Chapter 9 – Poor or Rich? Dead or Alive?

Poor or Rich? Dead or Alive?

The hero of this fiction – Jonathan Fischer – had achieved more in life than he had imagined. He couldn’t realise his childhood dream to become world chess champion, but in his professional career he underwent a stellar ascent. Continuing in the same style, he possibly even could get promotion as one of the youngest bank managers in the history of Germany. In his political career he was also able to achieve great success, because he had risen to the the leader of the local council in Denkenstadt. He had to owe this advancement to his party friend Straussinger, who himself was elected like the clappers as treasurer of the federal party and Minister of Justice of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Moreover, Jonathan’s cash reserves had grown rapidly fast through his productive brokering, so that he wanted to build a house. The bachelor also toyed with the idea to buy a Porsche Speedster. But why? His newly established, conveniently located 3-room apartment was large enough and his five-door family Opel was not even a year old. Anyway, due to the grass-green paint job no interested party answered on his ad in and In his short leisure time Jonathan tried to fill his inexplicable emptiness by numerous shopping trips in the centre of Stuttgart. More satisfaction he achieved only in more exercise. In addition to tennis, his Centurion mountain bike and his Cannondale road racer was one of his favourite leisure activities in order to keep fit.

Wistfully Jonathan remembered his wedding plans with Helen when he raced on a Friday evening with his Backfire mountain bike along the amour temple in Scharnhausen. Yes, what he really needed was a woman, and to achieve this aim he would give all the money in the world. But as is generally known true love is not for sale. In the following descent through the old avenue of chestnuts, downhill to the maison de plaisance, the amateur athlete took one’s chance, challenging everything out of his RockShox suspension fork. Jonathan had envisaged anything but the from his pleasure place run away ass of the veterinary surgeon. The donkey obstructed suddenly the curving pathway, forcing Jonathan to a reckless evasive maneuver. The good Samaritan already had a mental blackout due to an elevated alcohol level at his discharge from the Bundeswehr sports promotion section in Warendorf, but definitely not because of a salto mortale over a bicycle handlebar. Dazed he woke up about two o’clock in the morning. Thanks to his Bell crash helmet, he seemed to have not contracted something except light excoriations at his arms. Though, in getting up his right hip started to ache again terribly. A foul-mouthed word passed his lips instead of his buttocks. Recollecting his former car crash, Jonathan sank on his knees and wept. He wondered why it happened again like this and heard a small voice that he who constantly puts himself in danger will be succumbed of it. In addition he recalled the children’s Bible story of prophet Balaam’s speaking ass where the donkey protected him in front of the counter passing Angel of the Lord. Should God retard him in any way?

The home hobbling hospital host spend the weekend inevitably in bed. Hilde, his helping hirer treated him like granny in doctoring, cooking & mothering. The first time in a long period Jonathan came to rest to read in the book with seven seals, and as if the Almighty again tried to speak to him, he fortuitous heard his beloved pastor Benz. In the spiritual part of the Vatican Radio he reported about his long stay in Africa. The Catholic priest talked about wealth and poverty, claiming that his supervised orphan children would be much happier playing outdoor with their can toys than many lonely kids in Germany in spending hours watching in front of the TV or playing inside PC games. Also the dying churches in Europe could learn from the lively style of worship of African believers by watching their praise and thanksgiving. It is not for nothing that Jesus gives a warning in Revelation to the church in addressing: “You say, ‘I am rich and have enough and need nothing.’ But you do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked.” This might as well be responding to myself concluded Jonathan, before he fell asleep on Sunday night.

On the following morning the slightly handicapped Jonathan drove with the car to the Denkenstadter Bank headquarters. First he reviewed with Gebhart Scharkfisch the brilliant business development of the newly opened Park Haus branch, and then the two in the management board office received a wealthy, weighty new customer. In her futuristic white dress Magdalena Osiris-Ra tried to create the impression to float in like a ballet dancer, until she took place as woman chancellor on the comfortable executive chair behind the exclusive desk. The new wedding dress in the revealing Oslo-style had pleased her after fitting so much, that she instantly took it to ask the bank managers for their views. Suddenly there was a deathly silence. The two economists tried to manage to place their visual reporters, for such big bazookas they had only met face to face by an opulent opera singer at the sauna area of the ​​Merkel’sches bath in Esslingen. “Take a seat,” commanded the newly converted chiefess. Then she made a pendulum swing to and fro her oversized neckline. Moving backwards to the customer chairs the two hypnosis victims felt like trapped little monkeys in following the flip-flopping flow, forgetting everything around. “Down here is a harmful water vein. This desk must be shifted immediately,” was the next instruction of the well-known fortune teller. “That won’t be simple,” contradicted Gebhart, the Chairman of the Board who recovered his senses. Jonathan started without wanting to giggle, stimulating the resolute business partner: “All right, then let’s get down to business. I want cash. I claim 666 thousand Deutsche Mark notes from the real estate trust account.” Duped Scharkfisch unhesitatingly mustered superintendent Sauer, who according to desire rearranged the furniture. “Well now, what investment options do I have?” Magdalena got delighted nipping at a glass of champagne on the comfortable leather sofa. “Here we have an excellent offer with our Growth Fund East which will be bought back at any time on a well-functioning secondary market,” explained the bank board and underlined this with a glossy brochure full of positive predictions. The female medium closed the eyes and entered a trance: “My southsay for today for this closed-end funds will end in nothing. Beside fiscal evasion the adhesive prospectus is liable, I mean tricky lying. How now? Help me to get rid of it again.”  “Why certainly! Obviously this is not a golden goose. Do not be a fool and sign here,” was the ballpoint directing attempt of the Hans in Luck Chief Seller. “No, what is instead the proposal of my prosperous pyramid alienator Fischer. I see a flash of wit,” demanded dissolved Magdalena with an all penetrating eyebeam. “Buy 33 kg bars of gold and channel them periodically through the lockers number 1 to 13, according to the testament of Ramses Ra which is your father’s will,” it came out like a pistol shot from Jonathan. “But these lock box numbers are no longer available in Denkenstadt,” doubted Scharkfisch. “Not in thought in this city, but in our new, fully automated client treasury in the Scharnhauser Park,” replied little sympathy gaining manager Fischer. “I like the offer, but I must once again check and discuss it with my fiancé. Let’s look first what the Tarot cards have to say about our future,” she submitted speedily spreading the Crowley deck on the lowly walnut wooden table. “Oh dear, here is an urgent warning to Monaco Franze Scharkfisch. You’re in a crooked business with a shady real-estate entrepreneur, posing himself as professor. It is a matter of life and death. Pay close attention, because he will cheat you in favour of the Scientology sect. This constellation is charming for charmer Fischer will meet his future wife in the next 24 hours. Oh heck! According to my horoscope I shouldn’t have gone out of house to prevent my own accident. Can one of the favourites of the ladies drive me home?” asked the terrified mystic and collected again the colourful kabbalah leaflets. Of course, the chauffeur task was implemented by lower ranked Jonathan who accompanied the white witch with her long train to her car at the customer parking lot. He didn’t believe his eyes as they stopped at a black Lamborghini Diablo GT. A hot and cold shiver ran down Jonathan’s back at the sight of the upwards pivoting driver’s door. Haughtily Magdalena showed the registration certificate with the vehicle data and asked to climb in. Limited to 83 units, the special edition had nearly 600 hp at almost 6 liters and was the fastest road sports car with a legendary top speed of 338 km/h.

Jonathan heard quite clearly an inner warning voice not to get in the car and better to use the opposing own automobile. “Let us rather take my Opel, because for such a race car you certainly need a driver training,” was his understandable objection. “Absolutely right, this training I can provide most likely,” hummed Magdalena and handed out the car keys in a seductive way by providing another deep insight into her décolleté. “Very well. Then I sit down and check once the engine sound,” Jonathan replied, thinking not to get the chance again. When he squeezed in, his hip began to hurt heavily again. “The emerging, unmuted uproar of the Diablo-twelve-cylinder was just as brute and powerful as once Murcielago, the trade mark of the originally Italian tractor company. The legendary Spanish fighting bull survived 24 lance stabs and therefore was pardoned in the bullring. As special gimmick a smaller rear screen in the centre console turned up, which displayed the forty metres distant, grinning snake face of Jonathan’s green Vectra. The chief pilot forcefully pressed down the sport clutch and just put the car in reverse, once the turned on magician with her sparkling eyes urged him to step on the gas, so that the whole bank should be shaken. In fact, all the staff including the director went at the intoning infernal noise of the twin exhaust pipes to the windows. But what was that? A hand as of Geierwally touched him unprompted on his most sensitive part of his body. He jerked back and without wanting released the clutch. In two ticks the rear of the powerful mortal vehicle and its big spoiler crushed with a loud bang in the front of the likewise new car of the steering wheel holding story hero. The dark carbon rear wing flew at the same time on the balcony of Scharkfisch who immediately rushed as a first aid on the scene of the accident. He discovered the two intact misfortune victims still under shock, since they had behold each other with a vacant stare, yet holding hands. In no time, the police, the ambulance, and “Bild” newspaper were at the scene. Not to mention the countless Denkenstadter onlookers and his rubbernecking work colleagues. Jonathan was ashamed of himself as never before in his life. He wished to vanish into thin air, since even the fire department arrived on the scene to uncage him and his acquaintance out of the compressed passenger compartment. Saved by the bell, he recalled the Las Vegas proverb about burying one’s head in the sand. “Dear sandman, please come quickly and scatter dream dust in me eyes, so that I may escape from this nightmare,” whispered the desperate crash pilot in a shorter version with the result that come around, smirking Magdalena tenderly depressed his eyelids. Jonathan would have preferred to return not as quickly with an ambulance to the hospital in Ruit. Because of their whyplash, he and Magdalena got physician-directed a neck brace. Through the case of emergency he accidentally not only had a reencounter with his doctor, but he also met again another holiday acquaintance from Sedona. Regarding the large ankh cross, Jonathan immediately recognized Elymas and was left in disbelief recollecting the guidance of the engaged couple from Stuttgart, happening in the US new age shop. “Well, well! Apparently the spiritually sophisticated suit wearer was again in a transrapid hurry, hitting his own magnetically attracted service car,” mocked the future bridegroom. Ostentatiously he hugged and kissed Magdalena who had an ample bosom not only attributable to the new custom foam inserts on her upper body.

Finally also dawned on Osiris-Ra, the co-driver, what fateful consequences their first meeting in the United States had. Mentally highly educated, she began to get mightily vexed at not obeying to the warnings of her accidental horoscope. Cunning Elymas Wicked-Oz kindly offered Jonathan to bring him together with Magdalena home. However first the questionnaire of the Merlin insurance had to be necessarily completed from the driver.

