Occultism in Schools

At the outset I wish to express my appreciation to all the nice teachers of my children while I am grateful for their devoted work. I am aware that it has become more difficult in this day and age to hold a decent lesson. In any case, obedience and respect for authority are values which tendentially decrease.

My following experience from the last six months are not intended to attack any person in the teaching profession but to clarify hidden education content that harm students. So what’s to report on the occult in our schools?

First of all I repeat the Latin definition of occultism:

occultus = concealed, secret, hidden

In the broadest sense it is occult when students in 5th grade exchange their own drawn up pornographic writings that blush the parents when they come across it. This embarrassing problem can be solved, as happened at the parents’ evening, by confronting the writers of the prohibited notes.

It becomes more difficult when occult literature is part of the curriculum or is recommended as a classic in the country education server of Baden-Württemberg. Who would expect that a many prices winning children’s book writer and former head teacher, who was translated into dozens of languages, comes from an occult background?

In an interview with the German news magazine FOCUS published at the 29th September 2008 Otfried Preußler said when asked whether in his family magic has always played a major role: “Yes, one of my grandmothers had the so-called second sight, and among my ancestors in Bohemia there were two magicians. I am firmly convinced that there is a black magic, with which one hurts people, and on the other hand, the white magic. This is an ancient concept emerging already in the Kabbala. Also for the white magic you have to form an alliance with the devil, otherwise it is not working. But it brings good, that is a difference like night and day. And I think (laughs slyly), a bit of white mage I am already. I say it that way without coquetry.”

Christian parents who protested for the sake of their children against “The Little Witch” as a teaching book about witchcraft were ridiculed years ago by the media and often mocked by educators as fundamentalists. Today it is possible in a battle of court instances to protect your charges from the gloomy visual performance of Krabat. And I myself met in the beforehand student selection of the mills-sorcerer-apprentice-reading material a sympathetic German teacher after a letter of protest. Of course, a short time later, the fifth graders saw the suitable for persons over 12 years Walt Disney movie “Race to Witch Mountain” in a “white magic conquers evil” substitution program.

The in schools much quoted and often treated work of German literature is “Faust” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Sure enough, German high-school graduates can voice their distress. The tragedy first part describes Dr. Heinrich Faust, a respected researcher and teacher who sells his own soul to Mephisto, which proves to be fatal. As divesting Weimar lodges apprentice, the 1782 ennobled Fellow Craft describes in the masterful Symbolum poem the humanist way of the Freemason through initiated grades to the desired fraternal eternity. Among the most popular writings of Goethe is the sorcerer’s apprentice with the famous familiar sayings: “Lord and Master, hear my call! Ah, here comes the master! I have need of Thee! From the spirits that I called Sir, deliver me!” Whether the old master really has the power to save, I doubt, still lessons can be drawn from all of this.

Anyone looking for success and power in the modern era is intensively engaged for decades with diverse occult systems in the world (Kabbalah, Alchemists, Rosicrucians), to implement the learned processes and images in books with the help of a spirit (pronounced demon). During his lifetime the literary pioneer of New Age ideas – Michael Ende – was happy over the provoked by him coming expansion of consciousness. Undoubtedly, he succeeded with “Momo” to steal the time of the children while he spread nebulized anthroposophic illuminations from his idol Rudolf Steiner about the spirit world.

Believe it or not, to be a hero on the journey to the afterlife in “The Neverending Story” and then decide for good and against evil. Since “Alice in Wonderland” self-healing fantasy trips have no limits in a world wide erupted esoteric wave (esōterikós – the inner). The problem with the whole thing is, you see or hear something without understanding the hidden backgrounds who have the goal to manipulate our subconscious. Sounds like harmless advertising – but it is malicious sorcery.

Ignoble unbelieving muggles should never find out the real secret of Harry Potter, the son of a wizard and a witch: The perfection of man through the transformation of his psyche to an eternal spirit, as if transferred to the matter, lead is metabolized into gold. The seven volumes of the worldwide bestseller are structured exactly after one Rosicrucian book published in 1616 on alchemy. Seekers peddle the line in the following transforming transmutation marketing side: http://www.harrypotterforseekers.com

Another spiritual foundation for our children will be laid in the unpublished “Mother Alchemist” by Joanne K. Rowling, I assume, which is consistent with the following earlier interview of the successful author:

“I’ve never wanted to be a witch, but an alchemist, now that’s a different matter.”

The statement of not wanting to be a witch means not necessarily that she is not. Her enchanting books that have initiated a Harry Potter mania indeed bring young people to the idea to join a coven, which by the way is not easy due to the large discretion in these circles. According to blood oaths breaking treacherous dropouts in the so-called covens even Christian fantasy novels like “Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien and “The Chronicles of Narnia” by CS Lewis enjoy great popularity. The matching book cover recommendation by JK Rowling claims: “Even now, if I was in a room with one of the Narnia books, I would pick it up and re-read it like a shot.”

