zionistic fellow travellers prayed together: “He shall cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge. His faithfulness is your shield and rampart,” as far as they peacefully concluded after a safe landing on earth, “he shall call upon me and I will answer him. I will be with him in times of trouble. I will rescue him and honour him. I will satisfy him with long life and show him my salvation.” This fantastic, incredible incident used Devilkin, who was released first from the fire brigade in the front compartment of the rich, for propaganda. Proudly cited the prosperity-spirit professor of theology to the waiting journalists behind the baggage claim: “We fell from heaven as lightning, but he has commanded his angels that they carry us on their hands, so that we are not striking our feet against a stone.” Jonathan did not want to step into the spotlight again. So he hid in the airport chapel, joined with Schätzle and other surviving passengers, to thank God in prayer. Afterwards the action heroes asked how they now can reach their destination, but the free seats of alternative connections were already taken. To do well out of the mess, Jonathan got a hotel and meal voucher and had not to travail again with his hostile church brothers, who already flew to Dubai. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see again Phoebe as fast as possible. “Elisabeth, let’s live this day to the fullest. We could take a boat tour on Lake Zürich along the Gold Coast with its suburban villas. If time allows, I would finally like to visit the art exhibition of the white-washed house bank of my chimney sweep master. What do you mean?” “Most certainly, Jonathan. On vacation I follow you everywhere. But on work I am again the boss.”

With another day of delay the involuntary team reached the promised land. Impatient Jonathan ordered a taxi from the airport to Tel Aviv-Jaffa, where the messianic Jew and evangelist Jakob Damkani had his domicile. At long last, he hoped to meet his Phoebe again. At first glance, another Elisabeth who looked after the house opened the door. Regretfully, the 30-member international tour group had already left by bus to Jerusalem. Jonathan was in a slight depression, as when he had arrived in the United States. “I suggest you come in for lunch and stay here,” proposed the German-Israeli co-worker Elisheva. “Good idea, after all the stress which we experienced,” Schätzle agreed, “did you hear in the news that our plane almost has crashed?” “No kidding! Please tell me more,” the other namesake joined a lively conversation. Taciturn Jonathan followed the female coffee chit-chat for one hour. This tall, second Elisabeth, with her blond hair, blue eyes, and bright coloured skin, attracted his attention. Also the familiar, maidenly, younger counterpart began to please him, since she radiated a certain attractiveness with her dark brown hair, brown eyes, and dark complexion. Jonathan felt in his heart so seasick, like on a ship without rudder, that is rocked back and forth and up and down in the storm by the waves. To put an end to his melancholic feelings he jumped up and took the floor: “Sorry, I can’t wait longer and rent a car. Where do the others stay overnight, Elisheva?” “In the old city of Jerusalem, in the Christ Church Guest House.” “The day after tomorrow, they continue the journey to Eilat,” knew the hostess, “but in Jerusalem, the evening traffic is often chaotic. Are you really sure that you still want to go?” “Come on Jonathan, it’s so comfortable here,” Elisabeth alluded. “Elisabeth follows me everywhere and Elisheva brings me to he car rental, ere?” Jonathan was sure of. The trip to Jerusalem ended in a Japanese compact car. Jonathan and Elisabeth understood in the 58 hp gasoline-driven car why the Gospels state that you have to go up to Jerusalem. It dawned. A bugging congestion formed at the gates of the city. Finally maintaining free ride, Jonathan stopped for a short time at an intersection and asked, “straight or right? What does the map advice Elizabeth?” “Straight, but watch out to give way to the right.” Looking to the right, the driver abruptly accelerated. This was followed by a loud crash. The left front fender together with the hood was smashed by a loud clash. The green Daihatsu Sirion was brutally thrown to the right, so that it only came to a stand on the passenger side, after a half turn at the curb edge. The airbags had puffed up. Jonathan double hung in the air. Moreover, he felt again his hip pain. With a whiplash, jammed Schätzle wasn’t better either. Two men approached cursing loudly. “Blimey! Are you alright?” a voice sounded turning from English to German, “if I had known that you’re sitting in the car, Jonathan, then I would have revved up even more. You jackass, why are you waiting so long for me to yet drive without paying attention?” asked Elymas Wicked-Oz. His co-driver Hansel Devilkin beckoned a few passersby to help, placing the destroyed vehicle back on the wheels. Whole Devilkin and intact Wicked-Oz had not stinted in renting a double weight, hardly deformable Toyota Land Cruiser, including a stainless steel battering ram. A local Mercedes-Benz ambulance brought the freed by police pair to the Hadassah hospital. Reminded of other Diablo-encounters, Jonathan inspected how young Schätzle, who had a smaller bust size compared with Stein-Osiris-Ra, customized a neck brace. Due to the late hour and because of safety reasons, both patients had to stay overnight. “At least, I was in the right,” the patient noticed whereon aggrieved Schätzle surmised: “Which won’t do any good in the event of our death.” She was right and legal right was right-before-left.

The next morning, the quickly recovered couple made their way with a white-red public bus to the old city of Jerusalem. Jonathan beheld how a passenger desperately tried to press an electronic part on the neighbouring seat. “May I help you? I’m an electronics fan,” was his nice offer. Sitting in front of them, two less charming, female soldiers turned up, tore away the release switch, and arrested the man with the help of their rifles. The Palestinian suicide bomber had tried in vain to detonate his explosive belt.

“Jonathan, this is now the third time that I almost lost my life,” Elisabeth realised, “now, I really do wonder if it was right to travel with you.” “Well then, you do not have to come with me. But imagine what happens when my exciting life is someday filmed. Then you will become more famous than Indiana Jones or the Queen,” the bold story hero determined correctly. Located at the Jaffa Gate, the Christ Church Guest House was not a long way off. Arriving at the reception, Jonathan obtained the information that the international tourist party makes a sightseeing tour in the 2 times completely destroyed, 23 times from enemies besieged, and 52 times adversarial attacked city of peace.

“Beloved Holy Spirit. Please lead me to my future wife. I feel quite sure that she is very near,” frustrated, luckless Fischer prayed inaudibly. His waiting Schätzle got this idea: “Let’s go to the Wailing Wall. The very special place is a popular destination for all visitors. Anyway, I want to leave there a prayer request.” Thus, the involuntary pair left the luggage, strolled through the narrow streets of the traders, until they reached the age-old rock formation of the Temple Mount. Elisabeth Schätzle wanted to post a note to God and Jonathan Fischer did the same, as he stuck a little piece of paper in the cracks of the huge stone blocks. At this very moment, like a bolt out of the blue, a hand touched his shoulder. Then a voice spoke from behind: “Jonathan, you will never get what you want. I immersed myself into the sham spirit and saw how your craved fiancee is pinched from your friend.” Wicked-Oz had fun to provoke his former roommate. “Elymas, if you destroy my life dream, then you will get the wanted total war,” irritated the German Reich Minister for public enlightenment. “The battle in the heavenly bodies broke out long ago, when you alienated Magdalena from me. Don’t you Aries sense why our paths crossed again and again. You will soon reap evil for your dastardly seed,” the sneaky, clairvoyant astrologer predicted.

Jonathan’s crisis of meaning increased when he went with Elisabeth to a restaurant at the Temple Institute and studied the Jerusalem Post. He was looking for a press release about his yesterday’s traffic accident. Instead, his eyes caught a picture of Phoebe Leontopoulou, who held another man in her arms. The group led by Jacob Damkani caused an uproar as they walked through the ultra-orthodox Mea Shearim quarter, wearing Yeshua Ha’Mashiach T-shirts. Beside good news herald Jacob, who was for years repeatedly physically attacked and taken in custody, Christoph Ziegler got hit especially hard. On the photo he had a bloody nose, a black eye, and torn clothes. Schätzle reckoned: “Those two are made for each other.” “That does not mean anything, Phoebe did also attentively hospitalise me,” Jonathan hoped.

Feeling reinvigorated, the falafel gourmets narrowed down the search. Following the trail of the Via Dolorosa, they met a Palestinian boy with Jordanian citizenship who admired the ‘Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation’. Dressed in a light brown military uniform, the squire spoke English and pretended to be their best guide. This Hassan assured to have seen the foreign tour group. Therefore, he led  the recruited tourists for a small charity through the winding corridors to the Holy Sepulchre Church. Once there, he boasted that he holds the heavy key to the gate in his hand. Jonathan kiddingly bet 100 dollar that this is not true. Then his face turned ashen, for the boy quickly convinced him of the contrary.

The fiction writers do not want to bore the revered readers, but in the fane happened yet another encounter with Wicked-Oz and Devilkin. Elymas fell into a meditation, laying his hand on the stone spot where the cross apparently should have stood. Whereas Hansel had laid face down on the rock which was the traditional anointing place of the corpse of Jesus. “Look at these esoteric brothers. They still believe in the power of stones,” Jonathan grasped. “Let us hide swiftly,” Elisabeth recommended. To sidestep effectively another confrontation, Hasan hid them in the small tomb chapel. However, the peace did not last long. An obscure struggle among the monks began to spread around. Dressed in robes, the religious fighters of different denominations brutally beat each other. The fierce controversy arose because of renovations on the first floor. Notwithstanding dialog partner Hansel Devilkin, the confession skirmishes couldn’t be solved verbally, but had to be finished by the intervening Israeli police. The end of the Millennium old dispute among Christians was a for everyone visible craftsman ladder, which remained as a memorial at the front of the building. “This place can’t be the real crucifixion site, what do you mean Elisabeth?” Jonathan asked. “Let’s go to the English Garden,” replied Elisabeth, “the Anglican Garden Tomb, as well as Gordon’s Golgotha with its grinning hill face are probably more authentic.” The beautiful, tranquil park with flowering plants and shady trees, together with the man-made, stone-carved burial sites, aired a peaceful atmosphere. Fischer and Schätzle searched for a seat accommodation. A coloured gospel group from Harlem joined in to a single praise song led by Bob: “His grave is empty, he’s risen and he’s alive” resounded one of the choruses. Not loving this kind of music, the Moslem guide waited pre-emptively at the entrance. A gray-haired man sat down with the abiding listeners on the park bench. Following his uncommon deliberations, Jonathan wasn’t sure whether the stranger could be one of the crazy psychopaths, who behaved in the likeness of Moses or Elijah. Speaking an American slang, the Jesus disciple claimed that he had discovered the Ark of the Covenant. Jeremiah would have hidden it in a cave close by the Damascus Gate. As proof would serve a blood sample from the mercy seat, which is the lid of the gold covered acacia wood chest, and also an awesome video with two angels. The man confidently testified that when Jesus Christ hung on the cross, an earthquake opened the rocks, so that the blood of the Saviour and Redeemer of mankind, as a high priest sacrifice, directly flowed in the Holy of Holies. “I believe the part with the earthquake, because it is written in the Gospels and even the rock-hewn tomb over there has a visible split by a tremor,” Jonathan partially agreed and Elisabeth completed: “Time will unearth the truth.” Disappointed, Ron, the amateur archaeologist wished goodbye.

