The Disclosure of the Occult

The occult I always brought into connection in my ideas with evil dark powers. But what does the occult really mean and how can we recognize it? According to Wikipedia, the Latin word occultus can be translated with concealed, hidden and secret. That makes it difficult for lay people to generally grasp the matter. In contrast, the initiate enjoys his superiority over others through the knowledge of the Secret.

As a first example I am concerned with the magic in the legerdemain. The fascination in a magic show is that the viewer can not tell what exactly is going on. The honest tricksters who do admit from the outset that they are deceiving their audiences are much more sympathetic for me than the dark mage who claims to be in connection with unseen powers. Normally the guild will not reveal their business secrets for otherwise the appeal is lost and with it the earnings. The fascinating thing about observing and being deceived is not knowing where a thread, mirrors, double bottom or other illusion aids are hidden. Otherwise the thing gets boring and can even be imitated. As devious art one can mark the nimble-fingered manipulation of objects e.g. the shell game, to pull out the money of the observer’s pockets. The processes take place so quickly that the human eye and mind is getting deceived in perceiving something different than reality. For a common scam I inspect the divination that uses sophisticated information and research, to surprise victims with the supernatural.

Is there such a thing as black magic and what is in witchcraft a fairy tale or truth? The purpose of this report is to draw the reader’s attention on evil forces that can adversely affect a life. The writer is a connoisseur of the Bible and trusts that the advice and reports given therein are useful for life. So why is in the Torah the prohibition to engage with soothsayers and necromancers? One of the most interesting and often misunderstood examples can be found in the 28th chapter of the first book of Samuel:

Saul the king of Israel is in a desperate situation. The militant ruler is at war and desperately seeks the right strategy for the battlefield. As a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob he successfully called in such cases famous Samuel for help. Due to the prophets connection to God, his former advices guaranteed the victory. But the great prophet Samuel had died, and Saul felt for a reason separated from God. For the insanely jealous Saul had such an evil spirit that he tried several times to kill David, who was already chosen as the new king. Even Saul’s own son and legitimate heir Jonathan, the dominant father almost speared. Later he demanded his death, for Jonathan had eaten despite the king’s commandment to fast, and also he was the best friend of David.
The whole tragedy was that God had rejected the commander-in-chief because of his disobedience to his covenant. Saul was not always a bad leader. In his early days he appeared humble, notwithstanding his amazing stature. He was hiding from his coronation, and he walked several days, searching the runaway donkeys of his father. One of his wisest acts was to eradicate the spiritists out of the country and to prohibit any contact with the dead under death penalty.

It gets interesting and exciting. One person was probably forgotten in Endor. Therefore the king bears a simple garment and goes with two henchmen in the night to the witch of Endor, so that she may invoke spirits. Despite the covering camouflage the clairvoyant smelled a rat. She pointed out the death ban of the king and therefore took an oath from her clients that no threat of punishment will strike her, even if she defies it. Unwittingly, Saul speaks out his own death warrant.
God takes it very seriously when we break vows and oaths in his name. Jesus therefore said in the Sermon on the Mount, it is better not to swear at all. Saul’s own righteousness first demanded to kill his son, since he unknowingly ignored the food abolishment of the father, tasting honey on the day of victory. In that moment Saul breaks even his own law that anyone who consults the dead must be exterminated. Our own words will judge us. But it’s not an ordinary person whose spirit is to be brought forth, after all, it is the prophet Samuel …

Now comes the best lesson of the occult, which eyewitness account is often misinterpreted, for many people get deceived in assuming that God is pulling the strings. Samuel appears in fact. The clairvoyant is in her element. Entering a trance, she first recognises the camouflage of the king and screams out: “You are Saul!”
Now he is completely and utterly at mercy of her unmasked magical powers. The woman is right. But even if demons in people tell the truth, in the New Testament Jesus or Paul orders those forces to be quiet.
For me it is not surprising that the witch landed a direct hit and recognised the king of Israel. Forasmuch he was a head higher than the others and was powerful in his appearance. The key to the perfect deception is the way how Saul identifies the spirit of Samuel. The witch tells of an old man wrapped in a cloak. On the basis of the garment does the complete concealment of the real demonic forces work. The shrewd woman then quotes a truth that was already widespread by Samuel. David would succeed the throne.