When Jonathan was going to sleep, he asked himself whether he should have filled out the form more detailed in writing the whole truth. Why was he taken by surprise with the insurance report? What had just happened with him? Why did he suddenly develop such strong feelings for Magdalena? Why was this 24 hour love prophecy given to him? Is God yet speaking through cards, although these are prohibited in Christian circles? Should the love story from Brian and Sharon be ultimately repeated in his life? Again and again he had to lustfully imagine the brown curled lady with the large breasts and he even sensed that she was very close to him in the room.

The telephone in Jonathan’s apartment rang nonstop on the next morning. Being on a sick leave for a whole week, he prudently didn’t answer the phone and programmed his answering machine all the same as Charlie in Phoenix to switch on after two rings. Widow Hilde had pushed a tabloid newspaper under the door in which he could envision himself holding hands with a pale-faced curl-beauty. The topless one was also printed beneath in an older, enticing image. The headline was: “Cobbler, stick to your trade. Denkenstadter bank manager had a whack at sex-obsessed car driving!” Humiliated and embarrassed Jonathan didn’t dare to go to the intercom, although the bell was nonstop tolling. His landlady knocked on the inner door and asked urgently to open. When he turned silent, she just took her spare keys and entered the living room with a man dressed all in white. The famous magic grandmaster Wicked-Oz had threatened to place a curse on the entire house, so that soon all will be struck by lightning who do not surrender to his will. Helping Hilde left Jonathan alone with the like Benny Hinn very elegantly dressed high priest Elymas.

Magdalena’s bosom friend was not at all weird and amused to discover the hand in hand photo on the dining table. “If I catch you again in this way with my fiancee, I swear, I’ll kill you,” raged the angry antagonist. At the same time, two smaller grass snakes crawled out of his white, gold-buttoned jacket sleeves and moved, lambently examining a fruit bowl with their forked tongues, towards the opposite sitter, so that Jonathan fell frightened backwards on his Persian carpet. All the more his ferret was delighted about the new playmates, frisked on the table, and enjoyed his freshly prepared breakfast. Thus, the situation had relaxed quickly. Therefore, the opponents sat down on the lounge suite, trying to find an amicable solution. Elymas Wicked-Oz had learned of the insurance that the 580000 DM expensive Diablo race car according to terms and conditions only had been allowed to be driven by Osiris-Ra, who beforehand had to pass a safety training. According to the evaluator the one week-old engagement gift of Elymas could be used only in addition as 66000 DM worth spare parts stock. Out of pity, Jonathan was willing to sign a guarantee for Magdalena, for secretly he regarded himself as legitimate blood brother groom. He even meant to be much worse off, since he would get for his Vectra only 500 DM from the junk dealer. As a consolation, he offered to manufacture the left skinned thin tails of the dismissing reptiles-idoliser as love gift to a purse. False snake Elymas jumped out of his skin for the sake of every knickknack, starting to strangle Jonhathan’s neck. Howsoever, Aaron, the ferret skipping on Jonathan’s shoulder, bared one’s teeth, putting the hand-bleeding captivator to flight.

At that very instant Gebhart Scharkfisch took the door-handle to gain access. He wanted to know from the never phone pick up proxy, if he already had reported the accident at work to the employers’ liability insurance association. “I didn’t hit that idea, since I simply handed out my AOK health insurance card,” apologised Jonathan to his boss. “Then considerably take more attention in providing convenient details for the motor insurance. You can claim that your client felt sick so that she asked you to drive her speedily home,” was the latish granted advice of the cunning chief. “This is no longer necessary. I reported the course of events shortly and truthfully yesterday to the white suit carrier,” the dutiful one communicated.” “I thought you were a clever chess player, but your stupid religious conscience can cost you half a million liability coverage,” concluded Gebhart. “That doesn’t matter. I signed just a guarantee of this amount for I am sure to marry Magdalena. She is worth to me that much.”  “Love makes blind and quickly acquired money lavish and frivolous. Before you go out of your mind I want to know from you if you are in cahoots with Elisabeth Schätzle. Did you, as former chairman of the workers council, help her in this circular letter, then woe betide you. I wack out to wack you wack,” with this threefold promise, the power-hungry principal handed over several pages paper.

Some time after Jonathan’s proxy promotion and perforced withdraw Schätzle took over the chair of the workers committee to cause a scandal. The country best apprentice, who secretly was an admirer of Jonathan, whilst in young age she wrote to him a love letter, now seemed to give her career a heavy setback. In a Lotus Notes message for all employees she had hazarded to publish a list of all violations against the Works Constitution Act. The first reproof was that the management would have deliberately prevented the election of a youth and trainee representative, and the ninety-fifth blame was that the board had censored her speech for the general meeting and anyway must have no place there as leading and speaking pseudo-chairman.

Scharkfisch wanted straight off to heckle the defiant shrew together with Octopussy, his human resources manager. Instead the intelligent, certified bank specialist had insisted to get Jonathan as a helper and witness. “You put on your ruff and follow me instantly, otherwise I sack you too,” Fürst Gebhart, the crossly chagrined commander-in-chief commanded. You better do not contradict wrathfully power holders and avoid to see their faces. Nevertheless, Jonathan could haunt little later a very interesting debate in the personnel office. The appraisal interview with the strident trade unionist in a timely manner arrived at a termination agreement with different opinions about the redundancy compensation. Due to the short duration of employment, Scharkfisch only offered 6000 DM, whereat chucked out Schätzle wanted to have 33000 DM as endowment for a calm exit of the stage. “Well, then I warn you before that I will convene next week an extraordinary general meeting with the participation of trade union captain Ahab and added involving of the local press. If this is not enough, I give a report about your illegal real estate affairs and money laundering,” was the valid argument of the pietistic skirt wearer, who already secretly had a promotion to the peaceful EKK – protestant credit consortium. Also it is frowned up in in leading circles to show weakness, the Catholic inquisitor proclaimed that he didn’t want to start a new faith war, moreover the cleverer give in.

Returned again to the Castle Street another stunner waited for Jonathan on his couch. Magdalena had somehow managed to come in and henceforth studied numerous books, which she had spread out on the living room table. “My dear, I never met before one like you, who has managed to put to flight Wicked-Oz and to humiliate and defeat him. I sense a greater force that comes out from you. Come here to me, honey, I want to caress you,” Magdalena waved with her long airbrush fingernails. “But please not so violently as yesterday. I am a Christian and want to enter into marriage as virgin,” objected Jonathan, who wondered if he should buzz off or otherwise tear off all principles. Magdalena unbuttoned his shirt and fondled his upper body. She began to massage his back and stroked him so skilfully that he felt a force flowing through his spine. All pain was gone. “This is Reiki, cosmic life energy,” I have brought you interesting literature about it. You will have even more power and knowledge than I. Beloved, fate has brought as together. We are the perfect combination,” the esoteric champion felt certain. Jonathan liked to be bewitched, but needed a break on the closet. Washing his hands, therein lay the rub, since he was reminded of Odysseus and the weaving Circe, the singing Sirens, and the auguring Sybils. Returning, Magdalena Osiris-Ra had disappeared as if the earth had swallowed her up. Unfortunately she only left her business card and the many textbooks. The spiritual student scanned one document after the other and was shocked because they contravened many biblical prohibitions. Should he end up like King Salomo who was seduced from his many foreign wives to witchcraft and idolatry? If the devil tempts you, you must fight back with the word of God, Jonathan knew on the basis of the Gospels. Therefore he phoned his friend David from the charisma shop and asked him for a favour. He should pick out the Christian literature which is suitable for a witch and deliver a bouquet of red roses with a greeting from Jonathan. Conveniently situated, the Edel-Ethos-Center was located in the neighbouring Leonhardsviertel.

Jonathan could bent his thoughts only on Magdalena, the esoteric shop owner. My goodness, how well this woman massaged. In the evening, a further death threat of Elymas was recorded on the answering machine, for the guy was not amused to receive the flowers and book gifts in the jointly-run shop. Magdalena, who had left her mobile number on the business card, quickly talked her new admirer off the ledge, since he safely wanted to release her: “Wicked-Oz is a great manipulation artist whose hand movements call little surprise for all insiders. Because of his morbid jealousy it is better that we don’t see us for a time. Don’t be sad, for I can approach you through my astral techniques. I will always think of you, as I see the wonderful red rose bouquet and study the exciting destiny books. This is worth much more than the despicable scrap car engagement gift. Regarding the gold trade, I give green light, for even my ex was hooked of the idea.”

Based on his mixed feelings, Jonathan got more and more confused. Sleepless nights caused also the remark of Elisabeth Schätzle that Gebhart Scharkfisch would make crooked back door deals. The next morning, Jonathan went already at 5 o’clock to the head office, to pursue a suspicion on the basis of credit documents. He inspected the business of the corporate customer “Better than Good Real Estate Limited”, whose Managing Director Kempe had triggered a construction boom in Denkenstadt. As member of the local council Jonathan had already wondered why Karl Kempe was assigned almost to all contracts for public and private building projects. Construction financing customers as well had complained that the ‘Besser als Gut Immobilien GmbH’ advertised to sell houses on the public development area, notwithstanding that the construction land still belonged to the city. As a consequence private house builders could not create their new living space on their own or with a cheaper builder. When Jonathan started to scrutinize himself why the Geneva Banque de Rivage was winding up affairs with numerous commissions it struck six o’clock. With utter amazement suddenly Scharkfisch appeared: “What are you doing with this credit file? That’s none of your business. Did you believe the gossip of Elisabeth Schätzle?” “Ahem, well, no, of course not. I wanted only to warn you about the Scientology sect. Did you know that this Karl Kempe has just received a Honorary Professor title from the Beaubones University in Yale?” Jonathan tried to steer the conversation in a different direction. “Keep off my pitch. How stupid can one get to listen to the hocus-pocus of the Osiris-Ra quack. At the end you try to bring me in the claws of this creature which is staring as an owl, where you chose to fall down. Of course, why do I worry likewise at the Bohemian Grove. You have violated the bank secrecy and passed confidential details of the dealings and the preferences of Professor Kempe. And, to top it all off, what a nonsense to marry this glamorous foreign fiancé. Whaddaya say, you silly skull? Give me the file. With this words you are suspended,” was the bounce argument of the hotheaded despot. “You know exactly that you have to present me a written rationale. In consequence and due to my sickness, I freely take a one week vacation until you cooled down. In the meantime you take care of the 666000 DM bullion deal with Osiris-Ra, in which I do not want to earn a penny,” was Jonathan’s reasonable compromise that was surly accepted from his boss.