“What do you think Jonathan, did this smiling hill at the time of I.N.R.I. – Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum – look the same?” inquired Schätzle. “Maybe General Gordon has hit the bull’s eye,” Fischer pondered, “but this Ron oversteps the mark with the claim that the sword of Goliath lies beneath in a cave. Hardly understanding German, Hassan got very excited: “Of course, there are swords in the king’s cave. Even Latin inscriptions can be found on the walls. Give me another 100-dollar bill and I show them.” Banker Schätzle spread her female charm to lower the prize by half. She had no idea what she was in for, otherwise she would have changed her mind. As a first obstacle, a locked grid, ushering in a underground passage, had to be overcome. The Jordanian shepherd boy saw his sheep run away and his hopes dashed. Simply put, he was keen on 50 dollars. Instead of a large key he this time unwrapped a small picklock. Lo and behold, Sesame opened. Then Jonathan and Elisabeth followed him in the partially illuminated cave system. An explanatory sign at the entrance showed them that other tourists also regularly visit Solomon’s Quarries. When the explorers advanced deeper, Hassan fetched a pocket lamp. “This boy is considering all things,” stumbling Jonathan noticed “really exciting here, or do you hope to be delivered soon, Eli eh?” “Uh ah Mr Pharao, Baby let my people go…,” replied the comedy crooner. Arriving at a door, Jonathan literally had a queasy feeling. Grande Lodge of Jerusalem was written on it. “Who probably lives here?” Elisabeth wondered. “To identify this location with the words of Pope Leo XIII, this is a synagogue of Satan,” the pretty neigh priest student knew. “Do you think this is the entrance to hell?” estimated Schätzle. Dear chiefess, firstly you are a woman, secondly you are inexperienced, and thirdly you are to curious,” Fischer provoked. Self-assertive Elisabeth promptly pushed open the door. Inside, two annoyed pairs of eyes were dazzled with light by the battery torch. Elsewhere, the room was lit only with three candles. At the very end was an altar with a book and a skull that was soaked in blood. To be overkill, young Hassan achieved a new world record for the Guinness book in the short course electric torch race. To their liking, Jonathan and Elisabeth desired all the same to escape the haunted cavern. “You are nothing more than animals and beasts,” Fischer accused Wicked-Oz and Devilkin. “If the only witness would not be a child, you could now make your last will,” Wicked Oz replied, “you should be grateful to me that I’ll spare you. Come, take a sip, this gives you superhuman powers.” “Life is in the blood, therefore we will respectfully abstain from it,” Elisabeth interfered. “Who among us will rape the whore first?” Devilkin asked, pointedly slurping the extra-wide drinking cup. Jonathan protectively put his hands around Elizabeth’s shoulders: “You’re complete and utter pigs.” “None of your lip! My old friend, you and treacherous fellow Markus didn’t really understand how things work,” continued Wicked-Oz, “we will create a humane, new world with better conditions for all that are left. The globe simply sustains not as many people. We, in the civilized Western world can not help it that poorer people fool around like bunnies.” “He’s right,” Professor Devilkin concurred, “there will be never peace without dialogue, ha ha ha.”

Wicked-Oz whispered something into Devilkins ear. Next, the two approached slowly the terrified couple. Jonathan jumped up and knocked over one after the other of the three candlesticks. Much to his chagrin, the opponents used lighters. Jonathan shouted: “I command you in the name of Jesus get lost and let us alone.” “Better luck next time,” the illuminated super-apostel dismissed, while the inquisitorial school dean advised, “the spirit is indeed willing, but your flesh is weak. Don’t you dare to touch the virgin, you wannabe saint.” The door slammed with a loud bang. A locking key and receding voices could be heard. Then pointed silence entered the place. Elisabeth cried. Jonathan recollected his blind father when he felt his way to the door. For half an hour he tried in vain to open it by force. “Get out of here! Come on Jonathan, I’m freezing to death,” Schätzle begged with invisible tears in her eyes. Her former training supervisor came back closer to the come-not-too-close-to-me-cutie and put again his arm around her shoulder: “Do you know Elisabeth, two are better off than one alone. One may be overpowered, but two shall withstand, and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” “Also, if two lie together, they warm up. How can an individual be warm?” the howling one longed for more affection. “You’ll see, God will bring us out of here,” said her comforter, “for the Lord even prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies.” “That would be fine. But do not talk so much, you preacher of Solomon,” Elisabeth desired another devotion, “let’s be more practical and let’s find a more comfortable place to sleep.” The only snug, warmer berth offered the wooden tabletop on the altar. In the first place, Jonathan bumped against the forgotten skull. “What are you doing?” Schätzle wanted to know. “Oh nothing, I just clear space for us,” reassured the supervisor and began – faintly reminiscent of old smoochy dance times – again to cuddle. As most comfortable body pose exposed the huddled baby-womb-posture. For a time Fischer was lying in front and Schätzle cuddled on his back: “Can we turn around. You are so big and the backside freezes me,” asked Schätzle. This position also offered charms. Before falling asleep, shaking with cold Jonathan recalled his Albania holiday. He saw himself sitting between the warming Helen and Reinhild and then hopping into the cool waters. Of course this night was a test of God whether he would keep himself clean. Most certainly, his dream woman was Phoebe.

In the early morning hours, both shivered from the cold. Elisabeth lamented: “Sure enough I am not a she-cat. I should have never run after a dumb tomcat. Now I’m dying for the fourth time with you.” “Don’t worry, help is on the way,” Jonathan fatally didn’t trust his own words. Again and again he dreamed of the catharsis. Repeatedly a cyclone whirled upon himself and Elymas, reminding him of his trip to the United States. “Elisabeth is there anything hidden that we should confess to God. Is there any sin, which separates us from him and prevents our liberation?” the prisoner probed. “Yes of course. But you donkey have to find it out yourself, I cannot and I will not help you,” she didn’t unravel her secret.

The door opened for the sitting on the table pair. Hassan had called Ali, Ali had called Ahmet, Ahmet had called Abdullah, Abdullah had called Achmadisdnehad, and Achmadisdnehad had called the Allahu-Akbar-Brigades. So the temple guardians were pleased about a rich booty in the form of swords hanging on the walls and the unique skull with its perfect teeth. Jonathan and Elizabeth assured that they had not soiled the bloodstained Quran, lying on the ground, since Devilkin and Wicked-Oz must be held accountable. Once, hotheaded Achmadisdnehad grabbed the sacred scripture of Islam and the skull in his backpack, Jonathan felt week at the knees, because he recollected his Hellfire Valley rest outside the gates of Las Vegas.

Finally I will see Phoebe again, it crossed Jonathan’s relieved mind. But first the liberating martyrs were adamant that the redeemed will go on a shopping spree in their Muslim Bazaar. After Jonathan assured that he already has a Persian rug, which he regularly uses for prayer, he was compelled instead to visit the Al-Aqsa Mosque. There he could come to know the complete submission and in addition the finest and most precious node fabrics in large numbers. “Do I get then instead of one virgin all ninety-nine?” joked Jonathan. “Better put a sock on it,” Elisabeth displayed anxiety, “presumably the brothers understand more German than you think and less fun as you may suppose.” Overstepping the Temple Mount, Elisabeth wanted to make a small detour to take a peek at the Dome of the Rock. Howsoever, the Islamic building was long since besieged by religious pilgrims. Jonathan hoped that this could be Jacob and his troop. On the other hand, he was not allowed to enter the “God has no son” shrine with his shoes. Bare-footed he dared to take a quick glance inside. Whom did he see? Of course, Hansel and Elymas. They just got administered a sacred host from a magnificently robed cleric. “Elisabeth, you’re not going to believe this, Devilkin and Wicked-Oz celebrate under the golden dome secretly a Holy Communion,” said the German spy. Achmadisdnehad, who had heard everything seethed with rage. Like a muezzin crier screaming something on Arabic, he threw the bag with the skull to the ground and instead drew one of the swords. His indignant war comrades did the same and stormed the dome. A fierce battle with the Western security personnel inflamed which led to a riot. From then on the holy place was closed for uncircumcised Gentiles. To avoid the stone-throwing hail, Jonathan and Elisabeth used the opportunity to betake oneself. At a brisk pace, they left the embattled archaeological site, fleeing to the Christ Church Guest House.

There waited a surprise at the reception desk with five old friends. Deborah, Hanna, Miriam, and Judith just checked in. “What a coincidence! You’re here, Jonathan,” Andrew Taylor hugged him in amazement, “please introduce your wife to me?” “Oh, this is Elisabeth, the head of my department at work,” the former China missionary was quite embarrassed, since it could have been that next Phoebe falls round his neck. Instead, his next identity crisis was on the way. His burning desire to see Phoebe disappeared in thin air. The evangelistic team conducted by Jacob Damkani had already departed through the dessert to find a refuge at the Red Sea. Time will tell. At a joint breakfast the friends discussed their different daily schedules. Elisabeth absolutely refused to reserve a rental car, since she didn’t like to drive with Jonathan immediately to the Shelter Hostel in Eilat. After all the exertions she wanted to rest again. Thus, she insisted to stay at least one more night in Jerusalem. Andrew Taylor had full understanding. For that reason he invited Jonathan to join his pilgrimage tour. “All right,” Jonathan agreed, “then we have more time to talk about my life.” “Look at Jesus and not so much on yourself,” corrected brother Andrew, “better tell me what happened to David Diao and Martin Peter Anrich.”

To start with, the motley bunch visited the with 200 years oldest Protestant Church in the Middle East which belonged to the hotel. The Quadruplets intoned a canon in Mandarin, causing a heavenly sound in the Anglican walls. The next target was the steeple of the Church of the Redeemer, whose viewing point offered a wide-spanning panorama of the sights of Jerusalem. This German Lutheran church led by Provost Ronecker was more friendly in the view of Jonathan than at a stone’s throw Church of Holy Sepulchre, which was based on the Roman Emperor’s mother Helena. Andrew Taylor wanted to make an interpretation of the “can you not watch with me one hour” prayer. Therefore they went a little further until they had arrived in the beautiful garden of Gethsemane. The old olive trees genuinely were from the time of Jesus. New, green branches shot forth that were grafted in the ancient trunks. Admonishing, brother Andrew explained Romans chapter 11 verse 17: “If some of the branches be broke off, and you, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them and with them share of the root and fatness of the olive tree, then boast not against the branches.” Pastor Taylor regretted in this context that many Christians are arrogant, have no reverence for God, and furthermore think that God forever forgot his beloved covenant people. Then he taught about eight specific names of God from the Old Testament: Yahweh Jireh, Rapha, Roi, Nissi, Tsidkenu, M’Kaddesh, Schammah, and Shalom – God the Provider, the Healer, the Shepherd, the Banner, the Righteousness, the Holiness, the Omnipresent, and the Peace. In the passage of the Lord’s prayer where “hallowed be your name” is prayed every Christian could easily dwell on 10 minutes in meditating and proclaiming these character attributes. Jonathan had already learned this principle on the occasion of his spiritual educational travel in Phoenix. Joyfully Jonathan blurted out that he practices this form of daily prayer for a long time. Meanwhile he learned how important it is to withdraw into the quiet little room and never to blaze abroad the own religious works. “In general, it is better if people perceive us as salt and light of the earth, and we therefore have a good reputation as Christians, instead of praising ourselves,” were the final words of the English sermon. Then the team moved up the steep Jewish graves slope of the Mount of Olives. Andrew Taylor pointed to the Golden Gate: “Behold the Arab cemetery and the stones used to brick in the entrance. People think they can put a stop to the Messiah and ignore that he appears at his second coming with his angels in the clouds.” Arrived on the hill, a majestic panorama on the Temple Mount presented itself. The violent unrest had calmed down.

But on the other hand another free assembly caused strife. “Oh no, not again,” told intimidated Fischer, “come let us disappear quickly.” “What do you fear?” powerful Taylor asked, “don’t you know that he who is in us (Christ) is greater than he who is in the world (Satan)?”

