Child Abuse and Occultism

The issue of child abuse can be currently found more often in the media and disgusts an increasing number of informed people, especially when concealed violence is made public. In this respect, the rape of adolescents also has to do with the occult, as hidden and secret criminal acts are still unveiled at an advanced age. An example of the spiritual battle with unseen powers, when crimes are brought to light years later, describes the following article from the Stern Magazine:

Anyone googling more about the incidents may come to the conclusion that members of the Protestant Church have acted wrongly. Is the attempt to further conceal the accusations through denying or moderating not a demonic deception, that even leads to suicide to preserve own honour and reputation?

The diabolical lie at seductions of infants is that the victim is repeatedly persuaded by the offender it would be to blame for the ill-treatment and would have every reason to fear if it is disclosing to third parties. Really bad is the behaviour of the general public against supposed people fouling their own nests, because we do not want to share or admit the shame. Very painful for the victims of abuse was in many cases that no credibility was accorded to them. In addition they were branded as liars or even supposed as criminals.

It seems the tide has now turned, as many cases are heard not only in telephone hotlines, but also worked off by the judiciary. Of course, it is difficult to bring the burden of evidence and to solve the resulting questions of compensation and prescription. I personally do not think that new laws change something fundamental in the problem of child abuse, nor can blocking or deleting of Internet content completely combat the paedophile disposition of voyeuristic sex offenders whose harddrives are full of nude pictures.

A better contribution to this trouble is the changing awareness, coupled with the resulting anger in the population, caused by the examination of the abominable topic.

Great Britain was shocked after the extensive media coverage of deceased Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile. Despite all allegations of child abuse the sex monster could live out his perverse fantasies on hundreds of victims for decades. Why oh why? Now it came to light that the Knight Bachelor for charitable services and Knight Commander of the Holy See obviously was one of the worst sex offenders in the UK. I am not astonished about this report denoting Jimmy Savile as a practising satanist:

It is a great shame that children treated in a hospital were getting even sicker under the responsibility of stuff. Who would expect this?

Sad to say, even young visitors of church services undergo the worst mistreatment of their life due to the sin of role models. The reader surely can enumerate child abuse cases in which sect leaders or pastors were molesting minors. A separate church room in the Hosanna Church especially used for blood sacrifices and Lucifer worship creates greatest unbelief not only by U.S. citizens in South Louisiana:

Recently even the with “Urbi et Orbi” Rome and the whole Earth blessing Pope in a statement denoted child abuse as a heinous crime and a grave sin against God and expressed his deep regret what still did not help to prevent damage of the Catholic Church. So explored the scandals uncovering press lately the papal Secrecy Act of 1962, which was embarrassingly reaffirmed by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger in his de delictis gravioribus decree, as usual in Latin. Illiterate may not understand the ancient language of scholars, the greater was later the indignation after the attempts to cover up everything through under the seal of confession protected, central reporting to the Rome registration office. Since in practice just the strict concealment and veiling through the transfer or even promotion of the backsliding child abuser caused consternation among the people and the need to intervene of the uninformed state judiciary. Is it not hidden occult and demonic secret when church authorities who are informed about crimes must carry out discretion oaths with the own threat of excommunication? At least, it clearly violates the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount. But the pontiff and well-informed former chief of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith could not at the drop of a hat, as in times of the Inquisition, cut off his confessing, sinful priests a hand, or tear out an eye, or even put a millstone around their necks to throw them into the sea. Now the successor of married Simon Peter must precisely listen to the accusation of laymen, that he didn’t act and kept silent except in his pastoral letters. At such chatter, the dogmas of faith-keeping brother of since 1982 no longer slapping Georg, is not feeling compelled to change something in laws, although many German churchgoers hope that the lack of priests may lead to a change of mind in the Vatican about the celibacy.

Please leave now mentally the “Holy Roman Catholic Church”, which has its centre in the city of the thirteen obelisks, where famously all roads lead to, and turn your attention to the headquarters of the European Union. What forces 300,000 demonstrators in 1996 to a white march to Brussels? Unresolved child abuse with the associated occultism. One of the world’s worst cases of child abuse and paedophilia took place in Belgium under the direction of the multiple murderer Marc Dutroux. Actually, the most mysterious in the case was not alone why the violent criminal could escape from pretrial imprisonment, or how long the process has been delayed, but the death of 27 witnesses. Expecting a judgement of God, I am convinced that the whole truth will be revealed at least and I recommend to all who want to learn more now to take time for the following ZDF reportage:

Those who, like many humanists continue to believe in the good of people and think that our politicians permeate the society by the western constitutions through the acquisition of the moral value of human dignity, should not continue to read. The assumption that child abuse happens in higher government circles and secret services are used as far as murder, to destroy any evidence in the world, naturally causes discomfort. Therefore, it is hoped that the above report is an isolated case. Unfortunately headlines repeatedly confirm the opposite, since last year beside the SPD deputies Joerg Tauss even the French Minister of Culture has disgraced. Thereby, Frederic Mitterand, who in his autobiographical book “The Bad Life” implied to have had sex in Thailand with young men (after paedophilia allegations the outed gay asserted that the boys were full-aged and sex tourism in any case is not a crime), is an orphan boy compared to a more tangible affair with government officials in the United States. The Franklin-Cover-Up-Scandal is a disclosure from the year 1989 by the Washington Times of a child prostitution ring where infants were ritually abused in satanic black masses and even enslaved to the White House.