Jonathan had steadily to meditate about his problems at work, and alternatively constantly thought of Magdalena. Repeatedly he sensed at night time that she was very close to him, as if she was personally in the bedroom. In his hottest dreams, he saw her even sharing the double bed that he had picked out with Helen. Just at that moment he was torn from sleep, since this rigid temptress rang early in the morning on the phone. Helen Richards reminded him that he offered to play the best man at her wedding and a posteriori wanted to know whether everything in the afternoon is clear. Oh man, oh man! Upon all events he really had forgotten this special invitation to her civil marriage in Göttingen. Stupidly his car was no longer available, so that he straight away had to take public transport. Helen Richards and Otto Blossom had planned to give the civil vow in the middle of the week at their place of residence. On the following weekend they wanted to receive the church’s blessing in Ramsgate together with Aaron Spelton and the British relatives. During the long train journey, Jonathan read the following Bible-opener-finger-pointer-comments: A man is only as good as his word. Better to make no vow instead of one that is broken. He that has the bride is the bridegroom, but the friend of the bridegroom rejoices greatly…

Ha, ha, this kind of divine humour did not fit in his concept. He would have preferred to get back his inner harmony and to loose his feelings of jealousy against Blossom. Wait a minute! What was his own key to success? Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.

Nevertheless, Jonathan was glad when the ceremony was over. Late in the evening he arrived at he main station in Stuttgart. Now, now! Who was sitting on the stairs of the large ticket-hall? Two old acquaintances that he definitely not had expected. One was beastly drunk and now vomited a handed by the other butter pretzel on the ground. Frank Stein had landed as a homeless person on the street. Now Markus Ruf took care in telling him about Jesus. Mark knelt on the steps and cried out to God, that he should have mercy on Frank and save him. Passing by travellers understandably reckoned him as religious maniac. Only Jonathan was happy about the reunion: “Hey Mark, what’s the matter with you? Did you leave the Catholic Church to join the Salvation Army?” “No, Alois Löser, the former altar boy and youth leader of St. Nicholas Church has invited me to Taizee. There I was so impressed from the common prayer chants and devotions with Brother Roger, so that on my return I wanted to practice my experienced love to this precious creature of God,” replied his former room mate who had also received a powerful vision of God in the United Kingdom. “Get out of town! Is it you Jonathan?” remarked the sudden sober up stroller and hugged in his beastly stinking clothes his childhood friend. At that very moment Magdalena came running out of nowhere and handed over a large suitcase to ‘Frankenstein’. “Thanks Maggie Magician, are we meeting up tonight again at the cemetery?” inquired the donee, but as soon as she had arrived, she also jumped up the stairs to the train tracks. Jonathan lunged after her, took her by the hands, pressed her upper body on her chest, and gave her in front of all passing people a minute-long kiss: “Gosh! I never want to lose this emotion of ardent love.” “Place me like a seal over your heart, as a seal upon your arm. Love is strong as death and jealousy cruel as the grave. Their glow is fiery and a flame of the Lord. Sweetheart, do not stir up or awake love until it so desires. I have to leave quickly, otherwise Wicked-Oz will kill you. Can you promise me to take Frankenstein with you home, just for your protection,” giving a last peck on the cheek hot hormone Maggie separated.

“What a hot bride is this? Have you previously asked the Lord if she is really intended for you?” asked the moral guardian Markus. “Yes of course, the Jewish Kabbalah testified that she is the virgin that meets me in between 24 hours,” Jonathan was dead certain. “Wait, you do not know what I carry on with her on the graves,” Casanova Frankenstein returned to his normal jerk level. Insisting it isn’t intrinsic indignant, Jonathan wanted to slap him in revenge in the face, whereof Ruf could hold him back to his own protection. Markus found it would be better to dissolve the assembly: “Bye Jonathan, you should still come to the Jesus meetings, then we have more time to talk.” “OK, promised, see you soon,” Fischer bid farewell, leaving depressed looking Frankenstein alone on the stairs. Hold it! Had he not just made two promises? “Frankenstein, you must come and stay with me. Commando of chief Maggie,” prompted the old school friend and took the suitcase. Jonathan was ashamed to share a compartment in the suburban railway with the tattooed stinker. What would his irritated boss say when he sees him with this potential bank robber? Altogether and more important, how will his landlady react? The second concern was without any reason, for mothering, helping Hilde directly befriended with poor Frank. First of all the alcohol withdrawal patient was send in the bathtub to use the chance to dispose of his old clothes in the garbage. To change for the better, mutating Maggie had packed a whole equipment of a man’s clothier together with the gift book “Jesus our destiny” by Wilhelm Busch. All the more pleased, the new guest was with the rifle through all clothes ferret, with whom he played for hours.

The next day, Jonathan could leave the two slugabed pet lovers confidently alone. The next civil marriage was carried out, whereat Jonathan again was invited as best man. Vera Fischer and David Diao married in the local city office of Heumaden, rejoicing together with their good friend who arrived with his road racing machine. Jonathan was also invited to the FCJG church wedding on Saturday in Lüdenscheid with David’s friend Walter Cunningham as pastor. Therefore he bought a new car which should appear more humble in appearance this time. The Renault car dealer Fischer in Berkheim actually offered to accept his destroyed Vectra as 4000 DM special lease payment for a fully equipped compact car, so that the monthly leasing instalment of the two-year contract got sensationally low.

To make this life fiction even more incredible or to continue to surprise the reader, there was another official event where Jonathan was witness. On the following Friday Reinhild Fischer and Martin Peter Anrich also signed a marriage contract in the Stuttgart City Hall. Arriving with his brand new blue-metal car, proud Jonathan opened the folding roof to get a better look on the waiting wedding guests. Beside a chuckle he earned no admiration from the noble relatives of the doctors couple. Unlike this, his housemates behaved when returning he reversed the frog eye Twingo in front of his opening bedroom window. Frankenstein and the ferret Aaron looked curiously out of the window. Suddenly, the with numerous idols tattooed guardian angel shouted he should immediately crouch. Six shots resounded within seconds from ambush, completely blasting the rear window with its huge, reflecting Jesus sticker and also destroying the windshield. Miraculously intact, the surviving victim wanted not again to appear in the headlines, but certainly and in no time at all the police and press were informed from the neighbours. Of course he could figure out who was responsible for this attack which perfectly matched to the movie four weddings and a funeral.

To convey consolation Magdalena came along late at night and hugged her admirer on the couch. This caused jealous glances from Frank and Aaron, who didn’t like to share their togetherness. Frankenstein filled with rage escaped through the slamming door and Aaron began to sniff and pinch Maggie’s bum. Disturbing another kiss, he was banned into his wooden cage. Just snatched from the jaws of death, Jonathan retrieved his sense of humour and asked: “Tomorrow I am invited at the same time to three weddings, but I can only dance with you on one. Where do you prefer to have dinner? In the Honeysuckle Inn Pub in Ramsgate, in the Forestlust House in Lüdenscheid, or in the Speisemeisterei in Hohenheim?” “Naturally the forest lust is most appropriate for me, but it’s your choice sweetie-pie.” “Nearest and noblest is the cooking area of starred chef Martin Öxle,” knew Jonathan, who came closer to know caressing Magdalena. Getting appetite for more carnal pleasures, the two edged away to the double bed. At this instant the door bell signalled storm. “By the hammer of Thor, Frankenstein can wait quiet a bit, even if it starts to flash and thunder,” breathed smoochy Maggie through her damp tongue, causing Jonathan to lose completely his self-control. The more clothes both pulled off hectically, the louder got the rolling thunder and the pelting hail at the lowered blinds. The eye of cyclone came closer to the climax. Nothing and nobody would be able to stop Jonathan. But what was that? His apartment door was opened again by someone else. Chaperon Hilde called from outside: “Mr Fischer, I don’t want to disturb you, but this blusterous magician manages indeed that lightning strikes my house.” At once, Wicked-Oz rushed in the bedroom, taking again his scantily clad fiancee. “I’m sorry about that. I really blew it in loosing control. Yet nothing to write home about happened,” Jonathan pardoned expecting that his last hour had struck. “Accepted, how about if we sit together and reasonably discuss the muddled situation?” Elymas made an unexpected proposal. Getting even more pleasant he surprisingly offered: “Willingly I break off the engagement, but then I want to have back the money for the Lamborghini Diablo. In any case the Merlin insurance will not reimburse the damage. For that reason you, lovely Maggie, are obliged to repay me all betrothal gifts. Since you have wilfully deceived me, I want to have back the benefits that you received because of our upcoming marriage.”