A TV crew recorded a German-speaking religious service under the command of Wicked-Oz. Many of the audience came from Stuttgart, in any event, Jonathan had seen quite a few faces in the Musical Hall. Elymas aligned the audience to make a covenant with God by promising to donate at least $ 1,000 or more to him. Citing some passages, he explained why the Lord will open the floodgates of heaven, so that the mammon must flow back a hundredfold. The giver would then not only be blessed financially, but also be spared from diseases and accidents. Sitting in the first row, Hansel Devilkin arose to a huge stone altar with four horns. Elymas Wicked-Oz explained why thousands of prayer requests were piled up in front, which had been sent from prosperity spirit parishioners to him and Devilkin. In the future it would be even more important that every wish and every concern were brought – combined with a gift – to the executive and his deputy. Because of their better connection to God, they could stand more effectively in intercession before God. Underpinning this, both laid their hands on the tied together with cords pile of mail, lifted up their heads to the sky, and prayed a statement of faith. Andrew Taylor, standing in the back row, enquired whether the letters with the stamp of the Jerusalem Post were sent all over the world. Anyway, the question was unnecessary, since the recipients Wicked-Oz and Devilkin never intended to read the petitions. Instead, the patient paper ended right away through their lighters in a smoke offering. To spoil the party, kill-joy Jonathan began to call: “You want to be a modern, charismatic Christian assembly, but you use the same middle age methods, such as selling of indulgences and veneration of saints. In God there is no respect of persons. Through the blood of the Saviour we can always come to him. Don’t you know that the eternal high priest Jesus, through his unique sacrifice, is the only mediator between the Heavenly Father and men?” This unusual invocation of the saints was more effective. Some conscientious sceptics rebelled, uprose, and congratulated well-known Fischer. “Anyone who follows this minister of propaganda and hypocritical demagogue commits the sin against the Holy Ghost and will be excommunicated,” Hansel Devilkin proclaimed, “everyone who gives me the name of an apostate rises a level higher in the prosperity spirit hierarchy.” The prophetic quadruplets who understood no German and little English communicated their negative impressions to Taylor in Mandarin. Showcasing his far Eastern language skills, the friendly smiling snake Elymas joined the attractive women and fabricated the worst concoction of lies about Jonathan. To be of no avail, he verbally assaulted Fischer: “Yesterday was just a taste. Tonight, real horror will befall you. Each and every angel that is available to me will be released on you.” “Darkness and light have nothing in common. Jesus Christ has defeated the devil on the cross, he stripped him and has disarmed all his powers and authorities in a public procession. You will understand that sooner or later, because every mouth will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and every knee will bow before him,” Jonathan felt how well it works to use the word of God as a sharp two-edged sword. Sanctimonious chief shepherd Elymas certainly could not bear the quotes and fled back to Devilkin.

As next getaway destination Andrew Taylor chose the Zion mountain. Once more striding the Kidron Valley he declared: “Have you know, that Jesus had virtually nothing except his precious garment? The Upper Room for the Last Supper was let free of charge, the ass’s colt was borrowed, the anointing oil was bestowed, and even his grave belonged to another.” More wearying banker Fischer flashed through his mind: “Check! Jesus even had no purse oneself, for Judas had charge of the money, Peter paid the temple tax with the coin out of the fish’s mouth, and the tax coin to pay Caesar was brought and shown to him by his pretenders.” The group of six visited the traditional Upper Room on the high plateau which is called the City of David. The place of the Last Supper is regarded by scholars also as the starting point of Pentecost. It is speculated that the sect of the Essenes, a predecessor order of monks, provided the prayer room, where the outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place. “These walls have been erected later. In many holy locations were monuments built later to remind believers of places and events. People like relics inventing Helena, or Christ monogram annexing Constantine, or the Holy Grail seeking crusaders, preferred to worship idolised objects instead of the invisible creator, who gave them through Moses the second commandment not to do it,” lecturer Andrew led the group down to the Orthodox Jews, who still guarded David’s tomb, and continued to whisper, “even in the Pentecostal sermon Peter mentioned, that the grave of David was present among them up to that day. But even if his bones come back to life, I think it is wiser to let the dead bury the dead.” This wisdom made Jonathan wonder. Now the alarmed spelunker preferred to relax in the hotel, instead of visiting a from king Hezekiah rock-hewn tunnel under the Temple Mount. Hence he recommended: “Take care that not another uprising breaks out, or that you will be incarcerated, or that the oil ceases in your lamps.”

At dinner, the five men and two women were sitting together in harmony. Waiter Philip served barley bread in baskets, whereby brother Andrew had to wait a little for his beloved Peter’s fish. When all had eaten their fill, Andrew and the prophetesses hurried in the Jerusalem Convention Center. “Whereto? You have left plenty,” asked Elisabeth. “We have been selected from 5000 competitors and have to scoot, otherwise we come too late to the game of 12,” they spoke and were no longer seen. “Jonathan, they should give us more details. Do you know what game they play?” the curious wanted to know. “I have no idea, I swore off gambling and tournament chess. Do you come with me to the AVIS car rental in the King David Street? Then we can make a detour to Givat Ram,” the cosy dining adventurer had anyway no desire for frantic chases.

Learned by experience, Jonathan rented this time a Mitsubishi Pajero Off Roader. Showing his skill, he reversed in a single maneuver in a free parking space in front of the International Convention Center in Givat Ram: “See? Men are better in driving a car.” “Say no more! You crash chauffeur know exactly that women make less accidents,” acknowledged Schätzle and continued, “Jonathan, an odd thought struck me, what do we do if Devilkin and Wicked-Oz are in the hall?” This put the fear of God into Fischer: “You might have also the gift of prophecy. Wicked-Oz doomed me for this night.” Perfectly matching the motto of the from the ICEJ – International Christian Embassy Jerusalem organised event was: ‘Biblical prophecy, the way without fear into the coming millennium.’

Anyway, the meeting place was fully occupied. So the ushers at the entrance could grant no entry. “That is really too bad. Then we have to ask Taylor and the Chinese women later in the hotel how it was,” Jonathan showed disappointment. Elisabeth added: “Such a fate, that’s not the way it should be.” “Hey, wait a minute. You two sweeties, can you help me?” one of the organizers, an overweight, white South African, licking an ice cream, approached the cloakroom, “I need twelve wobbly chairs from back here. Come and reach out.” In a breath, the carrier-slaves were temporarily off-stage. Humorous, binge-eating Ed asked Elisabeth as he panted: “Are you married?” “No,” replied Schätzle. “Why not?” “I don’t know.” “Didn’t he pop the question?” “No” “Won’t you marry her, man oh man?” “Might as well. Probably I run after another,” Fischer participated in the get paired off game, taking a seat. “OK then. Take good care,” leading through the program Ed Hagee became more serious, “as soon as the song is over and the dancers with their flags leave the stage, you put up the chairs in the middle of the platform. Just like in the child’s play musical chairs.” No sooner said than done! Jonathan’s journey to Jerusalem got more excited. The game of twelve could start after an introductory explanation by pastor Hagee. The first who lost his place after the fade-out of music – how could it be otherwise – was poor Devilkin, clearly irritated through the appearance of assistant Schätzle. In a process before, all of the twelve partaking prophets were selected by the Christian Embassy to inform a broad public about their dreams and visions. Hansel Devilkin augured: “The spirit of humanism showed me how the coming millennium will bring an unprecedented peace among the nations. Peoples and rival tribes will come to an agreement. Wars are stopped and diseases will be defeated successfully. Prosperity will be introduced for all. This is possible by the fact that all men and religions are united under a messianic leader in the Global Democratic Republic. Every fellow traveller who submits and does not talk negatively will share in the future blessings. On the contrary, intolerant narrow minded enemies of the order must be eradicated.”

“A likely fairy story,” was the ridicule of the next withdrawing chair dancer Horst Schaftseweg, who long since had abandoned the hope of a better world on earth. Spreading a bad mood, he shouted wildly gesticulating: “Thus saith the Lord: The judgment of God will break out over all selfish, dominant leaders. Woe to the shepherds that destroy and kill the sheep of my pasture. You have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them. Behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings. Woe to the shepherds who feet themselves. You enjoy the milk, meat and bones hang between your teeth, but you don’t take care of the flock. You have not strengthened the weak, healed the sick, bound up the injured, brought back the strays, and not searched for the lost. But you have ruled them harshly and brutally. I will put an end to you and I will rescue my sheep from your mouth so that they are no longer food for you.”

The command to Joel’s last battle devised the Maltese crash pilot Rick Knight in the following way: “I received a call of God on my cellphone. He communicated that a new revolutionary generation of maximum one-third false predictions giving prophets is arising. The humblest ones will have more knowledge and authority as Paul, whose familiar spirit appeared to me in a heavenly vision. Those super apostles will serve in front of millions on television to direct the new folk of fire people as locusts who will occupy the whole globe. A better, self-denying army of humility will save the world on horseback. Signs and wonders will happen in abundance so that the heathen will convert willingly.”

‘The Power’ Taylor targeted God’s purpose more precise and first hit the bullseye: “I heard a voice from heaven, saying, blessed are the dead in the Lord who died, who are dying, and who will be dying. They will find rest from their labours and tribulation, for their good works will follow them. Do not be grieved if you are innocently thrown into jail or if they will kill you for my sake and out of hatred. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you. Endure to the end. If someone goes into captivity, he will be let into captivity. He who will be killed by the sword must be killed with the sword. There will be only a short time until the blood of those will be avenged, who were slaughtered because of the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus.”

Next, each of the four Chinese women had to say goodbye to the tournament. They were simultaneously translated from the supporter of persecuted Christians, brother Andrew.

Deborah said: “In my dream I was flying over a black country of slaves which was located at a big river. The rulers created their own gods in the form of bulls and lion-cats, whereby the sky further darkened. Then a gigantic, rising to heaven, thirteen-stepped grave was masoned. Inside was adored one’s own huge coffin with the ruling spirits sun, moon, and stars. All stormy clouds gathered so that fire fell from heaven and devoured everything.”

Hanna spoke: “In my vision I saw a big city surrounded by thick walls. Rich merchants from all over the world came for business. The more riches were heaped up through trading, the more grew a ziggurat which was inhabited by a fornicating queen of heaven. Rising to the clouds, the tower began to totter and to tumble down. Still, more and more coins were transferred through the gates of the city, so that anew a collapsing commercial building was built which destroyed the whole town.”

Miriam discoursed: “Meditating, I saw a mounting marble temple with four pillars. The pillars bore the name philosophy, science, history, and literature. Naked statues were transported over a bridge, which showed the beauty of man. The stone figures multiplied constantly. Life was animated by making them to gods and by competing each other at a match place. When the spectators reverently fall on their knees and began to cheer with excitement, everything crumbled into dust.”

Judith quethed: “I dreamed of a re-erected building which was entirely inhabited by demons. The appearance of the rooms was similar to a pyramid, to a ziggurat, and to a columned temple. On a red shield at the entrance gate was written in Latin World Court. Declaring oneself as God, a blind female judge with laurel wreath and sword held two iron bowls in her hands on which law-organization-art-culture-bread-and-games balanced each other. In the course of time, the whole clay fabric coincided.”

In the thrilling finale of the four remaining men, it first put James ungently on the pants: “I saw a church that was dominated by a nasty witch. Some protesting visitors realized this, so they were rudely swept out with a broom. Everyone else turned more and more into the image of the swayer. They got pimples on the face, an aquiline nose, and they wickedly tormented others. When the church bells rang again, all suddenly realized that they were stark naked. In their shame they toppled the exposed witch from her throne, so that they regained clothes.”

John had this revelation: “I also looked at a religious meeting. A large crush of people fell down outdoors in front of a huge stone, which was fascinating to look at. The body glared in the light of the moon like gold, but in reality it was an ugly, hairy, blood-stained monster that devoured one after the other. This became obvious as a bright shining morningstar rose over the demon worshippers at the horizon. Disgusted, the upper hand winning believers overthrew the monstrosity from the base and divided it into a thousand pieces.”

Simon grasped this upcoming vision: “I met a sorcerer who was wrapped in a luminous star dress in the Congress Centre. I asked him what he is effectuating with the rotating globe in his hand. The black glasses wearing white druid explained that he is bewitching the hypnotized onlookers, so that they follow after the goat will and the law of the strongest. He aimed to manipulate the human race so that the enslaved terrestrials worship him and the spiritual world of the stars. Revealing his craving, the foll was stripped of his sky coat, was chained, and was imprisoned.”

Now Elymas Wicked Oz appeared on the scene and prophesied about the coming millennium: “When I stopped in front of Solomon’s Western Wall, I went into an ecstasy. The spirit lifted me up into the throne room of God. With great astonishment I found out that the judgment seat of the great architect of the universe is empty, for he comes to us on earth in the new millennium. So I stretched out my wings as a phoenix to raise myself above heaven. Instead of the sun I met Venus and the Eastern Star. They lifted me up in a higher universe called Atlantis. There the new prosperity age began which will unite heaven and earth, man and woman, positive and negative.”

Many of the spectators hoped thereby to have won the jackpot in the state lottery. With raging applause, they confirmed the recent profit forecast. Organizer Ed Hagee looked questioningly at his teammate Andrew Taylor: “Oh dear, wasn’t that the pattern from Isaiah 14?” “Bingo, paired with Ezekiel 28,” knew the missionary coming from the Far East. “May I ask some critical questions to Mr Wicked-Oz?” requested Jonathan, who got support from brother Andrew. “Here, please take my wireless microphone,” Hagee endorsed him.