Truly a jinxed joke, for the necromancer never believe to be alone in a room and use the flash as a Luciferian symbol of recognition on the head. He, who must compulsively do something without wanting to, is in my biblical worldview possessed by thrown to the Earth, fallen angels.

Although the in Harry Potter used vocabulary Azkaban, Circe, Draco, Erised, Hermes, and Slytherin are names of demons – never mind – this is quiet normal in this mysterious genre in which the spell of the name of a guardian spirit promises power to the initiated occult believer. The admittedly ingenious writer JK Rowling drew her success, combined with the other mentioned colleagues, through the detailed study of occultism (magic / alchemy). The acquired knowledge makes Joanne Kathleen not necessarily to a practising Wiccan witch, but the mastery, manipulation and control of the thoughts of people through her writings at least had this giant impact: A billion-dollar fortune piled at the expense of magic fans. So the once social assistance obtaining single mother, who as a filthy rich businesswoman quickly sued teen followers for copyright infringement on the Internet, on her new web portal pottermore.com in the first three days sales of 1,200,000 Euro.

A typical common feature of Harry Potter, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, and many other fantastic books is the transition to a hidden parallel world where black magic is defeated with white magic. Having grown accustomed we can not see anything occult in it. While enjoying a movie, we are already programmed to see the good prevail over evil. Nevertheless, the exercise of good magic is just a lie of the old serpent, as the assertion that we ourselves can be like God by the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This satanic philosophies have no business at our schools, or shall our children learn to enter into a pact with devils and demons?

Easily recognizable and likewise scarring in a different form of magic – the spiritism – is the attempt to make contact with the spirits of the dead. The possible consequences I have described with reference to the fatal ending encounter of King Saul with the witch of Endor in “The Disclosure of the Occult”. Logically, I told my 11-year-old daughter that it is forbidden to communicate with the dead, to learn from my 8-year-old daughter that she has to listen to a cassette about it during art class. I would not have expected that the 3rd class pupils are eavesdropping to “The Philosopher’s Stone” in which Harry Potter comes to terms with the death of his parents with the help of a magic mirror. However, everything is so exciting and thrilling that classmates have viewed the entire film series (7.7 billion USD box-office gross).

A long conversation with the art teacher, requesting to turn off the radio in the future, remained largely unsuccessful. One identifies just so easy with the beloved story hero, a pitiful orphan whose parents have sacrificed themselves heroically and whose positive traits are educationally valuable. That is why even the Christian world is divided about whether one should read the books or not. Even the sensitive author does not recommend the reading for young children due to the creepy character.

In fact, everything is getting more gruesome from tape to tape and film to film.

My point of view may seem intolerant and outdated in quoting the Old Testament with Deuteronomy 18, 10-11: There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

Jesus Christ, the saviour who does not want that any of us should perish, warns in the New Testament: And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea. (Mark 9, 42)

Should it be impossible to preserve the own children from harm with everything that has to do with sorcery or witchcraft and which is practising fun with it?

I myself have dressed up as a boy at Carnival in the Black Forest as a witch and gave other children such a scare that they were beating me. Maybe that’s why I also dislike that my daughters during class time run in a procession through the streets of our city after candy distributing witches and devils of the newly founded fool guild. Thankworthy the class teacher offered as alternative program the care in the classroom.

Another coronation of trivializing performances with occult background in the last few months was the demonstration of the Witch Huckla Musical in the sports hall. Will the Langenscheidt Publishing Group show how our children can learn English without witchcraft? No. On the contrary, the H u c k l a – Spell rocks and tours with support from the totally crazy voice machinery throughout the country. After our middle daughter had inspected the spook on YouTube, she renounced voluntarily in the way she did during the carnival parade.

To distinguish yourself from others can be bitter and reminds me of a different plan for eternal life: “Whoever confesses me before men, I will also confess him before the Heavenly Father”. Parents who want to protect their children, who shall come to Jesus, teach them themselves or send them more frequently in Christian schools. In our area these are enjoying such a strong inflow that we got no place. Our son goes to a protestant kindergarten because we were tired to get constantly painted mandalas from the municipal nursery. Unfortunately now even the esoteric journey into your own is diligently promoted in the Protestant religious instruction at primary school. Thus, occultism in schools where you look! No?

The in Baden-Württemberg for the continuous development of the school system responsible Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport defines:

“The term mandala comes from Sanskrit and means translated circular or ring. By this we mean a mystical diagram which in concentrated arrangement symbolises the cosmos and the gods. This is a representation of symbolic religious experiences for meditation purposes.”

The problem with the hidden occurring occultism (New Age, Mysticism, Kabbalah, Alchemy) is that it does not lead to paradise but instead away from the God who reveals himself through the Bible. The Good News is that Jesus died for our sins on Calvary’s cross and we do not need to redeem ourselves. Anyone who wants to follow him, let him deny himself, and take up his cross. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it, but whoever loses his life for his sake shall find it.