“After all, I have invested all my cash into gold bricks. That’s utter bollocks, you snake charmer can not fake me with your false illusions,” implicated Magdalena. “I’m sorry to say that Elymas is absolutely right, as I also know from my legal studies,” Jonathan deplored, “however I  have already bailed for your money – honey. Poor or rich? – Dead or alive? That’s the question. Don’t worry. I saved the cash on my eBank-call-money account at the Volksbank Plochingen eG. But how about if I priorly send up the insanely jealous behind bars. I merely have to report the police about his murder attempt,” attempted to threaten the almost shooting victim. “By all that is right and fair, I have an alibi. The police already interviewed me and my edel-ethos mistresses. I have nothing to do with the shattered car windows. I came to share a strong suspicion, when suddenly Frankenstein ran against me, cursing by Zeus that Maggie is impregnated from the wrong side.” “How do you know Frank Stein and what is your suspicion about the sniper?” Jonathan understandably wanted to know. “For years Frankenstein met at Maggie’s coven and the murderous attack was performed by Gebhart Scharkfisch,” Elymas was dead certain. “How come?” Jonathan marvelled, since he couldn’t believe that his boss is the reason of the act of vengeance. “It’s simple. This morning we were in the office of Scharkfisch and transacted ​​the gold business. Magdalena insisted that the 33 bullions were hold in safe custody at your Park-Haus branch and not in Denkenstadt. A heated quarrel kindled until Magdalena resolutely decided to take the gold to the Edel-Ethos-Center. At one go Scharkfisch was still prepared, driving us with the payload in his white Mercedes to the former US military barracks Scharnhauser Park. When I asked him why he was transporting a wrapped Bundeswehr rifle in the trunk and whether he has a gun license, he got embarrassed and claimed to be a hunter who protects the gold transport from an attack,” was the interesting observation of Elymas. The chess player started to think and combined facts. Frankenstein had testified before the police that he saw a G22 repeating rifle, but he couldn’t give details about the masked riflemen in his white car. Anyhow, the retired German armed forces corporal with a big drinking problem was not taken seriously. The list of thesis recited from courageously Elisabeth Schätzle originated mostly really from Jonathan’s ideas. At the non-public meetings of the works council the loyal board chairmen Fischer – like many other apple-polisher & shiner unionists – delivered great speeches without any result. Concerning the fraud allegations Schätzle hit the nail square on the head. From discussions with Maria Müller Kempe Jonathan learned that huge cash withdrawals and deposits on her private current account primordially were related to Kempe and Scharkfisch. To bypass the identification obligation of the German Anti Money Laundering Act, she had signed blank deposit and withdrawal receipts for the free disposal of Gebhart Scharkfisch. After she eased her conscience the former gallant Fischer became a dangerous confidant. Moreover, successful Jonathan started to succeed scudded Sharkfish in his footsteps. Currently, the hunted non-hunter feared the upcoming buzz off of the all controlling eye of the bank. “What do we now?” Jonathan wanted to know. “I sell back the gold and give it as ransom to Elymas. The best is we cancel the connection. For what can Satan have in common with God? I like you my glamour guru, but today it is over with the magic for me, I have converted to Christianity and given my life to Jesus Christ. For all I have belongs to my saviour, all my dowry in the form of precious oils, gold, and even doomed car exhaust fumes,” was the decision of the modern Mary Magdalene. “But Maggie, sweetie, surely you know that our supreme master of the craft Helmut is Catholic and annually makes a pilgrimage to England and on leave goes to confession to Austria. Please forgive me. I will no longer forbid to read Christian books and likewise follow the Johannis-faith and Jesus, the greatest miracle worker of all time. Come home,” Wicked-Oz tried to budge his business and housing partner. “No, from now on I sleep here. Instead, Jonathan, endangered of murder, will move for safety reasons to our place. He shall instruct you in the spiritual gifts and other mystical secrets of the Old Testament and the New Testament. I promise you that I no longer touch Jonathan inappropriately until I’m married with him. If you succeed with all your might to become in the next 6 months Exorcist pastor and thereby exercise more power as Fischer, I vow to take you,” gales of laughter erupted from the speaker and her admirers. Listening at the door, Hilde now truly got the desired easy girl as lodger and everything was hunky-dory. Jonathan packed one’s bags and put them in the BMW 7 Series car of Elymas, whereas the owner picked and chose Christian books, CDs and sermon tapes as study material from the living room shelves. Ultimately he wanted to get the complete collection of the charisma shop, but Magdalena, his better half with the special bullhead, was adamant to retain a part of the spiritual training materials. The 5.7 liter engine of the Alpina B12 was a terrific contrast run in contrary to Jonathan’s 4 cylinder Twingo, which the the criminal investigation department had apriori confiscated as corpus delicti. The car enthusiast resumed that the four 20-inch alloy wheels with the 275 Michelin low-profile tyres were more expensive than his new fuel-saving Renault. Later some clever French advertising professionals continued this point of view in similar image comparisons. Elymas perceived that the frugal and modest living banker was very pleased of his luxury sedan. In his nice Greek manner he therefore offered to lend it for free if necessary. The residential district where the esoteric shop with its rooms was located was one of the cheapest rental areas, since many brothels and bars began to open up, which were to shun away for the stag night groom. When the two new friends grabbed the stuff out of the car, Jonathan met some long-known, waiting chess buddies, who appeared to be in price negotiations with Elymas, but shortly after the friendly salutation shamefully searched the wide. “Please be a nice guest and to not spoil the party and my business. If you like, I show you some pretty women to spend the night, board and lodging for free,” was the indecent offer of the noble pimp. Jonathan responded in another way: “Fool me once, Magdalena will be the first to know that I am no longer virgin, right? Fool me twice, how about to lend me the Bavarian state coach? Tomorrow I am invited to a royal wedding.”

On the next afternoon, Jonathan wisely dressed with a bow tie and his cashmere pinstriped boss suit, making his way back home. When the bombshell Magdalena climbed with her usual aplomb on her high heels into the Alpina-tuned BMW, catching the eyes of the quizzical neighbours, the good as gold banker thought the apparent life of a pimp is not that evil. The following presentation of the new, hands holding high society pair astonished Martin Peter Anrich greatly, waiting in front of the sacral Franziska church building in Birkach for his bride: “Boy! First you appeared in pulp magazines and now you arrive with such a dream woman. Could you please introduce us to each other?” “This is my new flame Magdalena Osiris-Ra. Vocational and divine providence has brought us together as you certainly did read. Anyhow, it’s hard to beat your short record time to the altar. Do you mind if I take her also to the festivities?” Jonathan asked his ex-guide. Of course the doctor could not say no, since he was a bit ashamed to pinch Reinhild from his protégé. In addition the surgeon felt partly responsible for the pelvic fracture accident during the Hong Kong holiday. Magdalena was fascinated by Jonathan’s following travelogue and smiled over the front image of Reinhild and Martin Peter in Chinese mountain costumes on the given program list. “The fortune is at my side, since your wedding plans with the photo shoot were a complete flop,” the future wife rejoiced. “It is much nicer to be photographed with you, even if I show up in all gossip columns,” Jonathan joked, saved by the bell. The ringing small protestant village church was erected from the Catholic duke Karl Eugen in the year 1779 for his Lutheran paramour Franziska Theresia.

Surprisingly another acquaintance from Albania officiated the wedding. Special guest Ulf Gouderner had travelled the previous day from Sweden where he led the largest pietistic brethren church. Only the very best was good enough at the whole ceremony, because both parental couples were wealthy. Thus, after a champagne reception for all worshippers the invited sojourners were transported from plenty horse carts to Hohenheim Castle. Jonathan persuaded the coachman to make a detour and to drive down the princely avenue of trees. The beautiful park with pond invited to rest at a hemispheric lookout. The pair took a stand on a curved wall, embraced each other on the shoulders, and seemed to breathe in the forces of nature. “The energetic aura here with huge trees from all over the world is unique. Isn’t it my high priest?” asked the former leader of witches, whose Wicca cult herded her naked under the centuries old trees, performing mystic dances on the Celtic Sabbaths with the coven. “We can test this out at full moon. But only when we are married. Now we have to turn back to the festivities,” sensed the afresh sober-minded and prosaic fiction hero. The Michelin star awarded restaurant in the old palace rooms of Hohenheim offered the best, most delicious seven-course chef menu that Jonathan ever tasted. Out of hand another chair and cover was brought from the waiter for Magdalena to sit down at the round table between Ulf and Jonathan. To be much talked of, the unbeatable duo Martin Öxle and television comedian Johann Lafer created the most excellent dishes. Having the British nonsense of “The Meaning of Life” in mind, preacher Ulf quipped if the bursting asunder crammed ones shouldn’t organise a stair run championship up to Weber’s gourmet tower, where the loser had to invite the winner to a peppermint leaf dinner. Jonathan professed to the Evangelical endurance runner that he was thoroughly purified by visiting Caesars Magical Empire and no more accepts match bets. Gouderner fooled around further that he likewise some US magicians or Christian prophets had learned to read thoughts and to foretell. Looking deep into the eyes of poleaxed Magdalena, who thought it’s better to break loose from this practices, he reassured: “Don’t worry about Frankenstein. He is in good hands in the home of his parents, but would like to have back his suitcase with the destiny book. In future better watch out not to come to close to Jonathan or else lightning hits your shared domicile,” turning towards Jonathan he continued, “You think that you are rich and have come to prosperity and need nothing. But in truth you are  poor, naked and blind. Therefore buy gold refined in the fire, lean white clothes and eye salve to see again. Seek the will of God for every day and do all for his glory.” “Thank you, that’s nothing new for me. Somewhere I heard that before. Can you prove otherwise your skills?” asked the angry, quite rightly rebuked protégé. Ulf took a slip of paper with 20 childhood questions out of his pocket, which he then wanted to answer to his doubter. Browsing the points, Jonathan mocked that he would make any bet that Ulf can not answer the questions. Gouderner suggested the following deal: “All right, then. If you lose, you give me the rights of your biography, and in return you easy winner are invited to the TV-Tower restaurant and to visit me in Sweden, including airfare and expenses, to preach on our television channel.” The thing began to get more attractive for the new media star who liked to impress Magdalena and to be in the limelight. Jonathan read carefully the questions and laughing determined that he offers his life career in getting only three correct answers. The first input was: Where did you preferably spend your holidays? The second: What is the name of your favourite teacher? And the third: With what grade point average did you finish your school? The hero of this fiction could not explain what Gouderner had intended with his life story. After all, he came into business and moreover got answered correctly all twenty questions, to the amusement of all present. “This is magic and clairvoyance, have you now changed sides?” asked the startled Jonathan. Tho’ she made too extreme predictions for clients, mediumistic Maggie became speechless. She desperately wanted to participate in the game herself. For certain reasons, to whatever extent, Gouderner would not repeat the curiosity.

Knowing that magic tricks are only interesting as long as they are concealed from the public, Ulf promised his audience to repeat the performance at Jonathan’s upcoming wedding with his future wife, for only then the secret should be dismantled.

The interested readers should not be kept in suspense until Chapter 10, because the resolving conclusion is obvious: the rapidly growing Church of Ulf in Sweden was recently visited by a school friend of Jonathan. Walter Stein already worked for a long time in the Scandinavian country as physicist, picking up the national language, meeting his indigenous wife, and getting four children. Beside the once more discovered Christian faith, his newest hobby was to write fantasy novels. Therefore, he devised together with Gouderner an effective lark, to angle Jonathan Fischer’s incredible life story with the questionnaire. Another human and not supernatural source of information was Frank Stein. After his green-eyed self expulsion he had returned earlier to his parental flat “Salute” in Fasanenhof. Many years had past until the lost son, who was tattooed from head to toe as Todd Bentley with warriors and demonic symbols, became sober and thus dared to go home. There he met by chance the from his twin brother sent overnight guest, with whom he exchanged for hours about Walter, Jonathan and Maggie.

The inebriated wedding guests had a hell of party. Reviving Magdalena and Jonathan in high spirits, all celebrated together until the next morning. Accompanied from the SWR Big Band, the exclusive dance festival with many prominent guests also offered an entertaining charitable program. Establishing an Aids foundation, Papa Bernd Scheu was not only prosperous in producing tins, but also as successful expenses and attention fees collecting member of the Stuttgart town council. His sun-tanned wife Sonja lately got engaged as voluntarily teacher to help Jürgen Klinsmann’s Agapedia foundation in the child house in Esslingen. Not surprisingly, whippet cookies loving Sabine Anrich, the mother of the groom, opened a tombola for a charity project in a slum district of South Africa. Leading throughout the show, her husband Professor Peter-Christoph as the head of the Freiburg Sports Clinic promoted the JAM nutrition program. The performance enhancing benefit receipts, detected from Team Telecom on their T-mobile cellphones, was equal and sufficient to the settlement of the Diablo damage. Also the entertainment expenses devoured approximately the same amount, mused the biking money expert before falling asleep in the newly-related roof apartment in the red light district.