Jonathan Fischer took the center stage. Confident of victory, Elymas Wicked-Oz remained, sitting on the last chair. Jonathan sensed that now his or Elymas’ hour had come. Without knowing exactly what he wanted to ask, he lifted his voice: “Mr Wicked-Oz, we became friends time ago, and as some in the audience can testify, I was one of the first who explained to you the living faith in Jesus Christ, the son of God who came in the flesh. Now, I’d be interested in knowing, who are your current role models and who do you consider as the most important prophet?” “As you can look up in my writings outside at the book table, I strongly represent the teachings of the highly-valued Christian pastor from New York, Norman Vincent Peale. In this context, I just recommend you, my friend, to think positively and not in turn, to point with the finger at your brothers, in speaking negatively. The most powerful healer and Jesus-prophet of the 20th century was the general of God, William Branham, whose angels and miraculous powers were transferred to me. Therefore, I amicably warn you not to tangle with higher graded persons. The most admirable soothsaying writer and philosopher comes from the 19th century. For there is no one greater in my view than Albert Pike. Sepulchered in Washington DC, the teacher of morals and dogma is still worshipped to this day. Whoever talks bad about this highly respected man doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned.” “Thank you for this honest answer. After it became publicly known from a self written letter that Mr Peale was a high level freemason in the 33rd degree, once William Branham was buried under a pyramid sepulchral stone, and particularly since Albert Pike wrote that Lucifer is God and that the masonic religion should be maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine, I would like to know now: Are you a leading member in a secret society? Do you believe in the power of the morningstar? Are you secretly worshipping the devil?” Jonathan launched a successful attack. “There we have it! Instead of listening to my warnings, this uneducated bumpkin takes another potshot at me. Who gives you the assignment and the authority to do this repeatedly? I certainly do not need to respond to his outrageous lies and misrepresentations. Please excuse me, ladies and gentlemen,” Elymas revolted. At a slapping pace he tried to leave the podium through the stage door. “The Lord will smite you with blindness for a time,” Jonathan spontaneously called out. The four Chinese prophetesses suddenly seized the helpless straying invalid on his hands and feet. Ongoing, they dragged him back down to the platform and bottled him prone up. “Betrayal, I can see nothing, Devilkin help me,” screamed the irritated bound one. Jonathan had fun to pull down foaming Wicked-Oz’s pants from behind. Repeating the same game with the briefs, he deigned a look on the bare backside cheeks. Great laughter broke out. The tattoo of the owl of Minerva surfaced.

All of a sudden, Hassan and Abdullah treated the boards. Unexpectedly they brought back the skull. They claimed that the restless spirit of a Katharina would have repeatedly spoken out of the head. Again and again they listened to a voice who told that Elymas Wicked-Oz would have drowned Miss Hutter. By way of proof, a piece of his skin would be between her incisors. Observing everything from the background, Elisabeth impeached: “This Devilkin is also guilty. I watched narrowly how he drank blood from the skull.” Hansel was not amused at all and defended himself: “In the sinister underworld I thought the skull was made out of plastic, since this is common-place in our ceremonies. As a good Catholic, I also thought the blood would be wine. I have no truck with the witch-burning in the furnace of California. At this time and no other, I was a guest in the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith in Rome, meeting William Joseph Levada, who was born in Long Beach.” Based on dentition, the remains of Katharina Hutter could be identified beyond doubt. More buzz generated elsewhere in the world and in the Belgian royal family a French-speaking Dutroux video, that was abducted from the castle by an abused eight-year old child. On the film document with 27 dead witnesses, the devilish action of death from drowning and burning of the Hutterites unequivocally was visible at the West Coast, which often was hit by forest fires. After becoming aware of this evidence, Elymas in custody tried to kill oneself with poison, using his black-gold ring. Blessing in disguise was that hailed white angels immediately pumped the stomach. Because of numerous other crimes Israel transferred him to the United States, where he must still stay for a thousand years in a right stately, constitutional prison camp. The scandal of the skull created a stir up to the New World. Numerous black magic, white camouflaged columned halls, where secret meetings were held, were searched and other ritual sacrifice skeletons seized. For simplicity, these homicides were also blamed on the unique tortfeasor and main responsible person, the highest of all wizards and warlocks, Elymas Wicked-Oz.

After a hearty breakfast, the Germans bid farewell to the Chinese mission delegation. Leaving the religious struggles behind, Jonathan and Elisabeth were glad to depart from the city of peace with their rental car. “Jonathan, I think over there we must turn right. We could go to Qumran, Masada and Ein Gedi. These important places are located right on the road to Eilat,” Elisabeth suggested. “After 1000 descending metres I prefer to drive straight left. Because in the valley we can wade through the Jordan, where I can baptise you as John did, or we immerse in the ancient ruins of the Essene. Elsewhere we can find a mikveh made for the ritual purification, i.e. in a zealots fortress after your cycle. If you’re not pleased with that, we bathe in the sea salt, mud, or at a beautiful waterfall, right dear Schätzle,” teased the incomprehension attracting crush boy. Instead, the team came across the gates of Jericho, the oldest city in the world. “Guess what Jonathan, this freshwater oasis is called the green city of palm trees,” Elisabeth noted, “according to the guide book it is famous for its hot climate.” “Jericho is known to me through the heavy curse of Joshua, but look at this modern Sodom and Gomorrah,” Jonathan was indignant and continued, “over there is a bawdy house behind the Austrian Oasis Casino, all forbidden in Islam. The open rubbish at the refugee camps there on the street would Vera Diao also ban. Don’t they have development aid volunteers?” On the other hand and side they had a Saudi Arabian petrol station. Jonathan funnelled the car with fuel and Elisabeth with a completely clever map. “Look at that, Israel lacks. Everything is Palestine,” he noted. “The foul name was invented from the Roman emperor Hadrian to annoy the Jews with their extinct enemies, the Philistines. Palestinian people never existed before as a nation. Now the goody-goody founder is a former Egyptian scarf terrorist who is revered everywhere as on the big picture there above,” Elisabeth thought to have noticed in her history lessons. The benevolent pump attendant suddenly looked daggers at them and drew a knife. Straight off the holidaymakers took flight to the south. “Dear Elisabeth, for sure you know from the word of God that our own words will judge us. You yourself have asserted that the brothers understand more German and less fun than we think. Now a whole pack of PLO militants are on our tail.” Shots banged from behind out of the first of three chasing ‘star in the circle’ limousines, which even were constructed in Jonathan’s home town. “Now I’ll die with you again and there is no end in sight. But this time I shoulder the blame myself,” Elisabeth admitted. Jonathan accelerated and turned the SUV into a desert path. Not really murder greedy, the pursuers were appeased and disappeared in the direction of Transjordan. Foreign currency converting tourists actually don’t have to worry to much about their health in the “land for peace” sweep of country which is hallmarked by intifada and armed resistance.

Ultimately I will see my Phoebe again, Jonathan flirted clandestinely in his mind. “I’m dying with hunger. Over there are big hotels. Let’s make a break at Ein Bokek to have lunch,” Elisabeth desired. At the deepest point of the earth impatient Fischer parked the Japanese tin on the scorching layby of the Hotel Hod. Jonathan cooled down in the air-conditioned restaurant, taking place at a large table. He thought, “sure enough, the fruit of the spirit is patience and with God are 1000 years like a day, but especially fast-food restaurants and open buffets are more advantageous.” Anyhow, who was there at the salad bar to take out of each bowl something of the rich offer of nature? The journalist who brings what others leave. Ludwig Schneider had filled the plates for himself and his wife Barbara. “If I had known what frightening experiences Israel offers I might have rather wandered 40 years in the safe dessert like Moses and would have not obeyed your call from Stuttgart,” Jonathan tried to start a conversation. “Be courageous and strong and fear not on all 365 and a quarter days of the annus, brother. Fine that you meditate about the book of the law and that you have visited my discourse about the cup of trembling for all nations,” diagnosed Ludwig Schneider who sat down, nipped at a glass of of Eden mineral water, and as usual invited for a cup of coffee in his office. Elisabeth Schätzle found in Barbara Schneider, who organized courses of treatment at the Dead Sea, a competent partner and inquired about the various possibilities of recreation. At the end of the meal she demanded: “Jonathan I stay here until evening. You have promised that we bathe together.” Teeth-gnashingly Fischer had to agree and bitterly regretted his hijinks. The best man had read that a man is only worth as much as his word. Suntanned Schätzle amorously loved it to change her pale companion with moor mud in a blackamoor for a funny shot. In return, Jonathan wanted to get an additional picture of himself, as he lies in the unsinkable Dead Sea and reads the Israel today news article about the sunken false prophet Elymas. Woefully a splash of the very salty, mineral-rich water inflamed his left visual organ, so that he was desperate to get the speck out of his eye and wished for the healing salve from Laodicea.

Jonathan’s good mood returned at nightfall when he reached Eilat and headed on the road to the Shelter Hostel. In the hostel Fischer hoped to finally see Leontopoulou. First, there was a joyful reunion in the parking lot with another friend and his six-member family. “Man! Jonathan, to meet you again after such a long time is a real surprise. Won’t you introduce to me your better half?” his old friend and schoolmate Walter Stein questioned. “I’d love to! This is my beloved department chief at work, Elisabeth Schätzle who follows me to the end of the world. Not to get you in wrong thinking, we are not engaged or married,” Jonathan stressed. “My true happiness and pure joy is my family which Abba – our loving Father – has given me. This is my Swedish wife and queen Silvia with our good children Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid. “To have a harmonious marriage is much more important than to have success in business,” relativised Einstein, the physics genius. “Come off it! Tell me, why did you came here?” Jonathan wanted to know. “We just came back from the waterfront, where we have distributed Gospel brochures with Jakob Damkani and the international team. Because of the children we have returned sooner,” reported Walter, the cavalier who relieved Elisabeth from her suitcase to carry it to the reception. There the long-distance travellers learned that the rooms of the Christian guesthouse were fully booked. Only a place at the terrace was free to sleep on ground pads. “Jonathan then we doss down together outside on the floor, as in the good old times, using sleeping bags,” gentleman Stein planned, “then Elisabeth can take inside my bed.” Of course, Schätzle had no objections. Readily she befriended with the Stockholm foreign languages correspondent Silvia, who massaged her tense back in the lobby and wanted to be informed about the treatment methods of the Dead Sea spa hotel.

Moving Fischer and resting Einstein were talking relatively much, until the first rays of light appeared in the morning hours, so that space and time were immaterial. A temporary interruption of their conversations caused the return of the international group with Phoebe and Christoph at the top, who had formed a leaflet issuing team of two. In addition, Jonathan rejoiced to get acquainted with the sympathetic Jacob Damkani, who was accompanied by an old known pastor friend. Ulf Gouderner had invited Jacob to preach in his Swedish brethren fellowship. Thus, the Christ-alliance of family Stein and other church members travelled to the summer campaign in Israel. “What a coincidence in a small world,” Jonathan remarked. “When I look at your life, dear friend, then I think not so much of coincidences” stated Gouderner and Einstein added, “you know, Jonathan, we feel that it is time to publish your life story free of charge on the Internet. Do you agree?” “Sure thing! Ulf has already attained the rights of my story with the help of your informations. But first he has to repeat the promised question-response trick with my future wife,” expected the single, yearning for his wedding. “This is not so difficult. Inspecting the many pretty women here, I soon find out your future and secretly interview her,” Ulf felt certain.

Jonathan yawned loudly and long in the morning, as he was tickled awake on his nose from Björn and Benny with a feather.