Who will gloat about the announcement that the anointed of God falls into enemy hands and perishes with his descendants – God or Lucifer? But the white witch is so sweet and slaughters her calf and bakes bread. True, she is preparing the last meal. I think this is the best investment of her life. Surely, the woman was getting a lot of new customers and famous. Outwardly, she really appeared in a good light, but in truth she brought evil and a severe curse on Saul. From the Word of God, it would have been right to go in sackcloth and to fast, as he initially intended. This allowed even the later following, repentant King Ahab to delay his death fate (1 Kings 21).

Well, not for nothing is written in Leviticus 19, 31: Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God.

We can listen to the warnings of the Lord or fall into the trap of the devil. Channeling, moving glasses, and writing table sessions on the Ouija-board may operate, but the voices persons hear don’t belong to their beloved diseased relatives. An imitating, familiar spirit is the force behind this para psychological phenomena which can’t be proven. Spiritualists who in their occult practices feel to exercise contact with the invisible spirit world laugh about scientific reasoning. What really counts for them is the manipulative power they get over other people and the profit they make. Reasonable in the large sense is not to throw a lot of money into their throats. The disobedient prophet Balaam is an ancient warning example of seductive, business-making fortune tellers.

“But the fortune teller or the lady at the astrology hotline is always so nice to me. She also predicted that my adulterous husband returns because of the children.”
“Lovely, and what if it is not so? Are we planning the time of the divorce according to the course of stars, the position of the cards, the swing of the pendulum, or the mood of his new darling?”
In this case, we are dependent of people’s magic and manipulation and cursed without knowing it. It is written, cursed is he who trusts people, and cursed is he who goes to the soothsayer.

What lessons should we draw from this? Never come in dependency of people that predict your future and claim to be in touch with supernatural powers. Stay sober, even if predictions are true. Millions are dissipated in the field of esotericism over the phone and on the Internet through card readings and horoscopes. An intention of this industry is to make the splurging clients addicted.

An evil judgment awaited Balaam, who was soothsaying for money and gave the enemies of Israel a valuable advice to seduce God’s people. His life was first spared because of his seemingly stubborn donkey. After he still didn’t change the wrong side and did not turn around, he was killed in the war by sword.
Events in the Bible are recorded for our good, that we might change our foolish mind and do not end likewise.
One of the worst, warning fates in the historical record of the kings of Israel affected Ahab and Jezebel. How did wicked Ahab end? Sneaky and cowardly he took off his royal robes and disguised himself as a simple soldier for the battle against the Arameans on the side of Jehoshaphat.
Is this occult concealing and camouflage not well-known from the example of King Saul?
On the battlefield Ahab took a similar deadly end at the war chariot, as the first king of Israel. An enemy soldier had randomly shot an arrow which hit him between the straps of his breastplate, inflicting a mortal wound.
Figuratively the soul can not hide from the devil, who comes to take it, or we can not deceive him that is the most sophisticated deceiver in history.
Micah, the only true prophet had made the correct disaster proclamation in explaining that the positive predictions of his colleagues were caused by lying spirits (1 Kings 22).

Certainly, the readers shouldn’t get bored of this negative reports. Unfortunately, through modern positive thinking and prosperity Christianity ears are getting deaf for the true prophetic messages that are numerous in the Word of God.
In the end, the end of another big witch shall be considered.
Wily widow Jezebel cemented her power by the intermarriage of her children with other royal houses. Likewise solid founded was the image of the goddess Aschera and other monuments of idolatry on the heights and in the temple of Baal. Evil prophets who saw a violation of the Law of Moses she could nearly eradicate (100 men could hide in caves). At the court dined only tolerant clerics who prophesied good things about the monarchy. Elijah, the man of God on confrontation course, she put to flight with a death threat, but this curse should come back upon her own head.
Beforehand, Jezebel became a greedy killer, using the seal of the king to let the righteous Naboth stoned, so that her troubled husband gets his vineyard. But now the avenger Jehu reclaims the death toll through the blood of her deceased son and successor King Joram for precisely this reason. After receiving the bitter news she painted her eyes one last time and arranged her hair. Would this seductive attitude help?

The dominant queen mother stands on the window and calls down to Jehu for peace. But her own servants can no longer endure this persona and throw her out. Then her blood spattered to the wall, and horses trampled her underfoot, until dogs devoured her flesh. What a cruel end for a princess. She stuck in memory for her enticing fornication and idolatry. Furthermore her skull, hand and foot bones remained.