Time to have a lie-in was Jonathan’s motto for Sunday. Alas, that came to nothing. At 9.30 a.m. Elymas entered the room and shook him out of his sleep: “Hey champion, today religious service is our supreme duty. Would you like to visit my maternal relatives in Mary Annunciation – the largest Greek Orthodox Basilica in Germany – or do you know something better?” “I’m actually not a fan of statues, icons or pictures of saints. Besides, the height of the steeple or the breadth of the presbytery is not significant in the eyes of God, but a powerful proclamation of his word and the beauty of worship. We go into the next situated church and then I continue to sleep, basta,” was Jonathan’s pragmatic proposal. A few hundred yards away the historical Leonard’s Church was located, whose belfry announced service time. Once Jonathan precautionally took place in the back row, together with buddy Elymas, just in case not to be seen by people, he could not believe his eyes. Much loved George Müller led the Protestant mass and began to interpret the Sermon on the Mount. Because of his benevolent glances from the pulpit, Jonathan felt that he had recognized him. Wicked-Oz took a notepad and co-wrote the whole sermon. When Jonathan silently told his roommate that he met the pastor 1993 at the World Championships in Athletics, the Greek pneuma student insisted to be introduced, taking Jonathan at the end forward. “Hello Jonathan, nice to see you again. How are you doing? Do you still seek the kingdom of God first in finding your dream woman? ” inquired the chaplain. “Apart from accidents and assassination attempts I’m doing fine. The kingdom of God is incomprehensible for me and my soon-to-be wife I just met at work,” he responded before Elymas fell in the word: “Mr Pastor, this sinning individual has pinched my fiancee. Please come along for lunch and I will report everything to you.” “Is that right Jonathan? Really, then I go with you,” said the always ready to serve counsellor and accompanied the two in their attic flat. Besides Wicked-Oz’s accusations, Jonathan reported his trip to China, the flights of fancy at work, meeting at the end Magdalena. Amazed, the priest recommended: “Have you ever thought about to publish your story? This could be a bestseller.” Envious Elymas thereupon got the unsatisfied recommendation to accept the spiritual contest, since it is the free will and decision of Magdalena whom she wants to marry. “OK then, I still have a couple of questions. What is to be poor in spirit? How should I understand that I may serve God and not mammon? Must I now sell my entire belongings and goods? How do I get delivered from my occult secret society? To apprentice myself I have unlawfully vowed by my life to reveal nothing or otherwise and only to withdraw at my death. Can I ever get released from my blood ties with Baphomet-Satan?” the magician and pimp justifiably queried. “One step at a time. First you must be born again through repentance and confession of your sins. Then you have to make Jesus Lord and Master over your life. Jonathan, I suggest you go in your room, so that we both are undisturbed when I hear his life confession.” This Wicked-Oz probably had a long sin list, since it took three hours until the desirably dormant Fischer was called back again in the living room. Soaked in sweat, George and Elymas were all run down as after a marathon. The phone rang. Inamorata Magdalena wanted to speak with Jonathan. Elymas told her of the wonderful cleanup of his old life that gave him supernatural feelings. He claimed that he had just met two angels named Swift and Emma-O, who had skyjacked him into heavenly places. George Mueller urged caution, for he doubted whether these phenomena were really from God. Magdalena wanted to immediately rush in, to receive prayer from pastor Müller in the hope to obtain similar revelations. A joint appointment in the parish was agreed for the next afternoon since George felt powerless. Out of safety and morality reasons he also consulted his wife Christa to the deliverance service.

Elymas and Jonathan got sour on Frankenstein, when they heard that he had returned to the apartment in the Castle Street to pick up his destiny book. Far worse, Maggie told at the phone that he should stay overnight in order to help as a gold carrier. The next day she intended to cancel the 33 gold ingot purchase, to claim her two-weak right to withdraw at Scharkfisch’s office. This made Jonathan’s toenails curl in horror, since his understanding of law and order differed full-on. At least, and only with the help of the protestant pastor, he could achieve that Frankenstein spends the night in the guest room of grandma Hilde’s upper apartment.

Far away the sun was rising the next morning, or the earth turned upside down, since business as usual developed to personal doomsdays. Initially Maggie could and would not understand why Gebhart Scharkfisch was unwilling to take the gold back. Even the buyback at the current rate with four percent commission was rejected from the top manager. Did tattooed, baldheaded companion Frankenstein shake Gebhart’s confidence? Maybe her less dominant, polite, Christian manner was the reason to fail. Maggie had to go home with Frankenstein and the heavy luggage to the attic apartment of the Edel-Ethos-Center. There having lunch, in hiding away from murder plots, Jonathan was not at all surprised of the misfortune. As the coin expert inspected the valuable cargo he nevertheless got utterly amazed for another reason. Normally the Cooperative Central Bank delivered only the 999.9 fine gold bullion manufactured by Degussa AG. But the round embossing on the shiny metal came from the South African Rand Refinery Ltd. What to do now? Magdalena sent by way of trial Frankenstein to exchange one kilogram gold bullion at the Landesbank and herself simultaneously went to the pastoral appointment. In the meantime Jonathan studied the brought along personal mail. Amazingly, he discovered a computer DVD in an anonymous letter. Curious Elymas helped him to unpack the data and to start with, he was not interested at all of the numerous bank records. In his research Fischer couldn’t believe his eyes. Through the covered deposits and withdrawals, as well as the SWIFT bank transfers to Switzerland, which were altogether signed from Maria Müller-Kempe, he learned about a giant fraud in secret commission payments for Scharkfisch and Kempe. The former treasurer got even more excited when he examined the documents on the party account, underwritten by Gebhart Scharkfisch and Max-Moritz Straussinger. Didn’t they misuse foundation funds from Liechtenstein for Straussinger’s election campaign? Didn’t they line one’s own pockets by withdrawing millions of cash? The telephone rang. Frankenstein begged whether Jonathan might come to the opposite police station, since he would just have been arrested. The distrustfully bankers had discovered that the gold is magnetic, because it was only an alloy metal plate. Immediately asked on the phone, Scharkfisch swore by his life that he had not procured the South African fake gold for Frank Stein. He would be really not responsible, for all is not gold that glitters. Thus, the duped twin brother Stein could spend his time behind big stone walls and barred windows. Jonathan could not and would not contribute something to his release, because priorly he had to consult his friends in the Edel-Ethos-Center.

Returning Magdalena seemed to be out of her senses, since she daydreamed how indescribably beautiful the sky is and how wonderful the birds were chirping, after she had confessed before George and Christa her whole guilt. When she heard how she had wrecked a fortune in losing her acquired assets, she was brought back down to earth with a bang. She started to blow one’s stack, by screaming violently and putting a death-curse on Scharkfisch. Out of naivety she even didn’t demand a bank receipt for the gold exchange, but only signed to have received the cash from the trust account. “Then let’s have a look here,” the banker still rejoiced and started again the PC. “We know dick about gobbledygook. Tell us what this financial data and documents prove,” Elymas wished to know, getting afterwards a seemingly good idea. He wanted not to go to the police but to blackmail Scharkfisch, Kempe and Straussinger to become a millionaire. “No, honestly is the best policy. We bring the data disk to the public prosecutor’s office,” Jonathan decided. “Do I get back my money then?” Magdalena wanted to know. Yes, if Scharkfisch has still not wasted your money in hiring some edel-ethos escort-ladies, was the scurrilous commentary of the investment baker, which his insulted interlocutors improperly included.

Jonathan thought that he could promptly deliver his classmate Frank from pretrial imprisonment. To be on the safe side, he went together with Elymas to meet chief persecutor Ratzinger and forwarded the controversial collection of crucial evidences. That one, however, meant the data all might be fake, for Jonathan could not earnestly hope to legally remove at the drop of a hat the above all doubt honourable Minister of Justice, the charity proven Mr Immo-Professor and the set above him bank manager, whose post he only desire. When they dismissed Jonathan remarked the strange way of shaking hands between Wicked-Oz and Ratzinger. Later he perceived the same handshake in the press photo of the British Prime Minister who joined the pope’s Roman Catholic Church.

That was a lesson for the faith hero who was reminded that it’s wrong to rely on people, since real justice is executed only at the last judgment by God, the judge of all humanity.

For Scharkfisch, who had indeed told the truth, but still lied, doomsday had arrived. The unattainable Professor Kempe took a hike in his holiday villa in Sicily, and middleman Max-Moritz made it quite clear that he himself was shortchanged at the irreparable South African gold deal from the Ethiopian Mafia. To make things worse for Scharkfisch, his treasurer & counterpart Straussinger was blackmailed by an unknown person who had access to high explosive databases, denouncing them of concealed party donations and illegal arm deals. The Minister of Justice presumed that Jonathan Fischer was the extortionist, because he had hazarded to inform against them at party and lodge friend Ratzinger’s office. Another turn of the screw was the logo of the Veritas secret society on the extortion letter, for the backstabber could have even arisen of the own brotherhood. Unless Gebhart would not undertake to ensure the racketeer’s silencing in one day, it’s a hanging matter. Extreme panic stampeded in Scharkfisch who once again hounded Fischer. At night, the paranoid and schizophrenic one sat down in front of Jonathan’s apartment, in wait to liquidate him at the appearance of his silhouette. This time, the trembling trick and trouble shooter destroyed Jonathan’s bedroom window by way of a change with Straussinger’s G22 riffle. Screaming like a banshee, Magdalena Osiris-Ra got the fright of her life. To be quite lucky under the circumstances, she only received a grazing shot on the buttocks. Scharkfisch discerned at the female yelling that he had chosen the wrong victim and took to one’s heels. Yet, the immediately launched helicopters hunt for a white Mercedes soon brought him into the maximum security unit of Stammheim. Frankenstein who lodged in the neighbouring cell announced during Scharkfisch’s internment that at day pass he will hook and get ahold of him. And in fact, Scharkfisch would leave earth in only a few hours. As if guided by an invisible hand, the two steel doors opened in the night, so that within seconds mad Frankenstein lulled his fellow inmates to sleep – put another way – the baldhead drowned the other head alternately in a filled sink with water. Scared to death, Catholic Fürst Gebhart begged for mercy and began a forced through torture confession of his infamous deeds before his baptising godfather. He calmed Frankenstein with many incredible mysteries of his Masonic lodge, thereby promising money and power. The secret traitor reported of failed submarine deliveries and their true deadly consequences, of successful Fuchs spy tanks deliveries and retracting financial blessings, successfully displaced oil refineries and other multi-billion deals, in which he and his members had participated. Losing completely his inner peace, Gebhart sensed that his life clock expired and time for true repentance had come. Therefore, he did public penance before father confessor Frankenstein and other listeners. He apologized for the gold fraud and many other violations of the ten commandments. Certainly, he would do his utmost to amend the wrong he did to all aggrieved people. He asked God for forgiveness for his crimes, so that his spirit will be received quickly instead of being purified too long in the purgatory. “To get out of purgatory you must pray at least seven billion rosaries and to pay me seventy billion lire indulgence,” Father Stone joked ere un-uniformed in-informed agents, who wheresoever wiretapped the conversation, abruptly interrupted. To solace, the 007-number dungeon watchmen administered a quantum cyclobarbitol, until it was all over.