After a modest breakfast a local guide joined the tour party. Aviel Schneider explained all important details of the dangerous desert hike. The 30-strong group travelled by coach to a hill in the west of Eilat from where the ramble into one of the barren canyons started. Jonathan listened carefully to the remarks about the incorruptible acacia tree which was used for the making of the Ark of the Covenant. The roots of the observed specimen must have taken deep into the soil. Due to the drought environment the wood was predestined to be preserved thousands of years. Creepy emotions arose in one of the cool caves which was filled with animal bones. Perhaps faithful David was hiding inside from mad king Saul, anyway nowadays one ore the other sleeping beast visibly left its dung inside. More pleasant was the launch break with a special prepared food. Jonathan and the other desert camp participants baked flat bread in a bonfire. A pause of reflection followed the meal. Aviel illustrated that Horeb, the mountain of God, could be located in the surrounding area. Those who wanted were allowed to climb for a time on one of the hills to listen in the silence to the voice of God. Jacob warned not too go to far and not out of sight from the camp, because the Sinai Peninsula with the Egyptian border was in the immediate vicinity. Endurance runner Jonathan chose the highest peak, to impress Phoebe, Christoph and Elisabeth, who couldn’t stand his pace. Once at the top, a breathtaking panorama of the desert landscape opened up. Jonathan recollected the place in the Bible where Moses got shown the promised land. Then he was mindful of the night event in Phoenix, where he briefly saw his future wife in the spirit.

What was that? Instead of the voice of God Jonathan could hear the weeping and sobbing of a lady. Was it Phoebe or Elisabeth? Only too willingly Jonathan would have liked to put his protective arms around the heartrending female creature. Regrettably, he could see no one and nothing. The wail came unfortunately from the other side of the rubble wall. Should he jump over Jacob’s restraint? Ah shucks! You have to trust God more than men, the disobedient thought, immediately regretting his decision. In a false posture he abandoned his viewpoint, sliding down the slope on his bum about a hundred metres. At least he could use his feet as a brake. But as usual, his hip again began to ache. “Flip! What should I do now?” wondered the solo hiker. In some distance an army jeep with a border patrol approached. First he wanted to attract attention, but then he wondered how the Egyptians would treat him. He even had not his temporary passport with him. Thus, he preferred to hide behind a big rock. In such situations you learn to talk with God. In this way Jonathan found peace for the soul. Inexplicably he got the supernatural assurance to meet again and marry the sobbing woman. Yes baby, and we will have three kids as Bryan Tate boldly claimed in Hellfire Valley. But first he went through hell, as if burning in hell, because of the breeding heat. He couldn’t climb back to the hill top since he was handicapped in walking and also the loose stones made it very difficult. The only remaining alternative was the far easier descent into the valley. Jonathan managed to travel five kilometres to nowhere. My foot! To wander in the dessert is truly not more safe. He deeply repented that he did not surrender into Egyptian captivity. Better to be a slave than to have no water. How was again the story of Hagar and Ishmael? Are you the God who is looking after me? Unfortunately I am not a camel and not a wild ass. Jonathan raised his voice, “help, I dry off.”

Using the last of his strength the hero did bend forward a bend on his path. Oh, how he panteth for Mey Eden Water when in a Fata Morgana grazing sheep, bleating goats and single-humped dromedaries emerged. Wow, super, such a life with God is exciting and rich in variety. He had reached a small Bedouin settlement. Enjoying the hospitality of the nomadic people he drank a Morocco mint tea, inhaled at an oriental shisha, and he tasted sweet dates. The rescuers didn’t understand him, and he couldn’t interpret their dialect. Still, the international language of love is cross-frontier clearly understandable. A doss in the shadow of the tents offered the opportunity to recover and to forget the pinch at his side. The next day Jonathan woke up from the rotating helicopter blades and the loud booming engine. His Jewish friends had done everything to find him, and to save from dying of thirst. Aviel Schneider, who first discovered the Jonathan dessert camp, had organised a German shepherd to successfully track the lost one by his Schiesser underwear from the luggage. The Tsahal army (Israel Defense Forces IDF) also participated in the salvage operation. To give Jonathan a piggyback ride, he was pulled up on a winch to marvel at the carefully targeted landing in the Eilat airport. The whole maneuver reminded him of the world champion in accuracy jumps, Klaus Renz, a former classmate who offered his friends tandem skydiving. Only that this time the billing for the low-level flight pleasure was much higher.

After a thorough medical examination from an army doctor, the German patient was allowed to return to his civilised thousand stars hotel. The team around Jacob Damkani had started a special time of prayer and fasting for Jonathan after the recommendation of Ulf Gouderner. But where was now his mothering and nursing Phoebe? From experience her new friend Elisabeth had assured that Jonathan has seven or nine lives like a cat. Therefore she went ahead together with Phoebe and Christoph to the scheduled snorkelling in the Red Sea. The 1200-meter-long coral reef with the emerald green and deep blue water offered the most beautiful biodiversity of yellow and Red shimmering tropical fish one can imagine. Reaching the sandy beach, Jonathan received the breathtaking bikini view of Phoebe. Eventually and long hoped for, she fell round his neck and kissed his blushed cheeks. “Beloved, I hope you’re not sore. As veritable epicures we already relished our faces in the sun. This is simply my life philosophy,” was the excusing greeting of the black locked replica of Venus. “Hey, you hero, tell us what happened exactly,” Christoph was curious, spreading out in the middle. The other attractive deckchair model Elisabeth adjudged: “At least you didn’t scare the heck out of me this time with your sleep by adventures.” While Leontopoulou put on some lotion on Fischer’s spinal, the connoisseur told about his escapades and asked at the end: “Tell me Phoebe, did you wail on the prayer mountain when I got lost?” “You have no idea how much I was worried. We looked everywhere for you, until it was getting dark and we had to go home.” That activated the greatest satisfaction in Jonathan. Particularly in view of the fact that the suspected rival Ziegler began to court with Schätzle in teaching her how to crawl. From this moment, the two flirtatious couples were inseparable.

Before dinner, Jonathan received a stern rebuke from Jacob Damkani in a well-meant public address. A disciple of Jesus would always do what his Lord says and bows to discipline as a good soldier. He stressed that all participants were in a battle and not in the honeymoon. Such being the case he would appreciate when the singles are not wandering around in holding hands. Hereafter, Ulf Gouderner supplied his soft sleeping place for maltreated Jonathan, laid his oiled fingers gently on his injured loin, and prayed for him: “Heavenly Father, I ask you to heal Jonathan’s hip through the power of the Holy Spirit so that he can carry out his assignment. Also I command in the name of Jesus, that he is reasonable and in all and everything seeks the Kingdom of God first.” Jonathan thanked: “Praise the Lord, this diabolical pain is blown away. I promise you that I save up philandering until the end of the trip.” “That’s a good thing. I have the impression that you can only know your wife on the return journey in the plane,” Gouderner sensed. This prophecy perfectly matched to the flight attendant Phoebe, the peacefully falling asleep heart-breaker hoped.

The following day, the teammates of ‘Trumpet of Salvation to Israel’ travelled back to the mission headquarters in Jaffa. At the breakfast Jonathan announced to give back his rental car in Jerusalem. That is why the medical patient wanted to repeat his mud-slinging tour at Ein Bokek with the be taken with attractive Phoebe, and beyond that, to crest the peak of the fortress of zealots in Masada with the gondola. That was the final straw. A bitter quarrel about moral standards arose with the attentive, stick-in-the-mud Ulf. Standing up, good Jacob restored peace in returning the car himself at the Shalom Plaza in Eilat. Thus, the United Nations group could drive back with the coach across Beersheba. Jonathan sat next to the somehow disgruntled Phoebe who had expected more assertiveness of her future. On the other hand a long discussion with Walter Stein started about the experiences in the physics intensified course. Einstein held lectures on his new speciality electrostatics and magnetostatics. When he realized that this was much too boring for the negatively charged Phoebe, he picked her brains in involving her positively in the conversation about old school grades and former teachers. “Now I get it. I know the trick. Pumuckel Einstein will not fox me again,” Jonathan interrupted. “What do you mean?” Phoebe wondered and got from Walter the answer: “We won’t reveal everything now because it will be a special surprise at Jonathan’s wedding.”

On the back seat of the bus, was held a similar session of a “You bet!” answer game directed by Ulf and his secretary Angela Berit. Elisabeth and Christoph, who clamped a questionnaire about their childhood in the hands, were rolling in the aisles.

Leaving another military exercise of the Israeli fire forces behind in the Negev desert, a stop-over was made at its northern edge. At an equal elevation as Jerusalem from about 800 meters, Mitzpe Ramon offered an awesome view on the natural spectacle of the eponymous erosion crater, which Jonathan reminded of the Grand Canyon. Thinking of his outdoor adventures with Brian and Sharon Tate, the tourist asked himself if the Canaan ranch of Abraham and Sarah look the same. A piece of heaven on earth also desired Israel’s Zionist founding father David Ben-Gurion. He found his final resting place in the neighbouring Kibbutz Sde Boker, where he also spent his sunset years in the promised land. The next sedate rest promised the peace yearning town of Sderot. Jonathan hardly believed his eyes when he bought a pretzel at the boulevard and thereby met the Sillenbuch master confectioner Iris Veit. The god-fearing volunteer taught her Israeli colleagues and provided on the Gaza Strip, where many people are worried about their lives, rocket high turnovers.

Driving north, along the Mediterranean Sea, the vehicle reached the place of destination, one of the oldest ports of the world. Erstwhile inhabited by Canaanites and then conquered by Egyptians, Jaffa is mentioned several times in the old scriptures. The place served for Solomon in shipping the Cedars from the Lebanon, for Jonah to flee to Tarshish, and for Peter as a starting point in his mission to the Gentiles.

In the centre of Jaffa at the single-family house was a reunion with busy German Elisabeth (Elisheva) who had already prepared the dinner. Most of the collective composed of Germans, Austrians, Swiss, Swedes and Scots spent the night outdoors. The large roofed veranda offered an encampment of mattresses with additional sanitary facilities for women. Jonathan and Christoph sought shelter on the ground. On safety grounds they attached their mosquito nets at the above table tops. Thereupon sleeping Schätzle got this time a softer rubber base on her table altar and with Phoebe another chaperone as neighbour.

As soon as day broke, the location was converted for breakfast. Each participant lent a helping hand. After washing dishes the German and English speaking musical society practised Modern Hebrew songs which were harmoniously accompanied on the guitar by Elisheva. Jacob preached in English about the fruits of the spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control would be characteristics against which no judge in the world can bring in a verdict. Being translated by the blond, pretty, second Elisabeth the street evangelist motivated in broken German: “The Lord shall give you much love and power in the Holy Spirit.” Again, teams of two were formed with plenty literature in their bags. After an half-hour walk they arrived in Tel Aviv. At a flight of stairs the European Community sang a partly practised penitential psalm. Jacob Damkani explained in Ivrit in front of a gathered crowd that his friends from different nations had come to Israel because they love the Jews and they want to bless them. Thereupon Jonathan and Phoebe started to distribute for free his autobiography “Lama davka ani?” – “Why Me?” to the bystanders. An ultra-orthodox self-appointed God-warrior freaked out in beating Jonathan round the head with the hated reading. Thus, Jonathan brought back memories of his trip to Albania. He understood thoroughly that this time the nun Hanna couldn’t assist him as a family help. But maybe the abstinent Catholic nun rejoiced now in whooping him on the golden streets in heaven. However, when even the books regifting Stein-children were ruthless attacked from the hailed by mobile phone Yad Le’Achim religious goon squad all crooners of the Eurovision Song Contest had to take to one’s heals. Fischer took Leontopoulou by the hand, fleeing on the convergent Roman cobble stones from the Iranian-oppositional, raging out bodyguards. Just like later his surnamesake Joschhka, the street fighter, marathon runner, and honorary doctor who tried to bring peace to the Middle East in his Mohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Council on Foreign Relations. “With you I can run from Tel Aviv to Haifa. For a model you have an extremely good physical condition Phoebe. Where does this come from?” asked the Jogger who admired his training partner. “Three guesses, you uncertificated Foreign Minister Fischer must yet know which nation invented the Olympic Games,” teased him the Greek little hump nose, “but seriously, with you in tow I’m gaining more strength than in my revolutionary Frankfurt gym.” Both had defected successfully in hiding at the Carmel Market. Narrowly embraced they strolled through the pedestrian area. Jonathan was reminded of a promise: “Phoebe, if it is up to me I would wed you on the spot. But I promised pastor Ulf to wait until the end of the leisure time before coming in close contact with my dream girl.” “First, I am not an easy lay like other women, and secondly this Swedish moral guardian spoils my good mood, and thirdly he will never marry me of to you,” the separating one got annoyed. Having arrived at a crowded textiles booth, the dream couple made a purchase out of frustration. Phoebe afforded pleasure with a tight-fitting white Levis jeans and Jonathan bought a snappy green Lacoste polo shirt. The neat seller asserted approvingly that his bargain are only original goods, whilst the first hand wash brought a bleached result to the light. “This is it! We simply try at a classy business zone whether we powersellers are able to launch more free shipping books there, right Jonathan,” achieving an initial marketing success, Fischer was prompted from the Amazon.come! The first lonely fish floundered in the net. Affected straight into his heart, a Russian-born Jewish man promised not only to read the pocketbook, but also invited the tourists in an art of living bar for an aperitif. Inside, Jonathan had to look at the black side, and Phoebe got homesick, meanwhile she was touched at her thighs from the bidding, melancholiac, hypochondriac emigrant love seeker who anyway forgot his shekels.

