About Revelation

Welcome Wonderful World!

Feeling like Jonah in the fish, I started this blog. I was unhappy because it seemed as though no one wanted to hear my words. Only a few persons read my German website JonathanFischer.de beginning April 5th 2008.

Therefore I have decided to translate and write everything on WordPress in English – the most widely used language in the world:

In The Story I will post regularly a chapter of the fiction of the life of Jonathan Fisher. In this category you will come to know the invented events and fictional adventures of Jonathan Fisher in his search for his dream woman, leading him through many countries.

Beside interesting travelogues from the hero of the story, a vigilant eye is developed on hidden powers such as control, manipulation, imperiousness, and jealousy.

The novel “The Fiction of the Life of Jonathan Fisher” shall overshadow Harry Potter, while witchcraft is portrayed in a realistic manner and magic is relentlessly revealed.

Yours Matthias Ruf / Mathew Call  from Stuttgart / Germany


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