In the morning, the James Bond wannabe intelligence agents did not find Frankenstein dead in his cell, since Scharkfisch shuffled off this mortal coil. According to press reports he had taken an overdose of digitalis which was hidden in a black-gold signet ring. “That’s an odd thing. Did he really wear such a ring and how could he be autopsied as soon?” Jonathan asked attentive Elymas, who played on a similar copy on his finger, when both watched breakfast television.

More important, for unanswered admirer Fischer and illuminated gentleman Wicked-Oz was a prone lying patient in the Marienhospital. Idolized and backside injured Maggie unfortunately could spent far too little time with in hiding Jonathan. Now, the two fellow believers on their pilgrimage brought together comfort to Saint Mary Magdalene. Jonathan hold hands on the right and Elymas kneeled down on the left. Entering for witness examination, that came to Inspector Sherlock Colombo at just the right time. After several questions to those in attendance, the case was solved for the awkward and intransigent thinker. Dead Scharkfisch was the over-all arch villain. Like nobody’s business, senior persecutor Johannes Ratzinger of all people made public the disclosed gold scandal. All wicked deeds were blamed on the corpus delicti, who of course couldn’t refuse to accept and to be cremated with lightning speed. Confident chairman of the supervisory board of the Sandbank, Professor Karl Kempe, returned after a few other highly paid brainwashes from his Cefalù-Sicily vacation, because his position was no longer under threat. To spell trouble for Jonathan, “Karl the Great” forced through an external Rotarian CEO at his oversight council board of the people’s bank in Denkenstadt. This was again the proof for insiders that relations in the allocating of top posts are more important than qualifications, skills or talents. Actually, only a short-time peace came after this change to the headlines hitting Raiffeisen Group. Night-time burglars, having power of the keys, took away from the fire-proof safe the large inventory of micro-fiches with posting transactions from the last six years. Sited in the basement, the paper registry with material from the last ten years was skilfully set on fire so that the historic timber-frame building on the spot powdered in dust and ashes. Nevertheless, cheatee Maggie got back her lost money in dual form of the temporarily at containers in the parking lot housing Volksbank. The dexterous human resources manager Octopussy arranged in addition to the gold refund that furthermore the employers liability insurance company reimbursed the damage done to the Lamborghini and the Opel, since it was a work-related accident. Thus, Magdalena got 666000 DM for her gold, Elymas 514000 DM for the Lamborghini, and Jonathan 32500 DM for his Vectra.

Jonathan moved back into his apartment in Denkenstadt, since he had to take care of Aaron, his ferret. Landlord Elymas had refused to accommodate the detested animal, anyway he already had to look after rutting Hansel and proud Gretel, the white witch’s pair of alley cats which caterwauled through the Leonhards-district. Put in the clear, Frankenstein after his deliverance was allowed to lodge again in the vacancy of the Castle Street. Leaving aside the fact that recovering Magdalena once more worked and lived in the red-light district, everything seemed to work well for Jonathan. The dominatrix sent off the hired playing ground slaves from Elymas, who had anyway no employment contract. Afterwards Maggie occupied herself the first floor of the Edel-Ethos-Center. Mind changing Elymas converted his attic flat into a clinic for christocentric healing. The esoteric shop on the ground floor began to cooperate with the Alpha bookstore and preferably sold books from the Johannis publishers. Appropriate to the whole situation, Magdalena or more precisely Elymas got a powerful, weighty, material idea. They wanted to get hold of a 33 kilograms heavy gold pyramid in commemoration of Ramses Ra and Lore Osiris. That one should go on display in a crystal vault in the midst of the shop for the attraction of more customers. The pyramid should have a detachable eye with a huge diamond at the top and was styled after the secret toy which George Herbert Walker Bush (senior) beheld for son George W. Bush (junior). Elymas presented an older photo that showed the president with his family and the pyramid plaything in the conjugal bed. Tomb chamber trustee Jonathan tensely focused to get a further brainstorm through knowing the right people. From the purchase contract of his Mercedes to a goldsmith in Pforzheim, he immediately found the right address for the procurement and manufacturing. The only drawback was that the mixed art object should be cast and forget from the historically keen prized Polish gold of their dentition and adornment deprived souls. Paying half of the amount, Wicked-Oz was all the more enchanted and also Maggie couldn’t resist the unbeatable offer plus the immoral temptation. Gold and money do not stink and have not lost their fascination over the course of thousands of years. Even if it is fool’s gold, the magic gold pyramid seemed to radiate an even stronger force as the destroyed real estate object at the rubble mountain in Stuttgart. So, the influx of visitors in the Edel-Ethos-Center was just as strong as in the new exhibition with metaphysical paintings of Caspar David Friedrich in the Stuttgart State Gallery.

Jonathan and his crew had a hard row to hoe in the Park-Haus bank branch, for the flow of customers increased enormously in consequence of the fire in the head office in Denkenstadt. Necessary due to this fact and under his threat of resignation he could get his demand accepted to nullify the electronic Bank Contact Business Partner Credit Evaluation. By the banishment of the control system his relieved team had no more longer to give account about their monthly client deals. Nevertheless, the pressure on Jonathan was still as strong as never before, so that the workaholic feared in his short recovering sleep periods a soon coming burnout. When he told George Müller of his workload, his mentor advised him to resign from his offices as chairman of the municipal council and administrator of the tomb foundation. True humility – service – would be apparent in the service for the poor and not in pompous speeches in front of applause-giving dead bones. Therefore, he should rather take part in the building of God’s kingdom, partaking  on the weekends in the blessed work of diakonia. Also, it would be better to keep the hands off sinful Magdalena, since she would have been fully drifted into her old habits. Sanctimonious Fischer didn’t like at all this proposals. This proselytising pastor was easy in talking, eventually he didn’t earn as much money as himself. Disgruntled, the advice seeker renounced the familiar quoted scripture: For what shall it profit a man, if he wins the whole world and lose his own soul? Should this mean Jonathan wouldn’t be on the right track? And then the parson wanted that he breaks the Sabbath commandment and distributes food for the poor in the Vesper Church on Sunday. Jonathan had to express his anger, telling Frankenstein the perpetrating proposal. To catch a Tartar, Frank Stein got unpleasant. Eventually he had benefited for years from the excellent service for the needy and relished the idea also to work in the Leonhardskirche. The snobbish banker would be only arrogant in despisingly looking down on homeless people. Next to, they really drove past the tramps at the Leonhards square to pick up someone else. Magdalena got on the Twingo to ride along to the Jesus-Meeting in the Gospel Forum. Jonathan favoured to sit two by two, like Adam and Eve in the Renault advertisement, in the front of the narrow seduction-vehicle. Instead, the cunning snake devil on the back seat bench convinced totty Maggie to minister as fruit distributor in the Vesper Church, which was located between street prostitution and modern consumption temples.

In virtue of the sacral rock music by the Beat Generation band the hand holding lover calmed down, even though the atmosphere among the 3000 listeners heated up further through the thrilling beats. How nice it is to plunge once again into the presence of God, Jonathan thought, lifting his hands towards heaven. A more quiet, smoochy dance song to sing along with had started at the arrival of the “Normal Betrieb” youth worship group. The missionary who came to Europe, in the form of guest speaker David Diao, appeared on the scene. Heavenly Diao once again witnessed his unbelievable life story and promoted his newly founded “Look at Jesus” fellowship. Jonathan enjoyed the reunion with Vera and David, who warmly embraced him in front of the stage, while many other visitors were standing in line to get a written invitation to the Sunday services or also to have a chat. In the first place, the dearest wanted to introduce his chosen one to the Diao pastoral couple: “This is my new sunshine Magdalena Osiris-Ra, with whom the Lord firmly welded me together.” “Then you’d better watch out not to burn your fingers at the fertile Egyptian Helios goddess. Do you know that Jesus died for you?” asked sceptic Vera, turning to the not much pleased bosom buddy. “Girl, many men went to death for me. You need not to pride yourself of your nearly murdered miracle man for I will show you mightier power if I come to grips with Jonathan, is that right?” Reminded of Diablo and Reiki-encounters, the new lover prudently dissolved the conservation: “Yes, sure enough. You are the very best of all, dearest Maggie. Come on, we don’t want to leave the other people waiting in the line.”

Mercifully, Markus Ruf arrived at the opportune moment, patting Jonathan on the back: “Praise the Lord! So you made it after all. For a long time you didn’t show up. Thus, did you lose faith?” “Are there only witty remarks on this evening for me? Haven’t you heard that Maggie, Elymas, and Frankenstein have converted to Christianity through me. Is there nobody who acknowledges the great evangelist in me?” asked mockingly Jonathan. “Hold it! I firsthand heard the call of God from Markus, the Catholic parish worker. The love of Jesus is expressed first and foremost through the feeding of the poor,” Frank Stein adjudged and arriving in time, the also supervening Wicked-Oz confessed: “And I follow the metaphysical, cosmic force to get more power and to impress Maggie.” “And I have accepted Jesus Christ as personal saviour after the Müller couple had driven seven unclean spirits out of me,” Magdalena testified. “Yes and already after a quarter of an hour they came back with a few additional companions into your house,” was the twofold theological recognition of grinning Wicked-Oz and jeering Frankenstein. To go over the tops, the meeting broke up, and to act out of spite, Jonathan gave Magdalena the last minute-long tongue kiss after they had arrived in the red light district. Rear seated Frankenstein burned up in anger, but there was no way for the raging beast to escape out of the three-door car, except through the tailgate.

In due time, alarmed by wild Odin screams of Frankenstein, the first responder Elymas got out of his BMW and interferingly opened the passenger door: “Do you call that merely holding hands? Come out now and stick to our agreement. I have still five months time.”