The zest for life returned to the fleeing, stultified advertising strategists and unintentional bill-dodgers on the way home, as they watched another besotted couple. Dressed in bright red Coca-Cola T-Shirts those tried mostly in vain to rid oneself of the heavy books in their hand baggage. “Why should Elisabeth and Christoph be on easy street compared with us?” Jonathan asked and Phoebe attested: “It might well be that Christoph is more courageous as you in standing his ground instead of running away from every problem.” This comment was like a slap in the face. The matchmaker was hurt in his feelings and in the end of his tether. He remained silent.

“Hi there! Why are you looking so sad Jonathan? Take a squizz at all the beautiful things that Christoph has given me,” urged approaching Schätzle. Apart from a golden chain with the Star of David, she also wore a new ring. “I’m happy for you,” Jonathan dishonestly witnessed, “I didn’t know what kind of self-assertive, attacking bachelor you are, Christoph.” “Rather! I already did overtrump you at our first chess game in Sindelfingen,” Ziegler boasted, “moreover I told you at the Stuttgart airport about my God given dream of a special gift that is waiting for me in Israel.” “What, you play chess? I was the girl champion of Württemberg,” interrupted Elisabeth, who had stuck a note in the wailing wall, asking for a smart man. “Phoebe are you fit in the Royal game?” interjecting Jonathan wanted to know. “Quite a bit. I have learned that queens have more power in their walk on the board than cover taking, castling kings. But I don’t understand the en passant rule and I got tired of the ‘one horse jumps on the other’ moves.”

Arriving in Jaffa, the chess virus completely infected the others. Ziegler borrowed a wooden board with pieces from Damkani and tried to show Schätzle who is the strongest. However, Elisabeth couldn’t be defeated and also Jacob was close of getting mated, until Elisheva saved him, starting with mealtime. Thereafter, Einstein got involved in the battle of the king with the queen, to also come off second best. That’s why simply an everyone against everyone tournament was launched in which sore Jonathan didn’t want to participate. His comment was that through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ the eternal, once for all victory over sin, disease, and death was accomplished. Therefore it is needless to search for a winner, since only the Lamb of God holds the keys of Hades.

To neighbour on an old graveyard for missionaries in Jaffa, the foreign guests stayed a week in the single-family house. Besides spiritual parts of worship, prayer, Bible study, and the spreading of the good news, many more pleasant recreational activities were provided. Phoebe enjoyed it to repeatedly walk with Jonathan to the nearby Gan HaPisga Summit Garden. There they appreciated the magnificent view of the Tel Aviv Bay and the picturesque idyll of the palm park. This offered the perfect spiritual surrounding for non erotic, platonic conversations. Whereas the pleasure strollers were slightly embarrassed to find on the mowed meadow strenuously snogging Schätzle.

In addition to this selected fields sport, Christoph Ziegler felt that one is in good hands in the water. Practising weight training from a young age, he had developed a remarkable broad torso. On the beach of Tel Aviv he liked to self-display his athletic chest and upper arm muscles, performing handstand acrobatics in front of all people. “Jonathan, don’t you want to paddle and to take some of these Schwarzenegger powder proteins?” asked the sunbathing Greek bodybuilding promoter. “No thanks, in contrast to Arnold I try to struggle successfully through life without vitamin B (relationships), also I chose the Kenyan runners as an athletic ideal,” countered the jealous rival in the shade. But then a sporting competition of different cast developed. Resistant Jacob Damkani challenged cocky Adonis Ziegler to a swimming marathon. Instead of returning to Jaffa on foot, the tireless late forties tried to checkmate the swashbuckling early twenties by sea. The old saw to never underestimate your counterpart again proved to be true. At first glance, passionate protesting Jonathan had to solve another problem with Phoebe and Elisabeth. The beautiful sisters were invited from two unknown, dashing fellows in their rowboat, to observe the happening from the Mediterranean. Fischer sensed that something doesn’t add up here. The instant confirmation became evident when the inflatable boat made leeway to the open sea. Full understanding showed the informed lifeguard on his elevated wooden seat, since his binoculars sent an alarm. The signal coloured bikini tops of Schätzle and Leontopoulou had just gone involuntarily overboard through the unclean hands of those circumcised boys. With the help of an outboard motor the common chase of bras and the rescue of semi-nude mermaids came to a quick end. Majestic spy Fischer felt in his counterfeit crocodile polo shirt like a king or as a fairy tale prince Charles. Two scantily clad ‘Diana fertility and hunting goddesses’ simultaneously flung their arms around his neck. Oh wow, in such a polygamous moment it would be worth to convert to Islam, the idolized doom prophet was considering, as he comfortingly wiped away the stream of tears from Phoebe’s cheeks. Docking in the ancient port of Jaffa, Elisabeth embraced her left far behind and lost Christoph, who likewise in the wide and wavy sea had to learn and get shown his limits.

The evening Shabbat celebration through wine and matzah brought to mind the Passover feast and remembered Jonathan of a more meaningful relief and sea crossing. For a long time to be inured to win, he chose to stand on the winning side of life. Figuratively speaking, he hoped for the Jewish people that they soon get removed the veil from their faces, as Rebecca did with her bridegroom Isaac – a picture of Yeshua. Or, similar to the eleven tribal princes, they should recognize in their distress, that their previously sold to strangers brother Joseph became the royal saviour, as a foreshadowing of Yeshua. Expected on Seder, the returning Elijah had already appeared as son of Zechariah and Elizabeth in Jonathan’s belief. Since John the Baptist was never silenced through beheading. Even on a silver platter he is still speaking up to this day: “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.”

The holiday time usually passes by much too quickly, but on the following park walk Jonathan wished to make his way home in the passenger compartment of an over-flying aircraft, where he wanted to give Phoebe a five-minute long French kiss. In the soon coming end, the attentive clever flight attendant really organised through her jet relationships a pleasant surprise. Less surprised Jonathan turned up when he discovered Christoph in the dark – at a hide and seek cuddle on a park bench: “Dearly beloved, did I ever render the love ballad of Maxima Gravid?” “Please, have regards on our feelings and don’t spread one of your Frankenstein horror stories,” Schätzle beseeched and Phoebe endorsed, “Yes exactly, Jonathan we have experienced enough sorrow on the sea waves.” “Oh, I see. You don’t want to listen to my warnings. I personally would like to have at least three children, and what about you?” Fischer drew the conversation in different waters. “In my life plan fits only one little nuisance. More we have to trash out,” Phoebe was sure. “I need to finish first my study of theology. Swallowing six pills of anabolic steroids every day, I don’t care too much about my fertility,” knew the pharmacist in the bodybuilder. “Christoph, then leave out one hormone pill for men. Anyway the number of mercy is five,” gifted Elisabeth worked out in the Bible five months ago. And in effect, the wedding bells would ring for all five minus one next year. From the actual park strollers even five plus one entered in the marriage covenant. Worldwide acting Jacob Damkani had not alone the vision with the mission work “Trumpet of Salvation to Israel” to proclaim the second coming of the bridegroom Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, but he himself was looking for a wife, walking in the cool of the day in the garden. Unmistakable, the evangelist discussed with the convinced blonde at his side, so that their common affection could not be hidden before the others. With the diligent trumpeting Elisabeth the Lord send a special blessing from Germany to Jacob. Their shared vision to build a bigger house of unity recently was fulfilled in the five-storey Hotel Gilgal in Tel Aviv.

Phoebe and Schätzle made fun in uncovering and tickling the feet of their undertenants to awake them. This present day it was indicated to leave the sparse terrace dormitory in direction of Galilee. Repeating the journey of Peter to centurion Cornelius, the tourists soon arrived with their coach in Caeserea. The Crusader ruins, the amphitheatre, and the aqueduct offered impressive lessons of antiquity. On the continuous way to Haifa, Einstein explained that in addition to living in captivity Roman citizen Paul, another famous, non-christian Jew witnessed about Jesus. For even the historian Josephus mentions the doer of wonderful works in his Testimonium Flavianium. By reading Werner Keller’s book “The Bible as History” it would have been much easier for him as a scientist to trust in the Word of God, due to the rich archaeological evidence. With the help of his computer, Walter Stein claimed to be able to prove mathematically the divine inspiration of the Bible. Ivan Panin would have calculated already one hundred years ago by hand, that the first verse of the Torah “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” is not only formed by seven words, equal to the 7 days of creation, but as well contents 28 other sevens mysteries, taking into account the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet with their numerical values. Unfortunately the world-shaking findings were rejected by the public with the absurd argument that other texts and languages do the same. “When I listen to you Walter I feel dizzy. Can we change the subject?” Phoebe asked. “OK then. We leave math and I give a geography and biology lesson,” the professor continued, “the Sharon Plain here is the most densely populated area in Israel. It is used for intensive agriculture to cultivate honey apples, citrus fruits, avocados, cotton, vegetables, and wine. The raised Sharon Fruit that is harvested from the genus of the kaki ebony trees, gave the name to the plain. The scientific name of the persimmon Dyospyros kaki means fruit of Zeus.” Bugged Leontopoulou blurted: “Now this historian makes our Olympic God to crap through the fire. Einstein, you’re out of senses. The great knowledge makes you lose the mind.” Frustrated Stein turned to the side where his whispering foreign-language-wife Silvia gave comfort and a kiss on the cheek. “We shouldn’t confuse genius with insanity,” Jonathan intervened, “Sweetheart, you are the most beautiful Rose of Sharon to me. A particularly pretty and little stubborn Sharon, who has now three children, met me in Phoenix for the first time. May I tell you of the converted witch?” The adored princess relished in Jonathan’s exciting experiences in his trip to the USA, thinking they were more informative. Brightly-painted fairy tales are often more beautiful than the grey everyday life.