As usual, the testimonies of the victims of abuse are not believed, for it seems that they suffer from personality disorders, which straightaway a psychiatric report would most likely confirm. But this is precisely what the perpetrators want to achieve with the victims of the so-called mind control programs, namely that they gain control of their consciousness by splitting through various methods their personalities. In brainwashing researches in the fifties the CIA began to experiment with drugs (LSD) and hypnosis by means of the MKULTRA project. As it must be in a secret service, all documents were destroyed 1973 on the director’s command, lest the investigations of the U.S. Senate should fizzle out. By contrast, the U.S. Congress stopped in 1994 the below listed documentation that the Discovery Channel shortly took out of program or sold otherwise. Curious readers can anyway get more information and watch the forgotten BBC videocopy of Conspiracy of Silence here:

Bank failures in the US are not truly something new. Who bothers that in 1991 the singing, rising black Republican Star Lawrence E. King had to go for ten of fifteen years to jail, because he embezzled $ 38 million as head of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Ohoma, Nebraska. Now, more attention would arouse when boy-murder allegations of Bohemian Grove would be clarified. One witness report is that Catholic orphans were flown by private jets for paedophile sex parties of the occult high society from Nebraska to California. The in 1989 to five years in prison sentenced Paul A. Bonnaci, as the most famous of 80 testifying abuse victims, probably still waits for the million dollar compensation imposed by the District Court of Ohama from the royal ex-bank director. Yet, Bonnaci can still be glad that he has not been put in prison for all his life because of perjury, to the same extent as it had happened to the frightened co-witness and psychopath Alisha Owen. Owen received a 25 years custodial sentence for giving a false testimony of being raped by the Ohama Bank Manager, District Judge, and Police Commander, and even to be impregnated by the latter (blood test showed the opposite – child looks all the more like the father). With so much judicial injustice – sentence to psychotherapy would have been normal – it’s more understandable that mocked book authors such as John de Camp or Nick Bryant tend possibly to exaggerate in their research of satanic ritual sacrifice of children, connected with reports of necrophilia and cannibalism. Whatever owls and frogs could observe in the forests of California, the whole thing is so far away that the reader may lose interest, even if a camera had recorded everything.

Therefore, let us make a swing back to German realms. Unfortunately, especially in socially disadvantaged families children are neglected and the environment notices nothing or reacts too late. The youth welfare office can not monitor each apartment and the staff is often overwhelmed with the work, so that there happened ill-treatment even to starvation of wards. At least and after all the reported crimes on fostered children in the press, doctors and teachers become more attentive and report suspected cases more quickly.

A report from Hessen Television shows how difficult it is for victims of child abuse to communicate to the outside world, particularly when their parents would be punished as a result. I think many psychologists would admit to be overchallenged with the recorded event after their therapy attempts failed. As a rule, such a child abuse victim is then treated for life with strong psychiatric drugs that all the more alter the personality. The formation of a multiple personality, based on the better handling of most terrible trauma records, describes the following documentation, which is only suitable for adults with good nerves:

Hell life, a multiple personality in search of clues

The theme of the essay is child abuse and occultism. I am aware that many people do not believe in the existence of the devil, but Satanists who worship him in secret and are capable of anything want to pass on power through their bloodlines in their ancient rituals. The most abject manipulation of child abuse victims to silence and bind them in Lucifer’s dark circles is to force them to kill. This heavy wickedness of parents to their own children should actually cause a cry in society and more efforts should be made to help and clarify. At least, there are pictures of children who are able to convict, since they were sold not only to view by the legal guardians to paedophiles. But victims or escapists are too often left alone looking for help by the police or prosecutor’s office. I wonder why we do not want to fight evil more active.

The following contribution of N24 on ritual abuse of children with examples and evidence from France should actually wake the public:

Secrecy, hiding, veiling where you look – this is pure occultism in connection with cruel child abuse as it is hardly represented in horror movies.

The appearance of snuff videos could unleash an even larger earthquake in the media landscape. Previously, movies or photos from black masses were only used to blackmail and to make compliant, but woe if they are published or the names of the black robe wearers come to light.

The vengeance comes from the Lord!!!