Returning home, Jonathan never thought that he would lose Magdalena that night. Less astonishment would raise if molester Frankenstein leaves his flat. In particular, this gadfly put a top secret video tape into the recorder, which priorly Elymas Wicked-Oz had played into the monsters hand. On it were shown the nastiest footage one can only imagine. Long before, Jonathan had given up watching porno movies. He felt much better when he controlled his animal instincts, instead of being driven by them. Therefore he made his way from the bedroom to the TV to turn off the moaning. Then he did not trust his eyes. He didn’t perceive pornographic actors, but Max-Moritz Straussinger and Karl Kempe, who were tied up and alternately whipped from a commanding dominatrix. Like these, Frankenstein showed the highest sadomasochism feelings of pleasure in tracking the painful procedures. Can there be such a thing among civilized people? The two allies dressed up as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and delightfully played their own agonizing extinction. Motorsport fans will not be surprised at all, since detestable acts of association bosses recently got abroad. What could happen if the compromising pictures are sold to members of the press?” Jonathan asked. “That would be stupid. Elymas has much more power if he sends the copies to the stupid sex masochists and blackmails them,” said Frankenstein and went on, “What do you think, how will he win control over you, if you’re married with Sadomaso-Maggie?” “Don’t talk about here disrespectfully, otherwise you face the axe,” Jonathan got vexed. “Have you not recognized that she is the secretly recorded batter in the video?” Frankenstein queried. “No, I never accept this. The black masked latex corset-wearer might have an equal ample bosom but she is definitely not Magdalena.” “Yes, it’s a good thing to count on the good of mankind, but people like me who live in poverty and did end up living on the street know the real, painful, bitter life,” Frankenstein claimed pushing the fast-forward mode of the tape. The following scene played outside a burial ground and was filmed at full moon from above a tree. This time, in miserable YouTube quality, Frankenstein was himself a film actor. As a Wiccan high priest in a wild sex & drug orgy he successfully laid successively into twelve witches. The most monstrously monstrosity was performed in a mortuary chapel that was turned into a butchery. Guarded from two winged lions at the entrance, the old pillar building in the image of an ancient temple was the Gothic place for black masked hags to funnel immensely much pig blood into a coffin. The abominably, most bestial cruelties accomplished clearly recognizable a familiar, totally teased satanic couple, whose naked flesh was drowned in lifeblood. Also getting into an ecstasy, the surrounding peepers fell on their knees and began to delectate with blood-soaked Antichrist cookies. Rising again, they lifted up a demonic claret chalice which was gemmed with precious jewels. Is this for real? Dear reader, do not be afraid and better do not investigate, for this is a fiction novel.

Jonathan was deeply shocked as never before in his life. The tears nonstop rolled down his cheeks when he begged: “Frank, I would be grateful if you go and let me alone. Today I break off with Magdalena. Please, take with you this cursed tape and bring it back to Elymas. I give up. He has won the fight for Miss Osiris-Ra.” “Aye-aye, sir! Don’t be grieving, for mad Maggie is rather a woman for me. Wait a bit and you will have more success with the opposite sex,” was the farewell of the sex monster that went with his suitcase.

Jonathan came finally to the end and no longer wanted to live. Apparently, God had no pleasure to fulfil his greatest desire. Therefore, he swore at the sacrificial altar never again to touch Magdalena inappropriately. In future, the single wanted to stick at the advice of Paul in not desperately attempting to get married. Also, he would again work to build up God’s Kingdom and to strive to do the will of God.

For that reason depressed Jonathan claimed to know a special counterattack against the forces of darkness: “If the devil makes you angry, you must strike back with a high cash donation to a Christian work.” Therefore the ‘insane suicide candidate’ took with him a sacrificial check over 100000 DM to the Raichberg secondary school on the next day. The Evangelical Free Church had grown to five hundred persons visiting the Sunday worship service in the breaking full gym of the municipal building. David Diao preached about Jesus, who must be in the centre of the believers life, so that the eyes of the faithful are always focused on him. “How right he was,” Jonathan reflected on his seat in the front row. He was just about to go through an inward brokenness and to recover his soul peace, when suddenly Elymas appeared to have the effrontery to take place at his side: “What’s the trouble? Master, I heard that you want to throw the helve after the hatchet.” “I’ll second that. From now on I radically follow Jesus and offer my body as a living, God pleasing sacrifice. You can keep Magdalena,” thereby Jonathan thought to get rid of the wizard. But his rival didn’t want to leave. On the contrary, at the end of the meeting this Greek-born German started an animated Chinese chat with pastor Diao. He claimed to have had at the previous night a female angel visitation named thunder and lightning. These had operated him his bowels, so that he got the gift to speak in other tongues. Heavenly Diao was bubbling over with joy and even Vera began to admire the Christian sorcerer from a distance because of his linguistic prowess. “What’s the matter Jonathan? You look so sad,” the sensitive woman inquired from her longtime friend. “You were right with Osiris-Ra. She is a size too big and much too hot for me. Here you go! Please take this check. I want to bless you and the fellowship,” sighed the mission partner, handing over an envelope. When Jonathan returned home in the evening from an hours-long walk, his answering machine was full with messages. First, Vera was delirious with joy, thanked for the donation, and invited him for the early morning prayer meeting. The second caller Magdalena gave a ten minutes report about her fantastic assignment together with Frankenstein in the Vesper Church. The downcast admirer deleted the record cos he could no longer hear her voice. Deeply grieved he tried to eliminate his pain.

“Oh man, I must be really crazy to get up at 5.30 am and to gather with an Chinese escapee, who no wonder was expelled from his country, since his loud crocitation like a rooster wakes up the whole neighbourhood,” Jonathan was really not out of mind, as he held hands to join prayer with David, Vera, Martin Peter, and Reinhild in their Heumadener hobby room. But somehow new courage and a bold determination came on the God warrior by alternately proclaiming Bible scriptures. Jonathan suddenly saw the building complex of the SI Centre in Möhringen in his mind’s eye. He seemed to observe how standing church visitors of the bursting at the seams fellowship comfortably took a seat in the red velvet folding chairs of the Musical Hall. As he passed the spiritual impression, he was unanimously ordained as chancellor of the future musical theatre rental. “You’ll see, if the spiritual image is really of the Holy Spirit, we get promptly a positive answer,” Martin Peter was very optimistic. Jonathan began to have more fun in his walk with God, because the hall management arranged immediately an appointment with the from all sides sought-after top chef. The shy investor wanted to rent only once or twice the building for 10000 DM by way of trial. To be or not to be was the motto of the solvent Rolf Deyhle, who gave the only option to book the Miss Saigon Musical Theatre Hall in favour of the fixed price of 100000 DM for four months on Sunday mornings. Jonathan became well accustomed to his role as insane, guaranteeing bank donor so that he also took over this amount. Thus, the popularity and respect he received from his China friends and admirers rose enormously. After all, they still met at dawn and waited for charismatic impressions. Mondays at Anrich’s, Wednesdays at Diao’s, and Fridays in Fischer’s apartment.

The next impulse from Jonathan was to ask Tobi Veigel and Simon Wörner whether they would take over the musical part of the service with their popular band Beat Generation. In addition, a small free snack was offered after the spiritual sermon and also paid promotion was publicly put on subways and advertising pillars. As a result, the gathering grew to 2000 attendees within two weeks. Most of them were Christians who turned their backs on their home churches, for they preferred the more modern, more noble service. Such being the case, the protestant pastor Müller was far from being pleased regarding Jonathan’s competitive advertising campaigns. On the phone he condemned in strong terms the Americanized Pentecostal excesses. It would be still much better for the Jesus-disciple to work as well as Magdalena and Frankenstein in the diaconal Vesper Church. Approached again on the subject, Fischer refused to go back to the Leonhards square. He had quite embarrassingly avoided to keep contact with Magdalena and never picked up the phone when her number was displayed on the screen. In a lengthy letter Jonathan had tried to explain his ex-heartthrob why it is better not to see each other, just to gain distance for a while.

On the contrary, Fischer couldn’t shake off this pushy Wicked-Oz who gained another foothold in the Free Evangelical Church. Through his widespread connections, Elymas acquired a television team which produced a positive report of the “Look at Jesus” fellowship at the regional SWR TV channel. He even won his slimming down patient, the Minister of Justice Max-Moritz Straussinger, as honorary patron and guest speaker for the worship service. Ostensibly, the political campaign preacher developed a shorter leg which had regrown in the Healing Room of the Edel-Ethos-Center. Receiving standing ovations, he proclaimed that the Great Architect of the Universe still heals today. Furthermore, preferably Mandarin speaking businessman Elymas got from David Diao the permission to sell books from Johannis Publishers in his transportable store. Unable to follow the managing conversations, treasurer Jonathan was displeased of suspect temple bargains, since he rather wanted to get the charisma shop as supplier. Similar to Jonathan, Elymas introduced many fruitful ideas for the fellowship so that he summarily was taken into the leadership board of the newly registered church association. The wizard was a fan of Christian literature which taught that you can get everything what you want if you only believe. His favourites were “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and the “The Fourth Dimension” by David Jonggi Cho. Hence, Elymas proposed on the basis of the successful model of South Korea to hold mid-week cell groups with 13 people and to introduce a multi-level structure for the leadership. In addition, Wicked-Oz sponsored a USA study trip to the Oral Roberts University and to the Crystal Cathedral megachurch of Dr. Robert H. Schuller. The thirteen most successful cell group controllers who managed to divide their fast growing house church in an equally sized one were invited to travel 14 days across the United States. Of all superintendents, the young Catholic Markus Ruf together with his assisting power sportsman Christoph Ziegler could split speedily their second Friday-feelgood-reunion of 24 further attendants. That was not surprising, for the merry Veritas-Fraternity students from Tübingen met in the cellar house bar. As proof, each participant had to be bindingly registered and to fill in a gullible opinion questionnaire. Furthermore every meeting had to be documented by members and topics. Jonathan’s objection that these monitoring and investigation methods recommend caution because it reminded him of the Scientology ‘church’ was immediately overruled by ‘Heavenly Diao’: For the simple reason that even in the Three Self Church in China registration forms had to be completed. Finally, the clever Chinese wanted to prove that he succeeded to direct the fastest growing Protestant Federal association of Germany. Apparently, the heavenly Bible expert had forgotten God’s prohibition of another census which a better-known David had committed in causing a heavy curse. The whole control activities became more sinister from Jonathan’s point of view. A sight better cultivated the children of the newly introduced Beard-Powell Boy and Girl Scout groups, which were placed in the good care of Reinhild and Peter Martin Anrich and also prospered fairly quickly. Unfortunately, Wicked-Oz smoothly launched another military, controller pyramid scheme with the knighted scouts. The chief manipulator dictated again to document all activities by the medal decorated leadership. In a similar manner the main target in Stuttgart was to build up in record time the biggest scout group of Europe.