The German settlement in Haifa bore witness of Protestants who waited for the apocalypse in the saver part of Northern Israel. Notably hard-bitten South German Templars built in the mid 19th century as living Mt-6-33-stones their homes. As weapons they didn’t carry knightly swords and shields, but charity and forgiveness. Not to lose all of his useful subjects who migrated in the promised land, King Wilhelm I of Württemberg announced holy Korntal as a gathering town for Bible believers. The pietists already got 1819 a tax privilege and were freed from military service and oaths. Another special attraction for expatriates and tourists forms the large port city of Haifa with its terraced Persian gardens. In the centre of Mount Carmel is a special landmark located known as the Shrine of the Báb. Like many religious founders, Siyyid `Alí Muḥammad Shírází Sayyid was executed by his fellow countrymen. Instead of climbing the stairs to his gravesite, Elisabeth Schätzle persuaded the tour guide to visit the burial place of her ancestor Christian Feuerbacher. To come as a stunner, she there met Julia Rüger who made a short visit to the grave stone of her from Bernhausen emigrated grandfather. Most of the other participants were waiting, like unsuspecting Jonathan, in the soon departing bus. The next destination was the 1963 from sister Emma Berger founded Christian Kibbutz Beth-El in Zikhron Ya’akov. Yakov Damkani bought ahead goose dawns in the Noah’s ark factory outlet which were stored in a cotton sheet. Einstein made an inquiry about a sealed 6-person tent. In it, a manually operated air-filtration system cared for clean air in cases of chemical attacks. Jonathan seemed to have lack of understanding for the bunker NBC-Protection systems developed by Swabian tinkerers, since he believed that the first Peter anyhow had predicted the destruction of the elements by fire and that the nowadays atomic annihilative potential could blow out the earth population four times. Nevertheless, Saddam Hussein command to fire SCUD missiles on Israel provided planned large sales growth for the niche suppliers. Jonathan’s own passive attitude changed at the subsequent visit of the northern border town of Kiryat Shmona, since the Lebanon explorers had to take refuge in a basement shelter, because of a sudden eight times Katyusha rocket bombardment. In this fear of death situation the cuddle ban of Ulf Gouderner was suspended. His secretary and writer from Uppsala, Angela-Berit Ekman, was so intimidated that she fell round Ulf’s neck. The cool Swede visibly unbent in hugging his co-worker at the shoulders. Elisheva, who had a remarkable resemblance to the blond Angela-Berit, claimed that many male singles were inhibited towards the signs of affection and feelings from the women who love them. Sometimes those men needed to be placed from God in life-threatening situations, so that they are cured of their blindness. “Not me!” Jonathan felt certain, seeking Phoebe’s velvet paw. The young Schätzles preferred to retreat to the toilet, because they were going wild with excitement.

The next overnight accommodation, a campsite on the Sea of Galilee provided a romantic backdrop for the four lovers. Jacob and Elisheva had made a good choice with the pebble beach at the sweet water. The ambient temperature and the water was so warm that everyone could bath or in the swimsuit enjoy the sunset. “Phoebe, now I have swum in the Dead Sea, in the Red Sea, in the Mediterranean, and the Sea of ​​Galilee. How does that grab you?” Jonathan asked. “I thought the vacation in the tour group would develop in a different way,” sitting at his side, she expressed “it is not fair that I was not allowed to indulge in the Dead Sea with you.” “We can make up leeway when we are married,” Jonathan guessed. In the meantime Ziegler was too pushy in playing underwater games, since Schätzle fled to the shore saying: “Phoebe, I suggest a swinging. You take part in a swimming competition with Christoph and I measure with Jonathan in a private match of chess.” “OK, a little more variety and sport is always good,” Leontopoulou agreed, running away on the dandelion grass. “Wait sweetheart, I was in the Bundeswehr academy of sports, I didn’t tell you yet,” Fischer called behind her. “Really, was fly fisher standing still in casting or did you prefer endurance running?” Schätzle showed some estimation. “Oh yeah, that’s right. I outdistanced many top athletes in the cookhouse and in the 5000 m race. I tell you more about my former hobby at the end of the game.” Elisabeth and kibitzing Einstein were not really amazed that the ex-champion won. “I first took Jonathan along to the chess club SG Fasanenhof, where he improved himself constantly,” Walter Stein knew and Schätzle confessed, “And I have enthusiastically traced his teachings about banking and his games in the Bundesliga.” “But why did you never tell me that you play chess?” Jonathan enquired. “Because you have already retired from competitive sport and never showed interest in my letters,” was the argument of the girl-master.

At night, Jonathan had one dream after the other in which a self-built house of cards collapsed repeatedly. Waking up in his sleeping bag he felt shaken and mixed up. How good was it to know that many nocturnal illusions come from the soul.

Another deep unease came upon Jonathan in the morning hours when Jacob intended to visit the Israeli soldiers on the Golan Heights. He had always felt queasy when he saw the young people with their camouflage uniforms and guns on the streets, but now Shaul, the bus driver, headed for Mount Hermon and the 1000 meter high volcanic plateau. Passing bombed Syrian ghost towns caused further anxiety in the silent observer. The tourist group made a first stop at ​​a tank wreck of the 1967 Six-Day War. Good mood increased. Schätzle climbed on the gun barrel and more and more women did the same to come on a photo. “Jesus was a pacifist,” Fischer defiantly announced. “Dead right, because his true followers have not fought with swords, since his kingdom is not of this world,” agreed antiwar Einstein. Gouderner retorted of an opposing Jesus saying: “Think not that I came to bring peace on earth, I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” “This clearly refers in the context to battles and splits between family members, for Jesus demanded to love him more than father and mother,” deserter Damkani thus ended the discussion. Jacob led the with Israel flags equipped evangelistic corps a bit further in the bus to intact tanks and guns. In his typical, open-minded and bold way, he proclaimed the reason of the international visit and got permission from the IDF commander to perform shalom songs accompanied by guitar. Variety is the spice of life in such a dusty environment. Jonathan’s reluctance and caution was clearly unfounded, because after the singing of Hebrew songs resulted many friendly discussions between the foreign visitors and the life risking conscripts. Such being the case, Jacob’s army drilled the maneuver straight away at a second dry parade ground. After work was done, the bus took the way back down to the Sea of ​​Galilee. Unlooked-for, the trippers crossed thriving agricultural properties. “Beside the apple orchards one of the most delicious variety of grapes is growing on the fertile, mined soil,” knew Einstein. “Greek wine is like the blood of the earth. Jonathan, to live life to the fullest, shouldn’t we savour the Golan grape juice in a tavern?” Phoebe stimulated. “Without fail, I will go with you on on a pub crawl. Walter, what can we still find in this deserted landscape,” Jonathan presumed, “is this the place where the 2,000 ripped swine rushed across the south-east hill into the lake?” “Yes, this is the region of the Gadarenes where Jesus delivered the once chained nudists from his demons,” the Munich doctorate Stein assumed. “If the Bavarian Animal Protection Association gets wind of this, they banish the crucifixes from public buildings into penal institutions,” speculated Phoebe. “Because you couldn’t see how the legion went into the pigs, Jesus would be acquitted for lack of evidence. But the former residents here were overcome with so much fear that they asked the deliverer to leave,” recalled Silvia.

The targeted, once fiercely contested Kibbutz Ein Gev invited to visit the cowsheds. At the sight of so much meat and milk, a stop in the award-winning restaurant was advertised. Inside, six Franconian volunteers served wine in vessels and fish on plates. “If I make a wedding trip, then to Cana in Galilee. What do you think Jonathan?” asked the future bride, who mixed a sinfully expensive swig of Barkan Cabernet Sauvignon Altitude wine with water to a spritzer. “With you I am always on top of things. I even feel fit to marry you in the Golan Heights tank of Kanaf,” was the incomprehensible dream of the to clear things up cupbearer. Full of atmosphere, the company danced and chanted outdoors a Hava Nagila. Elisabeth used the happy occasion to bring a few paperback biographies of Jacob along to the awakened Kibbutzniks. An ultra-Orthodox dad blotted out the festivity in shouting Yeshu – swine. According to Israel’s anti-missionary law his 15-year-old daughter shouldn’t have gotten such a Good News testimony. In a turmoil the religious police violently tried to get hold of Jacob, but Shaul the bus driving transportation minister – out of hand – draw his pistol. Thus, he safely brought back all of his passengers to the camping site. Another unforgettable day with an evening bath in Lake Tiberias came to a good end.

The following holiday program at the lowest lying freshwater lake of the earth was one of the highlights of the trip. Jesus, the man from Galilee, chose this lake area along with his disciples as a centre of his work, in leaving there many footprints in the gospels. The Mount of Beatitudes in the North offered a magnificent view of the calm waters, whose freshening-up winds could swiftly lead to a dangerous turmoil in the breaking waves. In the beautiful garden below of the octagonal church, Jonathan was invited from Jacob, to hold a devotion about the Sermon on the Mount. The following interpretation of the Bible was about the radical lifestyle of a saint. Jonathan claimed that every believer should not be a judgmental pharisee, but a with Christ reigning king and priest. A true disciple has to obey the commands of the longest speech from Jesus, if he wants to do the will of the Heavenly Father. Then God could be experienced in personal life through visible signs and wonders. After the subsequent descent to visit the Church of the Multiplication in Tabgha the hobby photographer Jonathan gazed in amazement at the well-preserved mosaic with the bread basket and fish. He asked: “Ulf can you tell me why there are only four loaves of bread instead of five?” Bestowing his full attention and sympathy to Angela-Berit, the closely entwined Swede could not give a clever answer: “You got it in explaining me why Jesus once was feeding four thousand and then even five thousand men.” Einstein the number fanatics subtracted: “One bread is missing because the local assembly of the fourth century broke it in the Lord’s Supper. Four thousand had left seven full baskets and five thousand twelve large baskets. Don’t you understand?” “Being poor in spirit, it’s all Greek to me when I listen to you,” Phoebe discredited. “Also the weaker sex can conceive the symbolism of the parables,” noted blessed Silvia, “four speaks of the earth and seven of abundance – five of mercy and twelve of governmental authority. For me God is expressing that he can fully provide for all mankind, if his successors take care for the hungry. Enough food is there for all. The rulers of this day only have no interest to distribute it.” “Now becomes clear why Jesus emphasized that the disciples shouldn’t worry about food, but instead to guard against the corrupting doctrines of the Sadducee devils,” Elisabeth got an enlightenment. To hobnob with her, theology student Christoph articulated: “It is not that simple. According to the Lutheran Reformation, there is a spiritual and a worldly kingdom. In the ‘two kingdom’ doctrine of the twentieth century the Gospel is in constant conflict with sin. If we take the Bible literally, we quickly become rebels and heretics.” “Who cares? I’ve been that much longer in the eyes of many. Let us attend the Franciscans in Capernaum,” Jacob gave the direction. To get to the bottom of it, Jonathan discovered the house of Peter and got a better understanding of biblical curses in the decayed former fishing village, for when the Lord says something he will certainly do it. At any event, the ruins of Chorazin and Bethsaida, who rejected the works of their redeemer, still speak a significant plain language, laying in waste and ashes.

In the west bank located Kibbutz Ginosar the eventuality was provided for natural food and physical strengthening. Apart from a following film about the archaeologically significant discovery of a 1986 from the silt recovered 2000 years old boat, the original remains of the planks, as well as a demonstrative vivid replica could be viewed. A resourceful museum professor asserted that Jesus after his banishment went to sea in the very same ship, until it sank in a storm. Infidel Walter Stein recommended his colleague first to practise a dry run on a desert ship in the nearby camel ranch, before delivering more lectures. Thereafter, a part of the group went on for riding and the others borrowed small boats. Day-dreamer Jonathan was once again tickled all over from his affectionate chosen one and enjoyed in the pedal boat the golden rays of the sun which were reflected in the water. “I wished, I could measure every second with you for eternity,” mused the unanimous poet. “I would like to fuse with you, in spots, discontinuous, but not forever,” the casual, unbound Phoebe fantasized.

A natural spectacle of another kind offered the in fits and starts performed multivision show “The Galilee Experience” in a Christian store in Tiberias. Pictures of the beauty and diversity of nature illustrated the existence of the creator of heaven and earth. After the tourists had stocked up on all sorts of beneficial and useless souvenirs, they went to the nearby Chinese restaurant. The rich rice buffet reminded Jonathan more of the German practice than on his steamed Hong Kong stay. What was written there on the end of his fortune-cookie slip-quote? Do not miss the small felicity in waiting for the big one. At night, the sleepless fiction hero regarded the stars. He pondered if it can really be possible that his ways are drawn in Ursa Minor or Major. What did this Lamborghini Diablo seductress predict? He would meet his predetermined wife within the next 24 hours. Magdalena must have been seriously mistaken in her time management – just the same as Christoph and Ulf, who were talking until the wee hours with their partners.