Does this speak to us? Up to this day Jezebel is not forgotten. Her name was revived in Revelation 2 verse 20 in the form of a false prophetess, who misled the church in Thyatira to immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols.
Bible interpreters see in Jezebel a continually active, hidden spirit of control, manipulation and imperiousness.

As mentioned the word occultus can be translated with concealed, hidden and secret. In addition, the knowledge of these things seems to bring a superiority over unsuspecting people which can be converted into money and power. A millennia-long battle rages on Earth under the respective leaders for dominion and control over countries and peoples. In our Western, democratic forms of government it is suggested that the people can decide who rules over them – one would think. A gruesome picture reveals the world’s most noticed election campaign for the seemingly most powerful post to be the President of the United States. In 2004, both, the Republican George W. Bush and the Democrat John Kerry admitted in public interviews that they belong to the Yale University Skull and Bones Secret Society. Questions what is secret there remained unanswered, since then it would no longer be a secret. Housebreakings in the Yaler “tomb building” brought forth scarring images and reports of coffins, skeletons and other creepy furnishings. Undoubtedly it is clear that the annually with a skull pictured 15 graduates ended up in top offices regardless of their grades in school. It would be interesting to find out more about the liaision officers who give away a pocket watch and start money of 15.000 dollars. www.youtube.com/watch?v=V97hHBLM7WI

To hit pay dirt one most likely can survey another secret meeting. Heavily shielded from security forces influential people come upon the woods of Bohemian Grove in California regularly during summer time. Since 1889, only male members (who are recruited from the elite of politics and business) meet there in the Bohemian Club. Beside the US president and exempli gratia Ex-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt also illustrious bankers could be found, as the former oracle of the US Federal Reserve (privately owned) Alex Greenspan. Seems strange that at the top secret talks no women are admitted, because the sanitary conditions were barely adequate for them after a dismissal of action. Therefore, according to Alex Jones from http://www.infowars.com/bg1.html and other critics it is more a homosexual embossed, elitist (25,000 US Dollar admission fee) scout meeting. There, an oversized stone owl (standing for wisdom) is at the center, in which front manlike dolls are burned in a ceremony to get rid off the own sorrows and to relax culturally.

Can the rumours of the conspiracy theorists be right that the Illuminati plan a New World Order – Novos Ordor Seclorum. As a banker and symbol interpreter I am pondering why just the 1-dollar bill has not changed its appearance since 1932. http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2293.cfm

But why are common people concerned about statesmen and business leaders who are meeting at a godforsaken lake in California or in their swimming pool in Sicily secretly? The currently not with courts, but with the sharp images providing left media battling Jesus Christ of politics – Silvio Berlusconi – whose political engagement has so greatly enlarged his brain that no hair remained on his head, reminds me of another shrewd commander, whose wives became an obstacle. The King of Peace Solomon was wise enough to take Pharaoh’s daughter with 700 other princesses into his harem, and thus unconsciously followed the evil advice of Balaam. Sacrificing his heart of wisdom to his foreign women and their gods, he built houses and memorials for their alien idols.

So what can be occult in the flesh-lustful Solomon beside his magic hexagram and shield? Perhaps the by human hands formed spirit worship in his ceremonies. In the secret societies of the Freemasons King Solomon is revered everywhere and involved in their symbolic rituals. The masonic perception altogether binding image of the rebuilt Temple of Solomon is to handle your own rough stone to express the common human work of the Freemasons. The fact that death oaths must be spoken for absolute secrecy seems to me less logical for a ritual, intimate, self tangible betterment-meeting. (According to the Austrian National Assembly member Ewald Stadler those actions would also be far too embarrassing for the outside world). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNplHHISCL8&feature=PlayList&p=606D3977C868C666&index=5