Jonathan would not have thought that in his next auditive customer meeting Ron, the youngest elite Eagle Scout of the United States would play an auditing role. Maria Müller-Kempe took place in his Park-Haus branch office and unexpectedly started to weep bitterly when her bank manager inquired about her health. The pitiful creature had just returned from a six-day Italy vacation that she had to spend in a correctional camp. Obviously she couldn’t enjoy the wellness holiday with vitamin supplements in sauna sessions. On the contrary, she complained about the crazy metaphysical teachings of the Scientology sect introduced by L. Ron Hubbard, which she had fallen victim to. Her husband Karl Kempe would be one of the cosmic leaders, who surmised in an awkward moronic manner to be a reincarnation of Mussolini. To achieve his free ‘Operating Thetan’ the totalitarian dictator would even finish of his son-in-law, if he would not reach clear. Pre-clear, she realized her own fault, for she didn’t listen to the warnings of her father confessor Fürst about the Lucifer and angel of light temper of her bridegroom. Yes, even children were treated in an unloving, despising manner as small bodies in need of improvement and purification at the Sicilian psycho concentration camp. She can’t bear any longer to witness the criminal machinations of this evil chairman of the supervisory board. Before her life would be put an end to, she wanted to let Jonathan into a secret. Her lord and master had learned nothing by the death of Gebhart Scharkfisch. Quite the reverse, appointed from Max-Moritz Straussinger as new treasurer of the national party he would exacerbate the dubious wheelings and dealings of his predecessor. Howsoever, she was most regretful that Jonathan was not promoted as bank manager, but rather a corrupt lodge brother of her husband, who had to continue the fraudulent real estate transactions in the same way. She could not understand that nobody in the city council of Denkenstadt turned against the lawless machinations in the apportionment of building land. Former fraction leader Fischer considered for a moment to disclose more sardonic bribe details in the building process of the development area, knowing about profit gaining building permits and obscure allocations of mortgage loans. Instead, he preferred to put his arm around the pitiably, unfortunate millionairess in a comforting way. For a brief moment the thought flashed through his mind that the filthy rich Maria would be the right woman for him – after she got divorced from the wicked Kempe. But immediately, he remembered the last of the ten commandments and his promise not to seek actively a wife.

Jonathan had pangs of remorse because he didn’t take care of the depressed Maria Müller-Kempe. Back at work on the next morning he came to know that she had jumped from the 70 meter high motorway viaduct. Except silent Jonathan, no one of his colleagues could explain why the richest woman of Denkenstadt went to one’s death. On their last farewell she had passed a shuttered Samsonite suitcase on to him, whose lock he should crack, if anything happens to her. Getting disconcerted and inquisitive, Jonathan took the black suitcase and spare hours to go back home. At first hand, the brainworker couldn’t open the resistant lock. Therefore he cut through the thick plastic coat with his Bosch Flex angle grinder on his terrace. First of all, a testament came to light which cut off ‘Karl the Great’ with a shilling and inherited the Catholic Church as beneficiary. At that precise moment, he got an uninvited visit by Rolf Schafspelz and Karl Kempe, who had spotted him from afar. The assailing bank director accused him of illicitly leaving his work place, and the chairman of the supervisory board snatched the halved case shells with its familiar content. Already in the same afternoon, Octopussy personally delivered his termination. Kempe had made the affidavit that Jonathan had picked his pocket, that he had stolen secret client data, depositing it unprotected on the veranda, and that he had aided and abetted money laundering on Maria’s account. In fact, a week ago, Fischer had a telephone conversation with Dr. Wolfgang Baumeister, the head of internal audit, about Maria Müller-Kempe who had eased her guilty conscience. Thereby, honest Jonathan confirmed simple-minded that he had done nothing for the prevention of further illicit operations. Thus poor Jonathan, who actually was rich, was sentenced to the maximum penalty of 100000 DM according to the Money Laundering Act. At his forced send-off from the city council his party comrades tried to encourage him, since he merely had to make a honourable charitable donation. On these grounds he would be only previously convicted in the eyes of the public opinion. For better or for worse, the main share of the blame as per usual had to bear the framed corpse. Reputation damaged Maria with the battered body could only stare like a lifeless statue, putting up a brave front, until she postmortem was embalmed with extra chemicals into the family vault. The warning message of John Todd, the Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’ Tour-Truck-Driver, who had seen shortly before Maria’s departure two dark figures on the motorway viaduct, was ignored. How come? To shoulder on the hard shoulder – something out of the conspicuously Continental Cabrio car boot – is just as meaningless as a heretical Catholic New Testament from Maria, making no assumption of her Assumption Day, but stating her specific legacy: “Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.”

The yellow mail – as messenger of the gods – conveyed additional, uncomfortable correspondence to the house of Jonathan. By registered post with return receipt, the Stuttgart notary Uwe Baumann could no longer justify that Fischer leads the tomb foundation, since nowadays so many funds were misappropriated from caretakers and lastly Jonathan had lost his secure job. More impertinent was the letter of his old party comrades Max-Moritz Straussinger. Come along, the new church brother requested Jonathan to step down from his position as treasurer, for now the money launderer had a criminal record and evidentially was completely incapable to execute such an important duty. Jonathan was seething with rage. For his own sake, someone else could visit the cursed pyramid tomb, but he himself had brought  the “Look at Jesus” fellowship in the spotlight with his many good ideas. His next idea should bring the total breakthrough and secure a full-time employment in the church, the science fiction hero hoped at least. Jonathan Fischer actually managed to rent the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium for 300000 DM on a weekend and to engage the famous repentance preachers Reinhard Hill and Steve Bonnke. In his self-knitted revival imagination 60000 new converts came forward and cheered and honoured him as financing organiser. The management team of the church supported his project and was immensely pleased. Alone Elymas was a bit offended because his proposal to invite Billy Graham and his intention to take also the Catholic Church in the boat was rejected. All the more Wicked-Oz was pleased, when the Stuttgart chief prosecutor Ratzinger visited the new office of the church in the Valley Road and discovered many shortcomings. Jolly good fellow Jonathan had created no folders for the correspondence, and even donation bank statements were missing in part or were not filed chronologically, since Fischer had a lot of stressful jobs.

Consequently, the unfaithful financial manager Fischer was relieved with the majority of the male votes from his church board post. Otherwise all fellowship officials were threatened to lose the non-profit status of the registered association. To ad insult to injury, wounded Jonathan got the common advice from David, Martin Peter, and Elymas not to visit the services in the Musical Hall for a time until the furor died down. The collective morning prayer anyway was dissolved, because David Diao and Martin Peter Anrich were introduced from Minister of Justice Max-Moritz Straussinger into the upper governmental circles and like Elymas Wicked-Oz preferred to search at an early hour their own pictures in the Stuttgarter Zeitung. Particularly since the perish clerks were well-received guests at exclusive night-time state receptions and in the VIP lounge of VfB Stuttgart to prepare the upcoming evangelism spectacle at the Municipal Stadium. Initially, Vera and Reinhild didn’t want to cancel the contact with Jonathan. They met secretly with the fallen one and prayed seemingly in vain for justice. Ultimately, their spouses under the regime of Wicked-Oz determined that it is better not to be surrounded by losers.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed,” Jonathan procured Aaron in the pantry. The ferret enjoyed to the fullest to share food with the master and to hide in the dark. At least Jonathan’s dear disabled parents, whom he had rather neglected, held to him. The family of his brother Thomas also was delighted about more frequent visits. Loyal widow Hilde likewise didn’t believe that the allegations, leading to social damage, were all true. Sticking to Fischer and to the truth, Markus Ruf reported at the phone all church news and internal affairs. And another friend was especially delighted to find again a lost sheep. Protestant pastor and mentor George Müller comforted Jonathan with the wisdom that the deeper a person falls, the higher he could be lifted up again, because the self-denying Christian way to the top always and only leads down in humility. Even the Lord Jesus Christ had himself proclaimed, he, who tries to win his life will lose it, but he, who loses his life for his sake will win it. Following the sermon, Jonathan indeed participated at the food distribution for the poor in the Vesper Church. Feeling sympathy for the people who lived at the fringes of society, he took part in their fate in listening closely for hours. No sooner he had found joy at the activity, than it was already over. Spring was approaching, which is why the for nine weeks daily opened doors of the warmed house of God closed again. Therefore Jonathan decided to visit the beloved people on the street to invite them to eat in restaurants. News about this generosity spread quickly and made him to a modern king of the beggars. Hearing the voice of Jesus, he didn’t want to end like the rich man in the parable with the poor Lazarus. Therefore, he often taped up the pus-filled wounds of alcohol abusers. He even paid the vets bills for leaking dogs and used his contacts to the Salvation Army to get dress equipments and adequate accommodations for the people living on the street. On Saturday nights, Jonathan shared together with members of the Jesus freaks, the Brothaus fellowship, and the City Chapel sausage sandwiches and tea punch for the homeless and so became a friend of Robby Strobel from the BGG – Biblischen Glaubensgemeinde (Bible believers church). That one had actually given away half of his wedding cake to the junkies who were supervised by him on the Königsstrasse (King’s road). His weekly soup pot team enjoyed by the drug addicts an increasing popularity. This inspired Jonathan to work in the Olga-fellowship belonging to the Mülheimer Association. The church with a bite and with a heart provided in the Olgacellar for the needy a nearly free dinner and a spiritual input through a short sermon and worship. To carry everything to extremes, the disciple of Jesus, who did not know where to lay his head, lived for one week with the homeless and without money in an underpass and shifted begging for a living. Finally he had become one of them and therefore received the highest respect of Frank Stein.

Together with Maggie, Frankenstein caused otherwise a great sensation, because both intended to convert the red light district. In addition to the evangelising visits of Magdalena by the giving away of the Jesus film and Bibles to her ex-colleagues, Frankenstein made sure that each whoremonger was photographed and discouraged from his paid homeless friends, while entering the local brothels. In the following fighting scenes on the street with the pimps, the baseball striking, bald skinhead group retained the overhand. The general houses had not at all to bankrupt because the receipts of the world’s oldest trade are anyway not recorded in the accounts and hardly ever taxed, but the scene still decided to move outsides the gates of the city, due to the revenue shortfalls. The remaining ladies got counselling under the pastoral care of the Müller couple and often managed to return to a regulated work.

Jonathan could also not just carry on as before, for his reserves were exhausted, and he had not registered as unemployed. That’s why he accepted the first available job offer. Following the advice of his parents he worked again at a financial institution. This time, the hard-to-place convicted banker took a position as servant at the counter of “God’s work”. The former branch manager helped four salary levels lower at the EKK Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG as a service representative for pastors and other church staff. Most smuggest, his future team leader became Elisabeth Schätzle, with whom he got on like a house of fire.

Dear readers and detail loving bookworms. Thank you for your endurance in reading this mammoth chapter. The authors don’t want to keep you in full suspense. Howsoever, we’ll reveal this much: the students do already know the wife-to-be which is related very close to Jonathan. Most certainly the hero of the story will come to know his dream woman and will marry in the tenth chapter of this life fiction.


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