After the breakfast, the chitchat couples were getting a severe ticking-off from Jacob Damkani for the palaver breach of nocturnal peace. The leisure time participants urgently needed rest, since in the coming night the biggest evangelistic operation would start. A biblical teaching of Gideon’s victory against the Philistines followed to strike camp. More pleasant was the north-south passage on a cruise ship traversing the Sea of ​​Galilee. Jonathan teased Schätzle on the upper deck: “You probably can’t get enough of Christoph. With your shmooze you kept awake the whole clan.” “You’re wrong, because I’ve slept tonight. Fischer you have angled a gossip girl.” Unisono the Greek sun worshipper blushed scarlet aloft. Prompt suspicious Jonathan was jealous of grinning admirer Ziegler: “Christoph, we both have been best friends since the circle of pupils and our trip to England. You never would betray me, would you?” “Yes, sure enough buddy, to blossom into another direction, I remember well the romance with Helen Richards. We both have the same mentor and teacher,” replied the ally. “You shouldn’t be pretty uptight about these things, Jonathan. When you are at ease, you walk through life with better quality,” echoed the philosophy of Phoebe.

A silent walk from the pier to the tourists attracting Yardenit Baptismal Site followed. “Things are different than they sometimes seem to be,” disgruntled Jonathan lamented after a while. “That’s right. Look at this commercial spot here and compare it with the traditional site of Jericho and light comes into the darkness of your thoughts,” agreed Einstein. At the brown-green wash of the flowing by Jordan a crowd had gathered. Two hundred candidates for baptism went down the steps along a railing, so that an American miracle preacher could submerge one after the other. An appeal for donations to all partners was recorded by television cameras to win more precious souls. The native in Israel televangelist promoted his upcoming crusades. “Does he help widows and orphans, or the poor and needy with the money?” Jonathan asked a with gold chains decorated bodyguard. “Of course, self-evidently his master wishes to rent a huge military training area in India to conduct the largest crowd in history. For it would be important to beat the Filipino record of a great Pole and another mass event of a German brother in Nigeria.” After a hand signal people clapped and cheered for Jesus. “Does Christ really get the honour through all of this?” Jonathan unmistakable broached the subject again. “Don’t touch the Lord’s anointed,” was the seizing by the collar chuck cause of the coloured colossus. Howsoever, Fischer anyway was not in the mood to fill a bottle with holy water and to carry it home, as many others did. The over-priced souvenirs which were offered in the Jewish shop brought Jonathan little joy, just as little as the prepared lunch. The frustrated one preferred to fast. The last afternoon on the coast of the sea of Galilee served one way or the other as a recreational time.

The most extraordinary gift activity was announced at the end of the leisure time. A never ending number of vehicles with many young people snaked its way along the beleaguered lakeside road. The Kinneret Rock Festival drew six thousand local music fans. A large fenced area next to the lake provided the stage for several Israeli bands to make nonstop melodic noise from 20.00 to 5.00 o’clock. The trumpet team had organized a palette of Billy Graham books. “Peace with God” was the title of the bestseller which was even translated in Ivrit – Modern Hebrew. Frère Jacques dormez-vous? Jacob was not asleep in ringing the bells for the new formation of two-person teams. More peace ensured the separation of the known to him lovers. Now Jonathan got Elisabeth, Ulf Phoebe, Christoph Elisheva, and Damkani Angela-Berit assigned as a distribution partner. With a Matanah (gift) saying Schätzle handed out heaps of books that often landed in the next bin. The freaks seemed to be more interested in the booming sound as in belles lettres. In addition, the local security forces showed similarly little understanding for the transfer of foreign informations. Even so, the paramedics of a Magen David Adom ambulance helped bent Jonathan out of pity to get rid of his heavy backpack. Elisabeth rejoiced afterwards that a whole hospital can be saved, while her grumpy subordinate rather wanted to operate as a YMCA waste paper collector. To be relieved, their promenade led them past a girl who screamed so horrible as if she was raped. The poor creature was surrounded from four men in the darkness who were busy on her belly button and arms. Venturous intervening Jonathan never forgot the sight of her terrified face. In spite of that, his bold assistance efforts were rejected from the girl. The pain sensitive virgin was bound and determined to be simultaneously pierced and tattooed. A traffic regulating policeman also couldn’t change her mind, instead he strictly prohibited the Germans to flog off more books. The night proved to be indeed very long. At a secret depot the distributors reloaded their bags and met Phoebe and Ulf. “Hey, how are you doing, in line with demand?” Jonathan questioned. “Thank you for your concern. Worse things happen at the sea. But it’s getting rather cold here,” replied the reserved Swede. Tired, sleepy Phoebe whispered in Jonathan’s ear: “Can you tell me why the priest wants to know my whole childhood story?” “Maybe he needs the data on the day of your wedding,” smiled her admirer. Some of the participants made themselves comfortable in their sleeping bags, like the Stein family on the lakeshore. On the other hand, Schätzle chewing a hard bread didn’t wanted to settle for a rest. Zealously she took her faltering co-worker at the hand and off you go. Meeting again the crossroad policeman, the spoiler repeatedly shouted with a megaphone something incomprehensible in the direction of Elisabeth. Pseudo translator Jacob Damkani worried watched the scene from nearby, but he didn’t want to reveal his identity. Finally, the police officer asked Jonathan in English what on earth they are doing again. Holding a book in the hand, Schätzle answered first: “We only pick up the discarded waste.” To have a point, she wasn’t wrong in preventing a punishment. Jonathan admired spontaneous Elisabeth for her determination. After this incident, Jacob decided to take a break until the end of the rock festival. With the first sun rays in the morning the visitors flocked back to their vehicles. This opened the chance to attract people’s attention. In spite of it all, the remaining stock could be directed into the right channels. Fischer and Schätzle were holding hands, closed their eyes, and asked for an intervention of the Lord of all creation. Suddenly came an unforeseen help from an unexpected side. A black-clad rabbi with the typical side curls got entangled. The super spiritual scholar stood up on a landing and waved with the seductive mission scripture, warning everyone passing by not to touch it and not to read it. Thus, he accomplished just the opposite. The largely secular Israelis became curious, for they didn’t want to be dictated by their religious establishment what to do and what not to do. As a result, the soiled goods in record speed found lucky acceptors.

After this successful battle, the exhausted participants were also happy to leave for home. Crossing the Jezreel Valley, Gouderner wanted by all means to view the rocks of Nazareth and the Mountain of Transfiguration. However, the Messianic Jew Jacob did not intend to start a propagation battle with the big mosques building Arab congregation in the hometown of Josef, husband of Mary. The battle field of Armageddon in the plain of Megiddo offered in the moment a more peaceful destination. From a distance, the targeted striking green rock ridge of Mount Tabor came into the picture. As ever, where something special had happened in biblical times, churches were built on this site. Hitherto the 588 m high hill served in ancient times as a worship place for foreign gods such as the Baal. On the watch tower of the Church of the Transfiguration Ulf explained that according to the tradition in the book of judges the heroine Deborah eradicated ancient customs of idolatry. That evoked more sympathies to Phoebe, who still did not trust him. She stated: “See? Jonathan, we women are simply more courageous.” “My vision is to warn about false prophets, as well as to unmask wizards and witches in the body of Christ.” “Are you in earnest? Do you think to be a reincarnation of Elijah? That sounds megalomaniacal to me.” “But God showed me in a dream in England that I will reveal manipulation, imperiousness, and jealousy and even observe a coming unity in the churches.” That was too much for the disbeliever of evil who wanted to enjoy the bright side of life. Not so for relativist Einstein and writer Ekman. They desired to get more details from Fischer on the ongoing journey.

The last night in Israel spent the long-haul travellers back in the 1000 stars veranda in Jaffa. Jonathan was dead tired. So he didn’t perceive how lying next to him Christoph secretly went with an above sleeper to the neighbouring missionary resting place. On that account, Jacob gave a last fatherly advice, since he expected more respect for the rest in death in the full moonlight. In Christian circles you should go without saying to behave properly on cemeteries. The addressed shadow statures would know exactly who is meant.

Strangely enough, in the airport hall Schätzle returned her necklace and the ring of friendship to Arkia flying Christoph. Jonathan did not get the message and researched, “Hey, you seem to actually feel good that Elisabeth broke up with you. How is that Christoph?” “That much is clear, I already have told you before the departure to Israel that a special gift is waiting here for me. Yesterday I really got it,” Ziegler bid goodbye in puzzles.

The most beautiful surprise for Jonathan at the Swiss return flight was that he was allowed to sit in the middle of Phoebe and Elisabeth. The next astonishment caused a Swiss travel group with numerous children. Right before Jonathan Fischer, Julia Rüger took place in the middle row. “That’s just not possible, that we meet here. Without you I would not be sitting in this plane,” Fischer gave thanks to the public administration specialist. “There are always coincidences in life. How was the stay Elisabeth?” said Rüger. “So-so, thanks,” was the terse reply. “What, you know each other. How come?” Jonathan was struck with amazement. “Sure, from a young age we grew up together. Certainly we are same age cousins,” said Julia. “Quiet please friends. My colleagues deserve attention and respect,” the flight attendant Phoebe pleaded, in the course of the routinely presented safety instructions of the life jackets.

When the belts were allowed to unfasten after the successful ascent into the sky, Julia Rüger turned around again and said: “Jonathan, I kept a secret in my public office that I always wanted to tell you. I know you well.” “Don’t disclose confidential information about me to a third party,” Schätzle was concerned. “Never mind! For I have come to know a new source of report,” Julia asserted confidently, “you four lovebirds are quite complicated and incertain in your decisions according to my privy calls.” “So, and why four?” Phoebe inquired. “Is it not true that Phoebe wanted to coquet with Christoph, Christoph was flirting with Elisabeth, Elisabeth wrote a love letter to Jonathan, and Jonathan became fond of Phoebe? In awhile the sparrows twitter that from the rooftops,” Julia intimated.

Dear readers, it should be clear to everyone now who marries whom, right??? After the longest chapter of the story “The Fiction of the Life of Jonathan Fischer” the authors believe to have deserved a break. The subsequent solving would be exciting and also quickening the imigination. Helpful or not could be the view of the analogue, real wedding photo on or to behold the cover of one of the 40 German novel copies. The new international version in English is also free to download as PDF eBook on the EU website. Well then, since marriage is so beautiful and romantic – the further complications took the following course:

Elisabeth shed tears, Phoebe was stunned, and Jonathan reflected. In one fell swoop it made click in his brain. A film was unspooled in his inner man. Years ago, he had prayed to get a strong chess player as mate. Again and again failed relationships with women who did not meet this criterion. At Charlie’s house roof he got a silhouette of her face, and in the Sinai mountains he could even hear the voice of his eagerly longed for wife. No one sobs and weeps like his superior Schätzle, who best understood her male role model in the common hobby, profession, and faith. How could he be so blind. “Elisabeth Schätzle, would you marry me?” “Yes you ass!”

Agreeably surprised, Phoebe organized from the first class four glasses of champagne. To click glasses with Julia, the relieved stewardess was interested how Rüger could know that she had begun a relationship with Christoph. “Your future often phones my future, whom I call frequently,” Rüger told and continued, “I met Markus Ruf on the fire flame Internet chat and danced with him in the Christian disco in Reutlingen. Ever since the best friend and prayer partner of Christoph is also my best friend and confidant. Sitting beside Rüger, the Swiss pastor intervened: “Before you start to divulge more sinful internal affairs, perhaps you may explain to me which Israel traveller wants to get engaged with whom.” Schätzle recited: “I betroth today with Jonathan, then Phoebe with Christoph, Julia with Markus, Angela-Berit with Ulf and Elisheva with Jacob, right?” “Sure, this will be a great blessing with many expected children. As a wedding preparation I recommend a marriage counselling course, and as special gift I offer my book on the harmonious family life,” teased smiling Ivo.

During a stopover in Zürich Jonathan and Elisabeth found the matching rings to make the surprise perfect at the Stuttgart Airport with their waiting relatives. Wedding bells rang eight months later. The marriage service of Elisabeth Schätzle and Jonathan Fischer jointly conducted George Müller and Ulf Gouderner in the Filharmonie in Filderstadt as a double wedding together with Julia Rüger and Markus Ruf. Whereas the fictitious story happened in the good old DM-days, that much can be disclosed: the Euro-Banker-Wedded-Pair has got in the meantime the three desired darlings of fortune.

For all who would like to make a donation for orphans in Kenya – in gratitude for the amusing gratis story – we recommend the visit of .



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