Freemasonry does not consider itself religious, although they meet in a temple with three candleholders, where a sacred book is laid on the table and the worshipful master of the chair directs the meetings like a priest and always recites the same closing rhyme. One can see things as he wants. The Pope prays not to Mary, but he only adores her, when he kneels in front of her statue in Lourdes, where the deceased might have appeared, and therefore intercessions should be spoken, was the kinsmanlike Catholic defence to me. On the other hand, most heavy metal fans do not believe in the existence of hell, also they mock in many lyrics about it and love to sing in concerts the predictive choruses that they are on the best way to get there, together with their as bloodthirsty monsters performing idols. So the most outrageous accusation against the light seeking, hoodwinked Masonic brothers in the lower grades is that if they manage to come up to the top of the all-seeing pyramid eye they are aware to worship Satan (J.B.O. – Jahbulon, a mixing of Jah, Baal and Osiris) and therefore the God of the Bible is an enemy. The fact that they consider themselves in their literature as descendants of Cain and experience at the end of their 33-degree Role Play that the Loge is a secret temple chamber where the priests serve secretly the Baalim (compare Ezekiel chapter 8), is probably insignificant. I wonder what their beheaded patron, whose name day the Anglo-Saxons like to celebrate, would say? Are they seeing and yet blind when they, making themselves to “I am who I am” gods, think they need no repentance? Paintings and sculptures of snakes, two-headed birds, sphinxes, pentagrams, the sky constellations and other Egyptian and Babylonian idol representations in the lodge do not really have to mean that you emulate these ancient religions. The World’s Largest Obelisk standing in Washington, also is not proving that Pharaoh Obama is worshipping the sun in the solarium of the White House, just as little the center and key of St. Peter’s Square can attest that Pope Sixtus V celebrated the pagan winter solstice at Christmas. His long shadow Benedict XVI. proclaimed on 22 December 2008: “Christ is the sun of grace who transforms and kindles the waiting universe with his light.”

Money and power is also in the centre of many occult sects, whose characteristics are often that you have an above everything standing guru at the top, whose universally revered leadership is unquestionable. Once individual black sheep dare to criticeze dogmas, they are immediately removed from the elite, overseeing shepherds from among the brave, milked and sheared herd. He who manages to escape from the control mechanisms is usually left on his own, since he has no more faithful friends. The final let-down may follow in a fall into a deep hole. The death of 913 people in Guyana was the result of the worst example of sects in the Peoples Temple of Jim Jones. The first warning in the Olivet Discourse of Jesus Christ in Matthew 24 is that many shall come in his name and deceive many. One of the most sacrilegious antichrists is the pastor of the Growing in Grace international church in Miami Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, whose members like himself have tattooed a 666 in their skin. (CNN report on www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYkD7LNk6xk)

His message is similar to the atheist bus advertising claiming that there is no God, that we should enjoy our life. With the financially richly blessed, self-proclaimed God Miranda it looks like we can do all the things that make us happy and bring fun. That sounds to me like the Law of Thelema from the himself as Beast 666 marking Satanist Aleister Crowley. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole law” is the seemingly innocuous Satanism, without the bad testimonials about black masses with animal or human sacrifices.

In the commandments of God holding Christian circles it is frowned upon to deal with hidden satanic powers that might unrecognised creep into the church. In many places a legal doctrine of positive thinking and the unassailability of the anointed leader has established. Therefore, my efforts to start a conversation with important leaders about occult powers in the fellowships I visited had little success. This is also a reason for this website. Currently certain undesirable developments cause Peter Wenz from the BGG Stuttgart Church to warn of the apostle Helmut Bauer of Word and Spirit in Rhörnbach. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8K8dhOi7Xg&feature=related)

A few years ago Bauer preached on the Leaders Conference of the biblical faith church in the Gospel Forum in Stuttgart-Feuerbach and then poached some church members with his Word of Faith doctrine.

The from Peter Wenz, one of the most prominent charismatic pastors in Germany, with his miracle services in the Hans-Martin-Schleyer-Halle unsupported Benny Hinn warns from Todd Bentley and a deceptive – misleading revival in Lakeland. And the to the purchase of stocks of food calling New Yorker pastor David Wilkerson warns of Benny Hinn, who curses under his anointing all people who go against his ministry and like Todd Bentley claimed that Jesus physically comes in one of his services. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mn5VhQNGmo)

This mutual warnings can be confusing for someone like me who has followed for many years these esteemed generals of God on God.TV. A certain book from allegedly twice into heaven enraptured Roberts Liardon advises that one should learn from the mistakes of other masterminds. However, his disappointed female admirers went on the run as Liardon began a homosexual relationship with the youth pastor. Sobriety and doubts might in the end not be stupid. In retrospect, I lost, like best-selling author Rick Joyner, the confidence in the hard-drinking, men loving, Knight of Malta membership denying, Paul Cain. As example of one of the biggest Pentecostal prophets with multiple raptures to heaven, Cain could prophesy in Baghdad before “Nebuchadnezzar’s rebirth” Saddam Hussein. But later he wanted to get no help from his friends to get rid off his hidden sins. In return, several times enraptured Rick Joyner restores the adulterous alcoholic Todd Bentley, also repeatedly caught up into heaven. Bentley, whom God has shown a long time ago in his many visions his first wife Shonah, did not meet in one of his recent, hands holding departures the Holy Spirit missing Jesse Duplantis, but the laughing nanny Jessa. Todd’s mentor Bob Jones, who taught him the astral travel, according to newspaper reports led women to strip naked in front of him, so that he can better presage about them and therefore flew out of the fellowship. Enough of nonsense, for the readers are to better oneself.

One of the still living fathers of heavenly visions is Oral Roberts, who is also known for the same University. In his begging letters he told how a 900 feet high Jesus appeared to him, who still not summoned him home after the next seed-faith donation calls, although he never discovered the promised anti-cancer medication. Instead, his Appolo University went bankrupt by misappropriate son Richard and the real miracle was a $ 62 million donation of a brother. When viewing the largest praying hands in the world, insiders can understand where the help really came from.(http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/03/Praying_Hands_at_the_main_entrance_to_the_campus_of_Oral_Roberts_University.jpg)

Simplehearted Bible students get explained in a video introduction of the University that the extremely heavy hands are the basis for all studies, which thus not necessarily means only prayer. Anyone who obtains more detailed information on secret handshakes will find another plausible answer why the atheistic honorary doctorate Mikhail Gorbachev taught in the ORU in Tulsa / Oklahoma. Faith brother Robert Schuller, who probably co-organized this appearance, now misses the to heaven ascended, currently deceased Oral Roberts in his circle. At least I have this last words in remembernce of the December memorial service, since this small parenthesis derives from Christmas of 2009.

What would the lunatic John Todd alias Lance Collins say about the connections of the Illuminati to the charismatic music and money industry today, if he could. Shocking material of Satanic symbols in Christian rock music can be found at www.av1611.org/crock/crockex1.html.

More pictures of triangle symbols in pyramids which speak more than a thousand words are to see on www.angelfire.com/la2/prophet1/pyramid101.html. Those who belong to the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons will be not pleased to find out whose secret society their founding fathers belonged to and how their graveyards look like. Real mean! Such a deception can actually only come from invisible spiritual powers.

But even one of my former favourite preachers, Reinhard Bonnke, has at least a demonically inspired graphic artist, I mean when viewing the first page of the product catalogue: Link doesn’t work any longer.

Oops, brings the black wrapped white woman in the heat of Africa the book to float? Should it be worthwhile to make an investigation about fire people in Google? The resourceful author recommends that every Pentecostal starts a Bible study over the fire using a more balanced concordance. Go tell could be an allusion to Go to Hell! Two of my attempts to contact Reinhard Bonnke with the advice to remove the witch like image remained unanswered, that’s why I mention it now in my blog.

Finally, a word about Billy Graham, the most popular example of a prudent evangelical believer whose speeches I regularly listened on medium wave. Undoubtedly, it is admirable how his altar calls to trust in Jesus Christ and the Word of God have reached hundreds of millions of people even behind the Iron Curtain. Thought-provoking made me not only why Tele Evangelist Graham of all people got opened doors in communist countries, but also his miracle testimony in his personal success biography: In the early days of the tent crusades in Los Angeles an unknown old lady got the influential newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst on the phone and convinced him to push up Billy Graham in his magazines. Hearst, a 33rd degree Freemason, who was the reflection of the main character from Citizen Kane, was not amused about the innuendos of his concubinage with a singing actress in the film masterpiece, and thus gives as the initiator of Billy Graham’s career an equally strange picture as his statues in his outdoor pools. Why gave this man of power the command to his reporters to write about Graham, and this at the behest of an unknown person, although he claimed to have never met in his life Billy? Why did the Presidential Advisor Graham get such a strong influence in American society? Was it a miracle of God or do at the end hidden powers stand behind it? Too bad that the mystery-mongers who know more will give no information about it, because then they would lose their influence.

But just as there is a masked magician on private television, who exposes the magic tricks of deceivers, once every secret thing comes to light, as Billy Graham has asserted himself in my conversion year 1993 at ProChrist in Germany.



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